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Frost in the hills of N.C. Photo by Mark Doran


Hello again! Thanksgiving and Black Friday are behind us now. Cyber Monday is still ahead. Oh Joy!

I have always done the bulk of my shopping well in advance of the holidays and often even before fall. In recent years as my circle has gotten smaller and my relations have waned, I have less shopping to do. I also find that most of my friends don’t really need anything but there are so many that don’t have a place to call home or food to put on their tables. So, I have decided that from now on that instead of shopping at all, I will donate the money I would spend on gifts to Feeding America and a local organization that provides much needed services to those that are experiencing homelessness. Perhaps you could consider giving more to help feed our nation’s hungry and homeless too?

This week in astrology, we have three planets in Sagittarius. The Sun entered this sign a week ago, Mercury a little over a month ago, and Saturn entered Sag almost a year ago but has retrograde back into Scorpio for part of the past year. He has been firmly panted there since September 18th. That is a lot of Sagittarius energy.

I enjoy the optimistic and generous energy this sign offers. Having Mercury join the party, increases our interest in what is fair or unfair. Our thoughts go from deep ones to more broad ones as we find we want to know more about many things. The only problem could be our lack of resolve that we can experience under this sign.

If you relationships have been difficult of late, this is because Venus has had some tricky aspects. Of course there have been some good ones too but the end of this week brings us one more difficult one that will last for 4 weeks. This coming Friday, Venus leaves balanced Libra and enters fiery Scorpio for a decidedly difficult transit.

As always Venus focuses on love, finances, all things beautiful, and our self esteem. Scorpio is about secrets and going deep into things. This time its things about our relationships. The happy go lucky vibe of Venus takes a back seat to Scorpio’s need for truth and what is right. Scorpio is emotional and Venus can be too.

Scorpio will often sit quietly, not saying a word, allowing things to build until it is too late. Sometimes what happens in a Venus Scorpio transit will last forever. Be warned! Scorpio’s and others that feel this energy strongly, take note and please talk things out before it is too late! The good news is there is a flip side everything but this might not be a good transit to get married under. I’d be waiting till the New Year for sure.

Coming at the end of the week and early next week is a square between Mars and Pluto. Mars in Libra is unable to be too aggressive so Pluto will carry this round. Mars is feeling a bit he has his hands tied now and he is forced to hold in his anger. Not a good thing at all because this only served to increase the pressure of the pot.

This difficult square is bad enough on a good day. Coming at this time of year carries increased difficulties. With all the holiday preparatory hustle and bustle, we could just implode or fizzle and burn out. I say this a lot it seems but take a deep breath and try to relax and get plenty of rest. Don’t over do things this holiday. We all want to enjoy the season.

Now I feel like I have talked much about Saturn in Sagittarius. This transit is going to last over two years so we might want to know a bit more about what to expect from it.

Ivan_Akimov_Saturn_Saturn represents our father. He is the authority and stern disciplinarian in the zodiac who governs our rules, regulations, boundaries, guidelines, governmental institutions and all area of structure. Saturn is where we feel our failure. Where ever he is in our chart, this is where we will feel most disciplined, respectful, buttoned-up, and responsible. This is a transit of maturity and accomplishment.

When Saturn is in a difficult aspect to something in our personal chart, we can feel frustrated or pressured. Delays and slow downs are common while helping us deal with reality. We are forced to live in truth and thus become wiser.

Slow downs caused by Saturn transits can feel like hard work. Somethings seem to move so slowly that actual accomplishments are hard to see. This slow down gives us time to grow, gain or regain inner strength, mature and become responsible citizens of Earth, something some of us resist well into our adult years.

One of the best benefits of Saturn’s energy is his drive for us to let go of the clutter and excess stuff we have. It doesn’t much matter what form it takes, physical, mental or emotional. Where ever Saturn is hitting you chart, he is going to push you to let go. A couple of years ago when he was in the latter degrees of Libra, he was making a stir in our relationships. Marriages, long time friendships and careers found themselves at an end. It was hard for some to let go but it was all for the best for all involved. What ever we let go of was for our highest good and our souls evolution and experience. Many of us simply were not aware that something was broken until we were forced to let go. It was indeed, ALL GOOD!

