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You’ve probably heard the phrase “as above, so bellow”. One way I feel this connection is better understood is through the study of astrology. Science seems to be showing us more and more about how we are connected to the stars and planets and all things in the Universe with each new discovery they make.

Before the last century we knew little about light and frequency other than the colors in the rainbow or the notes on an instrument. Today we know there are colors we cannot see with our eyes like infrared and ultraviolet. Infra means below the spectrum whole ultra means above the visual spectrum. There are also sound frequencies we cannot hear but dogs can. We’ve also learned that animals use magnetic energy to find their way in the world and to migrate when the seasons change.

Both light and sound can be viewed as both particle and wave in the microscopic level, or at least this is what quantum physics teaches us. At the macroscopic level, planets can also be both particle and wave. The difference is that planetary waves cannot be measured in the same way as sound or light. The movement or wave of a planet can only be observed over time. Thus, time is how we measure the. One planet wave takes from about three weeks to over 200 hundred depending on the length of time it takes a planet to make its trip around the Sun. Because we are on Earth, we base time on how long it take us to make one trip around the Sun. This cycle a year. The Moon has thirteen beats per cycle or makes thirteen revolutions around the Earth in a year. Mercury cycles are a little less than 88 days while Pluto cycles are nearly 250 years long.

Time is such a 3 dimensional, Earth based concept, yet this is how we measure our lives. The seconds become minutes, the minutes hours, hours days, and you get the idea. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, the way we measure time is based on it or the time it takes the Earth to make one cycle.

Saturn was to the ancients, the farthest planet in our solar system. Saturn was named for the Roman god of agriculture and time, perhaps because of the amount of time it took for this planet to complete one cycle around the Sun. Uranus was not discovered until 1781. Neptune was discovered in 1846 and Pluto in 1951. We now know that Pluto has the longest cycle of all the planets. It is the relationship between Saturn and Pluto that seem to distinctively mark important events in our historical time line.

Saturn is the heads up or Boundaries and Rules and Regulations area of our lives. He is where we resist change. (Why is everything about change?) Where ever Saturn is in your chart, this is where you will resist the most and put up walls to keep your self safe from change. Saturn is where you say “No, I won’t go”. He is our fear of failure. For me this is the twelfth house. This is why I have never been able to take a compliment well. I didn’t feel I was worthy of praise or admiration. Fortunately with time, these feelings subside and confidence grows.

Saturn is also the planet that represents out fathers and authority figures, both in the family and the world. He is about respect, honor, discipline, responsibility, obligation, strength, and patience. He is about real things like gravity, things that supply us with structure like the government, laws, religion, banks, libraries, and the guidelines or structure they provide us and ask us to follow. This is true even in the human body as Saturn rules our physical structures or bone and skin. He holds things together.

Pluto, our outermost planet and as far as we know takes the longest to make a complete cycle around the Sun. It takes Pluto nearly 250 years to make this trip. Saturn makes nine in that time. He is in charge of death, destruction, and decay. He loves change and governs all those things that simply have to happen. Pluto is recycling, reincarnation, regeneration. Where ever he is in your chart is where you will find disturbances, upheaval and your greatest development. For me this is the tenth house this is where I get my drive to reuse, refurbish, both things and people.

Twice each during each trip around our Sun, Saturn either opposes or conjuncts Pluto, and twice they square off. The oppositions and conjunctions are the most powerful aspects between planets. These aspects can be compared to the hands on a clock. The conjunctions would be when the hands are in the 12 o’clock position and the oppositions would be when the hands are at the 6 o’clock position. You could also use high tide/ low tide or Full Moon/New Moon to illustrate these aspects between planets. Since Saturn was named for time, lets look at how these two planets have affected things over time.

Both these aspects can be viewed as clashes. Not every event I am about to mention takes place at the exact moment of the aspects perfection. Many take place a year or more on either side of perfection. But this is still within the orb of the aspect. Remember that the energy of the planets also acts as a trigger or catalyst for things to happen. This does not mean however, that during every cycle have seen or will see some sort of huge event. Sometimes there are a hundred years or more between these cataclysmic events.

Let’s go back to 379 AD, there was a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. At the same time a rouge element known as the Visigoths came into the world stage. Within a year of the next Saturn/Pluto alignment, in 410 AD Rome was brought to it’s knees when it was sacked and burned by this same group of thugs.

The opposition of Saturn and Pluto about 532 AD, 30,000 people we killed in an arena in Constantinople by dude named Justinian. In 629 Mohamed took over Mecca and declared the State of Islam without ever firing a single shot. In 711AD Europe was invaded by Islam, when the Moors took control of Spain. They would rule for 500 years until the year 1212 when the Catholics regained control and booted the Moors (Islam) back into Africa.

Throughout our world’s history, many times when there is a power struggle that relates to power and religion, there is almost always a Saturn/Pluto conjunction or opposition. We are coming up on another one in a few years. Saturn only recently moved into Sagittarius where he will stay until December 20, 2017 when he joins Pluto in Capricorn. By the end of the first quarter of 2019, these two planets will be coming very close to each other to form another conjunction.

Due to one planet or the other going retrograde the actual perfection won’t take place until January 12, 2020. If you would like to learn more about Pluto in Capricorn, here is a video link for you to check out. I am sure that as long as I decide to continue writing about astrology, I will continue to talk about the influence of Saturn and Pluto, together and separately. For now, let’s get on with a look at what is in store for us this week.


The Sun is still about half way through the transit of Scorpio. This is one of my favorite signs partly because it is my ascending sign. Scorpio is deep, passionate, strong willed, and often intense. He is not a fan of the superficial or mediocre. He has a strong desire to understand secrets, and things hidden or taboo.

Venus and Mars conjunct on Monday. This energy is spirited, warm, and passionate. This will be a good time to be creative and make something pretty. This is successful energy for teamwork too but there could be a bit of competitiveness also. Be cautious of impulse purchases. This almost always gets us in some sort of trouble.

Tuesday Jupiter opposes Chiron. We can find ourselves eager for understanding. We could also experience a crisis with in our belief system. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? While we might feel alone in our thoughts and opinions, remember we are never alone. Look inside for answers to your questions. If you are starting a new business, look closely at it before moving forward. Relationships could take a hit due to a hick-up or difference in our beliefs.

Thursday Jupiter is in a difficult aspect with Uranus. This can cause us some restlessness and make agreeing with others difficult as we display a bit of rebelliousness. What else would you expect when Uranus is involved. Speaking of Uranus. I saw a cute video this week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3isdaCUqvmE

Also on Thursday, the Sun aspects Pluto. Keep things to yourself for a bit. Taking time to do your research might be a good idea and be beneficial.

Friday, Mercury trines Neptune. Imagination gets a boost with this aspect. Use it when making decisions today. You just might surprise yourself with your ability to read those around you and pick up on their feelings and thoughts. Go with it and let your intuition rule. This energy favors art and creativity. Have pen and paper handy in case the desire to doodle or put your thoughts to paper should take hold.

Venus will be leaving Virgo early next week so expect to begin to feel her energy shift late in the week.

Hoping your week is fabulous! Till next week, I wish you all the best.