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Are you noticing any changes in your life this month? The planets seem to be working overtime but I am really digging the Wave X energy. Some of the changes are not socially accepted but they are necessary for your own evolution. Don’t allow social mores to rule, allow the heart. The heart always knows best and won’t steer you wrong if you listen to it. After all, it is our direct connection to Source.

These changes bring us what we need but they also bring us a great deal of discomfort as we release and let go of the parts of us we no longer need. There is a lot of cord cutting going on. I could write for while on this but today is astrology day so I am going to talk about this week and leave the a discussion on changes for later or for your own contemplation.

The Sun leaves Libra this week and moves into Scorpio. This is a sign I am quite fond of because it is my rising sign. The Sun in Scorpio wants to know what, where, and why? He wants to know what is hidden, what is behind the closed door, or what is hidden deep in the psyche and why we hid it in the first place. Be aware that you may not like what you find or like the answers you get. Like any change, all you discover will ultimately be a good thing.

Scorpio believes life is not fair. He is about extremes and can run hot or cold, especially when it comes to his emotions and feelings. He can be very passionate in intimate situations or be cold as ice if he isn’t feeling it. Scorpio is intense and strong willed. Just ask my Mom about this one. Poor lady was married to a Scorpio for 41 yrs and has had to deal with me my whole life. It is a good thing she is able to let go of things as easily as she does. If she didn’t, I would be in big trouble.

The good news is that Scorpio energy heals. It transforms us to new heights and moves us toward who we really are as we deal with the skeletons in our closets. The shadow side is jealousy, spitefulness, manipulation, and not letting go of anger or other negative emotions. Scorpios are loyal and will stand by you forever unless you push them too far. Then they sting you so watch out. Once they sting, they are usually done with you and often there is no turning back. Wave X is helping me transform this part of me. It is good!

Mercury has just two weeks left in Libra. Our friendly diplomacy will soon change to a desire to get to the center or root of things and find the truth of the matter. Enjoy the last couple of weeks of rationality because you will soon fall off the fence that we have been balanced on and dive into the pit of the unknown.

Venus is in Virgo for another three weeks. We have been showing our love in so many wonderful, practical ways. This has been a great benefit for those that have been through difficult times in last past two months. The things we have bought and the ways we have chosen to entertain ourselves have all been based on good sense. I am so glad I have a Virgo Moon. She is what keeps me somewhat organized even in all my clutter.

Venus and Jupiter are headed for meet up late in the week. One of my sources says they are parallel. Whether planets are parallel or conjunct has to do with where the conjunction falls in the chart. This is one of the many confusing aspects of planetary aspects, and I will not attempt to explain it except to say that parallel is thought to be more intense than conjunct. Oh BOY!

Both of these planets are in Virgo. The Virgo energy is assisting in the opening of our heart chakras. This will also be magnifying the Wave X energy that is doing the same thing. Cooperation and generosity run high with this conjunction and we are happy and proud of those around us and our relationships.

Both Venus and Jupiter continue to oppose Neptune. Read last weeks post for info.

On Friday Venus trines Pluto. Venus sure is busy with the aspects this week. This trine will bring good energy around money and relationships. Our emotions could be intense and fiery but probably not in a devastating way. You might feel a desire to share things on a deeper level. Good ole Pluto loves to go deep you know. With the Neptune energy added to this, spiritual resurgence through our love relationships are possible.

By Wednesday Mercury is opposed to Uranus. Our need for mental stimulation could be high. Another “Oh Boy!” leaks from my lips as I think of what my week holds for me. This could be a difficult one in some regards. In others it will be just fine and hopefully productive.

Thursday Mercury squares Pluto, as combo that can stir up trouble. Suspicious minds tend to rule the day and we could feel more anxious than usual. Don’t try to force an issue and watch out for compulsive thinking. The bright side of this I aspect is deep, engaging conversation. My favorite!

That is all I have for this week. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Remember that even the difficult parts are offend exactly what we need.