Hello everyone. I had a blast at the 75th National Folk Festival last weekend. What an amazing event! Perhaps the most amazing thing to me was learning the festival’s deepest roots are actually in western North Carolina. Some of the festival work Lunsford was doing in the Asheville area, beginning in 1927, caught the attention of woman named Sarah Knott who in 1933 created the National Folk Festival Association. This year was the first time the NFF has been North Carolina. I am looking forward to the next two years. If you would like to learn more check out the two link below.

I am loving the hint of fall in the air of late. There is a bit of color beginning to appear in some leaves. It is a wonderful September. There is a lot of buzz going on about this month too. Much of the buzz is around the “Blood Moon” that will take place on September 27, 2015. That is one week from today. I will not go into this much and do not wish to create an uproar or fear in your minds but if you wish to learn more about this topic, there is a movie on Netflix about it called of course, “Four Blood Moons.”

I have not had a chance to watch the entire film yet but from what I have seen, I like.

Even if you know nothing about Biblical prophesy or are not very religious , I feel sure you will find this film at the least, informative. Scientific and historical facts are covered along with prophesy. The connection between these three schools of thought is of great interest to me and is also part of what researchers like Nassim Harramein are trying to prove. Of course there is a shadow side, there always is in what ever you are looking at. Keep in mind that we need the shadow side to help us keep our perspective and stay in balance.

This film talks a lot about signs in the sky. We sure have had a lot going on in the cosmos this past summer. This trend is continuing through out this month. This is another aspect of the buzz talk around this month. Those of us that study energy and how we are all energy and thus connected to everything, perhaps have a better understanding of some of the potential effects these cosmic events might have on us. I am not going to speculate much because I don’t think any of us really know exactly what is coming. I will say I believe the cosmic events of September 2015 will be a catalyst for what ever is next. It is ALL good and I am excited!

Mercury turned retrograde last Thursday and this always brings changes of some sort, especially in the first week. This coming week is bringing lots of changes in the sky. Wednesday, September 23, is the Fall Equinox and the Sun enters Libra for a month.

Libra rules our relationships with other people and acts as a mirror to reflect this relationship back to us. Libra is practical, balanced and a sign of the peacemaker. The shadow side of this is that finding peace is not always an easy of peaceful process.

imagesThis Libra is all about finding balance in your relationships with others. The best way to do this is through art. When I think about this, I begin to notice how many art related public events there are in the fall, the season of Libra. The Autumn season is inspiring. The cooler temps and fewer bugs call us to be outside more. The colors of the trees invite us to hit the road and head to the mountains to see the colors.

Our food choices change as pumpkins, winter squash and root vegetables come into season begin to desire all things cinnamon and pumpkin spicy. Frankly I think I do without a few pumpkin spice flavored items but some folks dearly love them and this is their season.

Fall and the Sun in Libra is a time to look back on your progress this year. Such reflection is a perfect use of Mercury’s retrograde energy. The equinoxes, both spring and autumn, when there is equal hours of light and darkness, are great days to review your own balance with life and the relationships around you.

As I look at the chart for today, I notice the Jupiter/Neptune opposition is still with us, as well as the Mercury/Uranus opposition. All these planets except Mercury move slowly so this is no surprise. Our intuitions are high and so is our desire to shock, be free. Anytime Uranus is involved, you never know what to expect. One day the energy, our energy, can be high and spontaneous, the next day is might be low and we find that we need to pull away from things or people and nap or just get off the grid for a while. I consider this the ADA or Attention Deficit Aspect. When Mercury and Uranus are in opposition we can lose our focus very easily. Things that we are not greatly interested in will become a source of frustration and boredom very quickly.

Another change comes Thursday when Mars leaves Leo and moves into Virgo. At the same time Mars in Virgohe is moving toward perfecting a square aspect with Saturn on Friday. Not only could you notice your active energy shift from the dramatic to a more physical energy, you may notice you can’t seem move or get a door to open up for you when you need it to. The Mars./ Saturn square is causing things to come to a halt. The good news is, this is the last time we will come to a full stop this year. Slow downs maybe but not a full stop. I really do not mind this. I think we all need to stop and regroup from time to time. With Autumn at the door and Mercury retrograde, I am choosing to be grateful for this slow down or still time, instead of fighting it.  

Also on Friday we have Pluto waking up from a five month nap in retrograde land. I’ve read this means a return to peace political, personal , and economic areas. Peace? Really? Hmmm…since we are into election mode, and with all the energy that is rumbling about, I am going to play “wait and see” on this one. Pluto is a slow mover so I am sure this will take a while.

The week will come to a close in the energy of the Full Moon. The Moon won’t be actually Full until the next day but you will be feeling the energy of it perhaps by Friday. Remember this will also be a Super Moon, and there will be a lunar eclipse and the last of the Blood Moon Tretrad as well. Folks….this is some heavy stuff. But don’t let fear get the best of you like if did the folks that had 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed arrested.

You have to wonder when his teacher and other school officials realized they had made a huge mistake. When I first hear about this I felt as if they felt they needed to save face so they stood firm, ultimately making a bigger fool of themselves. I understand being safe rather than sorry and where this fear comes from. At the same time not everyone with a Arab name is a matter of national security.

Get the facts not the emotions. Live from the heart. The heart understands all and will guide you to the truth if you allow it too.

I still want to talk some about an energy wave that is headed toward earth but I am too tired now to continue. This week began with my needing to rest after the festival. I was both mentally and phsyically tired. On Tuesday I learned a childhood friend and neighbor was in the hospital because he could not breathe. He is all better now and will be coming home tomorrow or Tuesday. I have a list of things to do before I pick him up, as well as my own life to deal with. Right now, my bed seems to be calling me so I am going to end for now. Teh energy wave info can wait a bit, so stay tuned! I promise to be back soon with more on this.