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Astrology offers many opportunists for me to use my intuition. However, like many people, I have a hard time trusting it but I am trying to lean into it more and more. Last week’s report was one of those times I got an intuitive nudge but didn’t do anything about it. There were no big difficult aspects to talk about but in the my gut l still felt as if something big was about to happen. Then Friday evening we all learned about what was going on in Paris and I thought “ah hah! So that was what I was feeling last Sunday while writing my blog.” There is a part of me that thinks my friends and readers will think I am out of my mind if I throw things out there and I am wrong. From now on, I will try to do better and let what ever comes flow onto the pages.

It certainly does not take an intuitive to know that events similar to the one in Paris will probably be occurring with more frequency in the future. I only discussed the energy that governs this, briefly last week but is has a lot to do with Saturn in both Scorpio and Sagittarius and the Uranus Pluto Square we are still feeling. That is a lot of powerful energy too.

This week begins quietly but come Tuesday, Venus and Mercury find themselves in a semi square aspect to each other. There could be some issues with romantic or social communications but we are likely to be kind and polite when however our communications go. Some of us will notice more ADD like symptoms as the mind wanders off here and there. This aspect brings a lack of mental discipline with it and of course those whose charts are triggered will feel this more than others. If Mercury is at or within a degree or two of 22 degrees anywhere in your chart or Venus is anywhere at or near 7 degrees, you will likely feel this more than others do.

The Universe always gives us a counterbalance. This same day Mercury will conjunct the Sun and this will lend a distinct, open energy to our communications. This is good energy for finding solutions to what ever is troubling us and it gives a great deal of power to our both our spoken and written words. Think before you speak or write so you have no regrets.

Wednesday Neptune comes out of his five month retrograde cycle and turns direct again. Our dreams have been a bit off over the past few months but now they are more likely to become reality. Neptune is headed into a square off with Saturn. This won’t actually perfect until November 27 and will stay that way until December 4th. The orb of the square, and therefore the energy of the square extend much further out on both sides of these days. In other words, we are in the orb of square now and feeling its energy.
If you recall previous information about Saturn, you mat recall this planet is about structure. Neptune tends to melt things away. If you recall Neptune is about illusion, intuition, and dreamy. Neptune is rather slow in his actions however and things tend to happen with him over time. The over all energy of this aspect is about relationships, things or even ideas come to an end in our lives but nothing is likely to happen very fast. It all sort of slowly dissolves away like a bar of soap over time.

This transit can manifest in a variety of ways that are problematic too. Depression and addiction can show up, especially with the holidays coming on. On the other hand some of us might have some sort of spiritual awakening. This manifestation is usually a good one But it can also bring discomfort before it brings that awakening and enlightenment. Keep in mind the Neptune and Saturn both deal with religion and spirituality. This is probably going to be played out on the world stage in ways we had rather not think about. This is exactly what my intuition was trying to tell me about last week and I avoided it.

Friday Mercury changes signs. He is leaving Scorpio’s emotional territory for the fire that Sagittarius has to offer. No doubt he will be a bit happier in Sagittarius than he has been in Scorpio. Fire and water just make steam.

The next three weeks however might prove to have us more scattered about than we have been. This won’t bother us too much though because this sign change will make us more positivist and good cheer than Mercury in Scorpio did. The Sun will follow Mercury into Sagittarius next Sunday. This will bring us even more positive vibes. Let’s hope this will be enough to counteract and of Neptune and Saturn’s negative vibes.

Also on Friday, Venus squares Pluto. We’ve been feeling this coming on all week too. It seems our passions are getting a nice boost but beware of the possibility of a hidden agenda in the wings. Some of us might feel a bit of jealousy and possessiveness so beware of that green eyed monster. This might not be a great time to begins new relationship, just in case that is on your mind. This energy can also harbor fears that others are dishonest. Manipulation and passive aggressive power struggles can pop up too. Time to chill with this one.

Venus and Uranus are opposed all week. Good ole Uranus is always full of excitement. He is fast, unexpected, unpredictable and explosive, sounds a lot like me. Haha! (Yesterday I was told I was a renegade.) This combo can lead our relationships in totally new directions. Some may even come to a quick end. This energy around relationships ending has been with us for several years now but in relationship to other planets and aspects. This Uranian energy is more restless that say Saturn energy with had also lead to relationships ending in the past.

A few of us will find this energy leading us to a whole new way of relating to things and people around us. We might even find we are attracted to people very different from ourselves as this energy awakens something new in us. All this could ultimately help us attach what we really want in our lives in the future.

This is energy the isn’t attached to the outcome so don’t you be either. Just last week I was saying this to a friend who was sort of freaking out about her future and with good reason. I reminded her not to be attached to the outcome and if she wasn’t, things would be better able to work themselves out in her favor. She text-ed me yesterday to say she thinks that is exactly where things are headed for her.

Many people has a really hard time with not being attached. They either have a need to control or are used to being in control. Letting go is foreign to them and extremely uncomfortable. The world is not the sort of place these days where we can be as in control as we once were. Change is happening too fast. Think about how fast all those lives changed in Paris two days ago. Uranus is trying to help us appreciate uncertainty. He teaches us to be in the moment and roll with the punches. When we do this, the possibilities are endless.

The winter chill is beginning to settle in and folks are thinking about Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. Oh joy! I am in a constant search for good gluten free recipes in hopes of recreating or replacing my old holiday favorites with wheat free ingredients. I’ve just found a few bread and roll recipes that look promising. I’m hoping to try them soon.

In the meantime, hope your week is a fabulous as you are.