Letting go gives us a better opportunity to build on the things that do serve us, and to grow in and with new relationships that will take us forward. On the other hand, Saturn conserves our energy in what ever area of our lives he is affecting at the time.

Personally, Saturn has quite a bit of influence in my life. He is in my 12th house, sign of Scorpio, conjunct my ascendant, and squares Venus, Mercury and my Sun. This is pretty significant to me. One of my biggest lessons it that my fears about myself and my world are imaginary for the most part. According what I have read about this aspect of my chart I grow out of this with age and I have to say this seems to be true.

If you are curious about what your chart can tell you, go to http://www.astro.com/

Create an account for free. Then click on “free horoscopes” in the menu bar and select “astro click portrait.” This will direct you to a link where you can enter your birth data. You will of course need to know the time, place and date to get an accurate chart. This site is full of information and can be a challenge to navigate for the novice but once to get all your data entered and get to your ‘astro click portrait’, you will be able to click on any icon or space in the diagram and you will get some information. This will not give you any information about asteroids in your chart. For that you will have to go the extended chart selection. Good luck.

One of Saturn’s biggest lessons is responsibility. Being responsible for ourselves. This can make the world seem cold and prickly if we are not very mature. He wants us to go inside to find the strength there and truth our selves more. Some of us have trouble with this however and become depressed in our fear. Saturn direct us to stay focused on what is meaningful and avoid falling into the space of gloom-and-doom.

Learning where Saturn lives in your chart and re-organizing that part of our lives that is being triggered by it can be very rewarding.

Saturn love to take on the characteristics of what ever sign he transits. Sagittarius is ruled by expansive Jupiter. This combo gives us two opposites, contraction and expansion. Jupiter wants us to grow yet Saturn wants us to hold back and live responsibly. It is important to stick to our authentic selves. Now take a look at the world stage through this lens and see what you see.

Our beliefs are all in the news. What ever they are. Saturn wants control. Whether it is through the news media, social networking , or our belief systems, we would do well to avoid all of these avenues in our personal lives. However, the news of late has been loaded with such stories concerning both individuals and nations. Often with horrible results. This is the negative side of Saturn in Sagittarius coming out.

We are going to get back to balance one day. But Saturn will make sure we take our time getting there. Rest assured that whatever Saturn wants, Saturn is going to get. I feel like we are really going to see his work more on the world stage in the coming year or so simply because Sagittarius is so expansive and worldly. This is definitely going to stir things up before Saturn enters his home sign of Capricorn in two years.

What this all means to us is yet to be determined. There are many who say the worst if yet to come. What ever comes, comes and is supposed to come. Humans as a species are stubborn as heck. We must change the way we view ourselves and our world. Individually, we must find joy. Without it, we won’t survive and live the life we are meant to be living this time around.

Other aspects for the week include Saturn’s conjunction with the Sun. Time to get down to what is real. Time is pushing us to do what gets real results. This is not a good time for new projects however, just some good hard work.

Monday the Sun squares Neptune. Put your attention on spiritual and creative things. Facts get muddy and can be difficult. If you have important meetings or appointments, you will need to stay focused and not go to fast or you could get lost in the Neptune’s fog. Sound just the opposite of the previous paragraph doesn’t it? Astrology’s a balancing act for sure and remember, all this is most felt when your own chart is being triggered. Other wise…..forget about it! Haha!

Tuesday turns out to be a great day for meetings. Uranus and Mercury find themselves squared off today. It’s a good time for almost any thing involving something online, scientific studies, philosophy, and metaphysics. Uranus could spark some really good original ideas and you could notice your intuition is keen.

Also on Tuesday, Mercury will square Chiron, the wounded healer. Don’t be surprised if you are misunderstood or if communications seem strained. Self doubt can cause us to be less effective or impede our ability to find a solution.

Friday Mercury squares Jupiter. Expansive Jupiter can throw us way too much information. Putting things into perspective can be difficult. Avoid travel and don’t try to convince anyone of anything just now. You ideas likely won’t be taken well. Extra concentration is what is needed now. So have an extra cup of coffee before you start your day.