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This week week kicks off the winter holiday season. Are you ready? I always am. This year I have much to be grateful for. I have the best friends in the world, a comfortable home to live in , food on my table (and soon a new table), and a job I love working with the most awesome folks I could ever imagine. I am grateful even for the diffuculites, aches and pains that all seem to come and go like the tide.

A dear friend said recently, be thankful for the pain in your foot or back because these things make us who we are. I can’t argue with that. Everything changes over time, especially our human form. It is all good and if we are grateful, these changes have less control of us. We are more easily able to bend and adapt and appreciate who we are becoming. We are better able to love our new ‘normal’.

If you are one of those the many that are alone and get depressed this time of year, try to be grateful for something. Be grateful for what ever it is you have, even what you don’t have. Every day holds new possibilities. Seek them out and be grateful for them.

ChironAchillesSwiecinskiThis week begins with the Sun changing signs. Moving into Sagittarius brings us more optimistic energy. Our needs go from seeking closer relations with ourselves and another person to going big and reaching out to the world. Sagittarius is a mutable, fiery sign. This means we could be more able to grow in our understanding of the world around us. I wish the world could be washed in a new understanding about now. Understanding we are all the same, all part of each other, ll created by the same energy source.

Sagittarius gives us courage and confidence to transition to seeing the big picture and not be get away from being stuck in a myopic view of things. Tin my opinion, this is the perfect sign for the season of good will, charity, peace and love toward our fellow humans. Sagittarius gives us all the energy we need to meet our celebratory hopefulness. It also gives us an opportunity to foster our faith, hope and imagination.

Monday Venus is straight across from Uranus. Our actions or reactions within our relationships could come from fear. Uranus is into freedom and Venus wants to be close. This can make even the best of us rather fickle. And you thought this was only a thing girls do?

Thursday through about Sunday, Venus trines the Sun, Saturn and Mercury. Combine this with the Thanks giving holiday and our thoughts of gratitude, and we have some real questions about freedom, change, individuality within our relationships. The Saturn connection becomes more complicated on Saturn’s day or Saturday as he squares Neptune. If you find yourself wondering what is real and what is not, this could be the reason. The last time these two planets were square was in late March of 1999.

Saturn and Neptune alone do not affect us personally as much as they do the collective. So expect this to play out on the world stage in some way. The only reason this will have any effect on us personally is because Saturn is so close to our personal planets, the Sun and Mercury. As for the world stage part, these days, who know what that could mean but my guess would be something related to protection and safety. There seems to be a lot in the news about our privacy lately too. This could be part of this equation. We could see more questions raised around privacy and social media or the internet in general. Time will tell.

Don’t forget that Venus is in Libra until Dec. 4th. She will be seeking balance and helping to bring this into our relationships. Of course whether or not you feel these energies strongly or at all depends on where these planets fall in your chart.

The Moon will play a big roll this week.planets_strip She is full in Wednesday and in Gemini. This always brings out the emotional in us depending on where this triggers the planets in our charts. Gemini influence is always dual. We could do some flip-flopping in our thinking, tell some bad jokes, or pull some pranks at the holiday table.

The Sun will also be opposing this particular planetary cluster on Wednesday/Thursday. This could bring all sorts of emotions to the surface about the same time you sit down to carve the turkey. I used to think my family gatherings were difficult at times just because we were dysfunctional. I am beginning to think the planets have just as much to do with it as any disfucntion. At least now, those who read this have a heads up and now know what to watch out for.

This is going to be an interesting week I feel sure. It always is with a Full Moon but when you add Saturn to the mix, things can get more interesting. Saturn and the Sun don’t actually perfect their annual conjunction until next Sunday but a few of us are surely feeling this energy now.

Saturn is a strict ruler. His influence on our lives is can be difficult and extremely valuable for our soul’s evolution. Saturn’s lessons are most assuredly part of our soul’s plan of us and a a reason we chose this time to live out a life here on Earth. Roll with the punches. Do your best to stay focused. Move ahead with wisdom and caution. It will all be good.

I wish each of you a warm, loving Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy your triptopahne dreams and if you are traveling, please be safe and pay attention. Many of us do not realize how much our attention is take up with concerns of our everyday lives, the world and this week’s celebratory gatherings. Sometimes we don’t focus as much on what is going on around us whether we are walking, biking, skate boarding, or driving. Accidents can happen in a heart beat and when you least expect it. Please be aware and be careful.

Happy Thanksgiving!