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This week brings us some strong energy and the focus is around the Scorpio New Moon. Mars also makes a difficult sign change. So brace yourself for what could some rocky rough seas over the next few weeks. Rest assured that things are not all bad. Once you understand these energies, you will know more about how to navigate any of your rough days ahead.

We are now about midway of the Sun’s annual tour of Scorpio. This sign’s mantra is “ I want.” Scorpio also likes to go deep. I’ve always thought I was gifted with a Scorpion ascendant so I could deal with my Scorpio father. I am not sure this common energy was much help to either of us. Looking back, he seemed to be somewhat unsure of how to deal with me and somewhat afraid of me. Could this be because he saw so much of himself in me? I certainly have more of his attributes than any one else in the family.

Scorpio loves secrets and can usually be trusted with them too. Scorpio loves all things hidden, concealed and forbidden. This past summer I was introduced to a new healing modality that helps us uncover things hidden in our lives so we can move on to being our beat selves. Scorpio falls in October and November when the leaves are falling, covering up the earth below like a colorful blanket to keep the earth warm during the coming cold winter. Squirrels are hiding nuts for winter. (I have always wondered how they find their hidden treasures later on).

Scorpio energy can be intense, challenging, intriguing, and strong-willed, mostly in a quiet way. They are also known to be rather passionate. The negative of this passion shows up as jealously and being vindictive. All in all, I attribute my Scorpio ascendant to leading me to study astrology, and for me, that is nothing but positive.

Mercury is transiting Scorpio this month. This energy takes our thoughts even deeper. We may find ourselves wanting to probe intensely into our thoughts and conversations or other forms of communications. There is a feeling with this transit that life is not fair. This combined with the need to seek the truth can lead to some depressing thoughts. If you find yourself going down this slippery slope, find something that makes you happy and do it. Do it quickly.

Most of the aspects this week are gentle ones. Uranus and Pluto are nearly five degrees from square so some will be feeling that more than others. This energy is most likely to be noticed on the world stage however more that personally. That is of course unless your natal charts is being triggered not.

Venus has quite a few nice aspects going on, most of which bring good energy to our relationships. The Love planet has just today, moved into Libra.This energy will soon have us all seeking balance and harmony in our relationships. Many will be drawn to truth or their perception of it. When truth is wrapped in an attractive package, all the better.

The biggest deal this week is Wednesday’s New Moon in Scorpio and the Mars sign change into Libra on Thursday. Scorpio is ruled by Mars so this Moon is probably going to kick some backsides here and there. The New Moon is always a time for new beginnings. Scorpio asks us to go deep, to be transformative. With Mars changing signs to a sign he is not comfortable in, this will add some more strong energy to the Moon’s energy.

Mars is the warrior and prefers to take action in bold ways. He loves conflict, competition, and is often his best when there is controversy. The Libra energy will do its best to dampen this warrior’s drive to act out. Libra like things to be fair and has no taste for conflict at all. Little wonder Mars is so uncomfortable in this sign. The combination of these two however is one that can bring amazing, life long changes that run deep in our psyche.

Should you run in to conflicts in the coming weeks and feel as if some outside force is keeping your feet nailed down, it probably is and its name is Mars in Libra. This combo only happens once every two years. Relax, don’t over think things. You could miss out on something great it you do. On the other hand, don’t act in haste. Take a deep breath and allow these two energies to work for you in positive ways. This New Moon with Mars going into Libra could be just the thing we need.

That is about it for this week. I’ve been listening to the “Dead & Company” concert replay while I wrote this. <Smile>


As they end their show with “Not Fade Away” I am afraid that is what I must do now…..fade away. There is a pot of chili on my stove that is calling my name. Fall is definitely here. There is a chill growing in my house and it is time to turn on some heat.

As I was driving today I noticed the colors as still hanging on and they were just beautiful! My Japanese Maple has yet to blaze.  I think we have seen the last of the warm days for a few months. We are headed into the busy winter holiday months now. Try to get your shopping done early this year.

Till next week…..make this a good one! And if you like the Dead and didn’t see the show last night, check out the link above.