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halloween night with pumpkin in grass tree bat and hunting house in background

Hurricane Patricia has changed lives and the landscape of our southern neighbors in rural Mexico. It seems a couple of major tourist areas did not see a great deal of damage.  The remnants of this massive storm is dumping rain on Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Texas has gotten enough rain to derail a train.

What remains of Patricia will soon make its way up the east coast. I hope the best for everyone in the path of this storm. With a Full Moon just days away, I am expecting the Moon energy to add to the energy of the storm. The weather man says we could see some heavy rain in this area. Wishing everyone the best.

This week begins a new two week period of bringing projects to an end. I have a busy week planned for myself too. There is a big project I have been working toward for a while now that I will take on and complete this week. Just in time for the New Moon and beginning new projects. Unfortunately these projects will be more of the same, just in a different spot. Oh well. Such is life and it is al good.

There is not a ton of cosmic stuff going on this week. We still have Mercury opposing Neptune and the Uranus Pluto square is beginning to form one more time. This won’t really be an issue until late December and early in 2016. These two will not come into a perfect square again like we saw seven times between 2012 and 2015. Instead, they will dance within nearly one degree of perfection for most of January and February thanks to Uranus turning direct on Christmas day.

By late February, they begin to move away from each other again. Keep in mind that we will be seeing the effects of their squaring off for some time yet to come. They simply acted as a trigger for events to unfold. I wonder if some of this energy is not reflected in the current campaign landscape.

This New Moon will be in Taurus, a very grounded sign. Great energy for all those projects that deal with getting rid of what no longer serves. Recycle, reduce, and get your life reorganized. You will appreciate this the holidays get here and when spring comes and you want to start new projects.

Today and early this week we will feel the energy of Venus conjunct Jupiter. Expansive Jupiter will be magnifying our desire for love, beauty and all thing fun and exciting. This is a good time for new relationships, rekindling existing ones, or renewing an old one. We may also feel more generosity toward others.

Today and tomorrow we could feel a bit distracted as Mercury opposes Uranus. Good ole Uranus can turn things interesting in a heart beat. If you find yourself being misunderstood, this opposition could be the culprit. Arguments can flare up too. Uranus has a free spirit and has little regard for the status quo. This would not be a great time for debate or sharing an important idea. Arguments are likely so you might want to chill out, especially if these two planets are being triggered in your chart.

I took a look at my chart and the only thing close for me is Mercury moving in on Neptune. Even so this aspect is still not close enough to cause any real concern for me since they are still over 10 degrees apart. If Mercury were closer to Neptune like he will be by weeks end, then I might want to stay home. Just kidding, but since I have Mercury in Aquarius and conjunct the Sun in my natal chart, I do have a problem with mental and verbal filters. Therefore, I will need to use caution in my communications this week.

Tuesday Venus will be facing off with the wounded healer, Chiron. Chiron can make us resentful or at least aware of where the imbalance lies in our relationships. There is certain amount of insecurity Chiron brings to the table. This can cause us to feel less like opening up to any romantic overtures that might come our way. Fortunately this aspect is short lived. Chiron does point out places where we need to do some work. This is a good thing.

Friday, October 30, 2015, the Sun trines Neptune. Our intuition is high and we feel plugged into the Universal mind. I now that sounds a bit airy faerie but Neptune is the mystical, magic, intuitive planet after all. This might be a good day to buy a lottery ticket or at least go with your gut instincts. Creativity abounds and we may find we have new eyes with which to see people or things from a different perspective. This is a good aspect for doing things that improve or change something about you.

The week ends with Halloween. I am hoping for clear, wonderful weather this year. I like to spend some extra time in meditation around Halloween time. I have always been taught this is the one time of the year that the veil between worlds is the thinnest. Allowing my self to be open to spirit communications seems to me to be the perfect way tp enjoy the holiday.

The day after is dia de los muertos or day of the dead. I love how we seem to sugar coat death for children. I remember this being a fun time when I was a child. We lived in a neighborhood full of children and there were lots of houses to Trick-or-Treat. We never had store bought costumes and don’t remember even wanting one. I loved to dress up in mom’s old clothes and go out to trick or treat as a gypsy or whatever I dreamed up. To this day I don’t care for store bought costumes although a little accessory or two can come in handy at times.

Remember to drive safely and watch out for Trick-or-Treaters on the road. Stay safe.