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Does everyone feel better now that Mercury has turned direct? I know I do. Even my phone is working better now.  Autumn is definitely in the air here. The nights are consistently cooling down and it is time to lite those fire pits and enjoy some fire side time alone or with a friend. A prefect way  to relax and chill out some because this week is full of oppositions. These oppositions are sure to push some buttons. But let’s take first things first.

Monday, October 12, the Moon is New. This is a time for new beginnings. I’m ready!

A New Moon also means change doesn’t it? This Moon is in Libra and opposes Uranus in Aries. Libra is all bout balance and one on one relationships whether personal, business, or in the virtual realms. This New Moon will bring us positive vibes and help us make those relationships work better. This one is not all rosy however. Uranus that has been in opposition to the Sun for at least a week now, throwing a few curves into this other wise nice Libra Moon.

One way Libra helps us in our relationships is by giving us a greater desire for cooperation and compromise. Uranus on the other hand, wants to be free and loves his independence. Therefore we tend to want to cut and run rather than stick around and work things out. Uranus is so unpredictable that he is predictable.

The Sun is also opposite that wild planet, Uranus. Uranus is so not Libra. All he wants is freedom from conformity. Can’t get much more opposite than that can you? We can be wonky as heck and change too. With this aspect, if a plan doesn’t strike our fancy then we could do a quick about face. The one things about Uranus is that there is seldom a boring moment. This can be a stimulus for change as well. The shadow side is going to be a decision made in haste. Snap decisions are seldom a good idea but sometimes they are just what the Dr. ordered. It is a good thing perhaps that we have some other planets coming to the rescue this week.

On Thursday Mars and Jupiter join in conjunction. Some of you are probably already feeling this energy. This conjunction is sort of a big deal since it only happens once every two years. Mars is about action and Jupiter is expansive and optimistic. These to energies together are going to help you do what you need to do to grow and change. This energy will be further magnified with a Mars/Jupiter trine to Pluto later this same day.

Now for the three planets are opposing Neptune this week. They are Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. Remember that Jupiter is the planet of expansion and he is sure to magnify or expand lots of energy this week. Not all of the effects will be positive.

Those with addictive behaviors, will want to take extra caution this week while Jupiter is opposite Neptune. This aspect is known to expand on addictive behaviors. Remember that you have ultimate control. I have a friend that has always referred to himself and a “tough guy” but when is comes to his smoking addiction, he is milk toast. I wish him the best because I would like to have him around for a few more years.

Jupiter has been within the orb of opposition to Neptune for over a month. He is very close to being out of the orb of influence now but we still have a good 10-12 days of this influence to deal with. Some people have been feeling strong extremes in behavior as well as belief. This could result in feeling overly optimistic or very disappointed. Those with heavy Neptune influences in their charts are likely to feel this energy the most.

Another expression of this Jupiter/Neptune influence is the tendency to put others on a pedestal. I have found this usually leads to disappointment and disappointment is exactly what this aspect can bring us. It is a real bummer when we leave ourselves open for such a let down but it often takes a few bummers to learn our lessons. It is always best to expect nothing. Let go of all outcomes. If the world could learn this lesson earlier, there would be much less grief and upset. As John Lennon said, “Imagine” what the world would be like.

The bright side of this aspect is that we are curios and want to learn. Just remember to use common sense if things seem better than you expect them to. Things you learn now could lead to changes in our opinions, religious beliefs, or our view of spirituality or previous prejudices.

Change is word I seem to be using more and more these days. There is little doubt now that we are in changing times. The very thought of the word “change” makes us uncomfortable. The act of change is worse and harder to accept. However, it is almost always a positive thing if we are willing to allow it to be. But there in lies the rub. Allowing. Allowing means we have to let go of some bit of control or routine. Progress and growth can’t happen without it. I am such a creature of habit, allowing is often difficult for me, as I am sure it is for you. Although I struggle, like many of you, I am making progress, little by little.

The Mars opposition to Neptune is adding a layer of impatience to our lives. Mars wants action and he dislikes boring. This aspect has similar qualities to Venus opposing Neptune. Neither of these two planets like the dull drums and ordinary. They both seek drama and flare. Neptune is making things wonky however. Try to avoid being impulsive and acting without first considering the consequences. Some us can be a bit more foolish under this influence. Our regular routine might need some tweaking and important appointments might be best scheduled for a later time.

The last thing I want to mention today is Venus square Saturn. This energy will be strong all week. Saturn and cause stress in our relationships. He’s not working with the Libra energy at all is he? This square could bring about some bad feelings but most of them come from our own fear. Criticisms from others won’t help either. Be aware of this know you can use the Libra energy to balance this out. This will help you keep the harmony in all your relationships and avoid any dramatic energy.

The shadow side of this energy can be depression and loneliness. Due to recent Venus energies, money could also be tight due to her love of extravagance. This will pass so don’t get too bent out of shape. I am feeling a pinch my self this week but with a bit of good fortune and some wise decisions, I have not dug my hole so deep that it will take months to get out.

This Venus transit is putting tension on some of your relationships. You might have to work extra hard to keep things on a even keel at work or at home. Don’t ignore your duties. Remember that you are not the only one being affected by these energies. A friend or loved one could need to reach out to you for support. Try not to let them down even if you yourself are not feeling up to par in this area. You will ultimate.y be supporting yourself when you support others.

Saturn has also recently returned to his transit is Sagittarius. I am sure we are going to see more news in regards to religious topics in the coming year or two. Sagittarius is a bit like Uranus in that he is not a fan of routine. He is also rules by Jupiter. Do I need to say what this means again? I didn’t think so. Just look for hard nosed rules and regulations to butt heads with enthusiastic, fun loving, optimism. Take about energy for change! I’m excited.

Remember that your own chart has a lot to do with how all this shakes out in your life. Now that you know what to expect this week, go out and make this another great week!