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Perennial Sunflower

Photo by Kevin Campbell, Campbell Family Nursery, Harmony, NC

I met some Asheville friends for brunch this morning and one of the topics was how fast time seems to be passing. People also seem to be talking about how strange they feel, how strange people are acting and about feeling some sort of difference in general. Some of this is possibly due to the fact that we have only seen the Sun once in the past two weeks.

For about that long, I have felt like staying at home and being alone. Originally, I thought my circuits were overloaded from the crowd and music energy of National Folk Festival, followed by dealing with sick friends and hospitals. After hearing what others are feeling, I am thinking my need for solitude could have more to do with the 5th dimensional energies all the woo woo, spiritual people are talking about. Regardless, I am feeling much better today.

This week brings us some positive changes, the best of which is probably Mercury turning direct. I usually slide through Mercury’s retrograde period without many, if any problems. This time my phone seemed to not work as smoothly as normal and there were a few other technical bugs a time or two. I suppose if the phone issues don’t happen again after this week, I will know for sure.

Two weeks of rain can affect technology too, not to mention its affect on your mood. The weather here in the south has had everyone on edge this past week. Gratefully, my area did not get the rain amounts we were expecting. Unfortunately, my friends on the coast are getting more than they expected and there is significant damage in many areas. Some places have gotten 18 inches of rain or more. Accurate measure has been difficult due to rain gauges quickly filling and over flowing. This is an historic rain storm without a doubt. I hope everyone stays safe. You are all in my thoughts.

The past few weeks I have mentioned the Jupiter Neptune opposition. All this rain and the Hurricane Joaquin, are good examples of the energy of this aspect. Neptune is all about water and Jupiter is expansive. Joaquin was not expected to reach a nearly category five status but it did. Folks who do not understand or believe in astrology believe contend this is just another coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences. What we do agree on is, this is good weather for ducks.

Some of the discomfort or strange energy folks are feeling of late could be the difficult energy of Sun in Libra. Libra rules relationships as a reflection the self. Libra is also about balance, compromise, and negotiations. It is also a good time to do things with people that involves art in some way. No wonder the autumn seems to be the biggest season for events that involve art.

This struggle for balance can cause some difficulty however. Decision-making seems to be most perplexing during this time. Libra energy wants to be sure is looks at both sides of an issue very carefully. This can sometimes be a long and labor intensive process because the Libra energy does not want to make waves for anyone.

While Libra is considerate, shows great tolerance and is sociable, the shadow side can be quite selfish and superficial. Being passive-aggressive is also a shadow side trait. If you or someone you know has a tendency toward these things, be forewarned. These traits could be more predominant now and even amplified. If you find yourself acting in any of these negative ways, take a deep breath, regroup and chill out.

Another change we need to take notice of this week is Venus leaving Leo and entering Virgo on Thursday Oct. 8, 2015. Virgo is a much more practical placement than Venus in flamboyant Leo. This transit will last six weeks and focuses our attention on improving health and doing charitable work rather than buying things that sparkle. Venus will also be moving out of her shadow period after turning direct on September 6th. Aren’t you glad Mercury’s movement through his shadow is not so slow? Communications within our relationships should become more normal after this week.

Almost everything that aspects or changes this week does so near weeks end. However on Tuesday we see Mars moving to perfect his opposition with Neptune. Neptune is all about water and illusion. Hopefully this perfection will be bringing an end to the rain even though it might cause us some mental confusion. You could find yourself getting lost a fuzzy cloud of misunderstanding. This is another time you will want to stop, chill, and take a breath. If you have friends that need a hand with something, this would be a good time to put your energy toward helping them instead of focusing on yourself.

This energy is prone to being on the lazy side as well as being disorganized. Two things I don’t need more of in my life. I could will be one of the ones among us that will be struggling w this energy. Not thinking things through, being impractical and carelessness are also aspects of this placement. Now that you know, perhaps you will be better able to recognize when these things are going on in your life and you won’t find yourself in trouble.

At the very end of the week, Venus will square Saturn. If there ever was a struggle between the male and female this aspect is it. The only larger struggle is when these two planets are opposed. Venus like to have her way but our father, Saturn is telling her no. Venus often wants more than she really needs anyway but Saturn can be quite stern as well. Feelings of rejection are possible and so is socializing. Saturn is not as interested in such things like Venus is and he frowns on many of the self-indulgent things Venus loves.

This aspect is not one for new financial ventures. Many could end up being little more than a waste of your dollars. Try not to be too distant emotionally either. Saturn can sure make us feel this way sometimes.

Every week feel like there is more I could cover. This is my own insecurity coming out along with my not being that well versed in astrology yet. It has been three years this week since I first began this astrology blog. I have learned much in that time yet have so much more to learn. I am grateful to Shelly Overton in Orlando Florida for being a good teacher and friend through her Blog Talk Radio show called AstroEnergy. Shelly and I both follow Anne Ortelee too. Anne is in NYC and also have a BTR show each week. While I have not been listening to Anne much in the past few months due to time and other things, I think she is among the best astrologers out there. Catch her show for today here:  Anne Ortelee

Have a good week and stay safe.