Welcome Fall 2015! This past week was full of planetary changes and brings us to the first Full Moon, the Harvest Moon, and Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles, the Jewish Harvest Holiday. We are also at the beginning of that Jubilee year according to Jewish tradition. The Jubilee year is the year after seven cycles of seven years or shmita.

The fiftieth year is a holy year and one of liberty for the Jewish people. History tell us this is when all debts are cleared and people return to their own property and their own families. It is a year of rest. The Bible tells us not to sow or reap. This rule has not been followed for many centuries however. Since 600 BCE, the tribes of Ruben, Gad, and Menashe were exiled. The rule is only applicable when the Jewish people all live in Israel as tribes.

There is prophesy about these things and if you are interested I encourage you to do some research. Dig deep and do not take the word of a TV evangelist. They seem to me to take things too literally and not consider astrology, numerology or ancient texts when hypothesizing. But this is just my humble opinion. If you want a good starting point in your research I might suggest PIN (Prophesy In the News) or Perry Stone. Both of these sources have a good knowledge base of Biblical history, and interpretation. I don’t believe even these sources are 100% accurate but I feel they are better than most.

I bring all this up to emphasize how many different energies are coming our way right now. And yes, holidays and traditions have their own energy just as every word we speak does. Most of us fail to recognize this fact however, let alone incorporate this awareness into our daily lives. Most of us are too busy shopping or trying to decide what shoes to wear and fail to tune into these energies so we can ride this wave.

We’ve been hit with lots of cosmic energy lately and today, tomorrow and the coming weeks are no exception. The good news is there will be no sign changes and no planets change direction. There aren’t any new difficult aspects for the most part. The Neptune opposition to Mercury and Jupiter continues but this has been with us now for a few weeks. On a good note, Pluto is trine Mercury and Jupiter. Jupiter helps us gain traction when it comes to achievement and our influence reaches farther than before. Many difficulties are easily over come and your confidence is high.

However, this is not the case with one of my friends who is having a hard time this weekend. He has sent me several messages of woe today and wants to know if his troubles are due to the Blood Moon that will take place later this evening. My guess is that something in his personal chart is being triggered. Often, what we see as bad situation can actually serve as a catalyst for believing in the best.

Pluto trine Mercury is giving us the ability to debate convincingly and to get our views clearly heard. At the same time your thirst for knowledge is higher than usual. Mine is always high so this is no big change for me.

04010eclipseThe biggest event this week is probably the Full Moon tonight. In my area this will take place at 11:06 pm. It is a super moon, meaning it is closer to the Earth and has more energy than usual. The Moon is in Aries, a fires sign and the Sun is in Libra, an air sign. Air fuels fire or fans the flames. Full Moon energy is felt for a good two weeks after the event and with this one also being part of an eclipse and the Blood Moon, well I am sure we will see some fiery events in the news very soon and for a little while after. The Sun in Libra is balanced, diplomatic and fair. I sure hope this has some influence on the fiery energy of the eclipsed moon.

Full moons shine light on our lives and our emotions. When there is an eclipse the light is on the conflict between you and others, or you and me. This is a good time to express yourself as long as you use care and don’t force yourself or your views on others. This is not an extremely rational time for us. Most of us know the Moon represents our emotions.

Some of us could experience a crisis of some sort. Perhaps this comes as an immediate awareness of something lacking in our life. What ever we discover, could be rather dramatic and quite emotionally charged. Hopefully the Libra Sun will help us find our balance and we won’t get too carried away when bending the ears of those around us.

Mercury in Libra will assist the Sun with our balance and fair mindedness. If there is something we need to negotiate, this is a good time for it. Just be aware that Mercury is retrograde and things do not always go as planned. If we are careful we can use Mercury’s backward energy to our advantage. We might find we attack one on one relationships from a rational point of view. This is a good time for increasing our skills of negotiation too, just be sure not to make decisions in haste. Read, read and re-read all documents. Remember that your opinion is not always the best or the only one. This is one of the best times to consider the views of others. The theme for this cycle it fairness.

Romance is the big focus of Venus in Leo. We seldom get past this stage because Leo is Mars in Piscesall about the fun. The big shadow factor of this combo is spending too much money and being too extravagant. Sometimes we find folks expressing themselves in ways that get attention, even the wrong kind of attention. Extravagance at it’s worst.

Mars is in Virgo and I think I have been feeling this energy this weekend in a big way. I have felt compelled to organize. I hope this energy sticks with me most of this week cause I sure could use more cleaning, clearing and organization.

This Mars/ Virgo energy is powerful. It is a real get up and go kind. Loves details and has a need to do the right thing. Nothing at all wrong with this energy for the most part. A job well done is its own reward.

There is not much different with any of the other planets this week. All in all it seems to be a week to get some rest. Something tells me this will not be that case however. For one reason, Mercury will be conjunct the Sun and also closer to the Earth than usual. This will affect our planets geomagnetic energy. Anytime this is affected it also affects us. So perhaps this week won’t be such a smooth ride after all?

Another variable is Wave X. I am not sure what , if anything to expect from this wave of galactic energy. Time will tell. I am hopeful it will be the catalyst for some dynamic new beginings. We need to keep in mind that an ending is really a new beginning. Wave X will be on us tomorrow. I have no plans other than to spend some good time in meditation. With more rain in the forecast and nothing too confining on my agenda for the first few days this week, I plan to lay low and take in what ever energy the Universe has to offer me. I also hope my organization bug stays around for a few days too. There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment.

Wishing all of you a great week. If not, remember even the difficult times hold sparking gems. Grab onto them with gusto and keep smiling!