Hope everyone is having a good Labor Day weekend. Wishing safe travels to those who are traveling. The weather in my neck of the woods have been terrific this week and although I am not traveling, I am loving the cooler temperatures and lower humidity. I also can’t keep a shirt clean for more than a few minutes. I know that has nothing to do with Astrology but I just looked down and noticed who knows what on the clean shirt I put on this morning. This is why I usually wear tie dye.

Before I get into this week’s forecast, I want to let you know I will be busy with the National Folk Festival next weekend and am not sure if I will have time to work on the blog. I will do my best but I also have another project right now with an immediate deadline and I am not going to push things and get spread too thin.

September is big month in many ways. The Sun is in Virgo for most of September and Virgo is a mutable sign. Mutable means changing. We all know to expect a change in the weather once September arrives. Summer is coming to and end as autumn begins to take over.

images (1)The energy of change is has been with us for a few years now, primarily sparked by the Uranus/Pluto square’s influence that we have been under beginning in 2008. These two planets have been exactly square on seven separate occasions between 2012 -2015. They are slowly moving apart and are currently out of the orb of influence, but we will feel this energy of another couple of years before they are completely out of orb. Currently Pluto and Uranus are 7-8 degrees apart.

The orb of influence is the maximum number of degrees two planets can deviate from the exact angle or aspect and still be considered to be in the influence of that aspect. In the case of the square aspect the allowable difference of degree on either side of 90º is 6º. This is the allowed variation of degrees for most major aspects; the ones that are 0º, 60º, 90º, 120º, and 180º. All of the minor aspects are considered out of orb if the difference is more than 2º or 3º. However, when the Sun or Moon is involved, the orb is increased to 10º. The less the orb, the stronger the influence, with <1º being the strongest.

Currently Pluto and Uranus are retrograde and this has caused them to move out of the orb. Being retrograde is a good thing here because the backwards movement somewhat softens the planets energy. In about 2 ½ weeks, Pluto will turn direct and these two planets will once again move closer to the square aspect, although not exact for many, many more years.

Now back to September. There is a lot going on in the cosmos this month. (I will get to some of the non astrological info later).

Venus is direct as of today, September 6, 2015. She will be moving rather slowly all week so don’t expect a lot. However, if there are relationship issues in your life, look for opportunities to mend these in the coming days and weeks.

Expect matters of the heart Early this week we will be feeling the Mars/Uranus trine. In the past few years Mars and Uranus have been at odds with each other. A trine is usually a positive aspect so it is nice to see these two planets come back into balance.

Mars in Leo is all about action and the self with a splash of Leo dram thrown in. Combine this with The creative, intuitive, intellectual brilliance of Uranus and you will see even more technological creations come to the spotlight. Things like self driving cars, innovations in 3-D printing, artificial intelligence or robots are a few things to look for. We could even see something like Google glasses be redesigned and make a market comeback to delight of the gadget-heads among us.

Mercury is square Pluto this week. This can throw a strong negative spin on things and cause trouble with communications. Try not to read too much into things. Your vision is not as clear this week as it usually is. Making small things into big ones saying only what we think others want to hear. Pluto likes to go deep and push things. Avoid pushing your ideas onto others. Keep that mind open.

Mercury will also going to be slowing down this week in preparation for his station images (1)retrograde on the 17th. Use the next few days to finish up anything you need to finish and use the energy of this retrograde to go over things that need to be revised or reworked in some way.

This aspect can cause us to be a more suspicious than usual and also cause some anxiousness or compulsive thinking to rise to the surface. I you are one who of the many waking up now, this could be a good energy for you to do some deep work. Find someone to mentor you and get into those deep conversations this week.

The weeks ends with the nearing of the New Moon I Virgo. There will also be a partial solar eclipse making this New Moon part of a group of eclipses. Eclipsed Moon and Sun energy lasts a long time and is considered more stressful than other times.

This New Moon comes in the sign of Virgo. Virgo deals with health and work. You would be well advised to avoid work stress if possible as well as elective surgeries. It is a good time to take extra care of ourselves and plan for the coming weeks. Just don’t start things yet. Wait till next week, after the Sunday’s New moon to begin executing your plans.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and  and Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, are both in September this year. This coming Sunday, September 13 at sundown, the same day as the New Moon, is when  Rosh Hashanah begins. Yom Kippur, falls 10 days later, on September 22-23. September 28th is the Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles. The same day as the last of the four blood moons.

Regular readers have no doubt noticed the mention of esoteric topics other than astrological ones from time to time. I believe we are in the midst of some great shifts in the evolution of humanity and this planet. Among st the seers, intuitive, and those interested esoteric topics and prophesy, September is a month that could mark the beginning or the ends or some things as we know them.

images (2)Possibly you have heard of the four blood moon’s? Blood moon’s are mentioned in the Bible and according to evangelist John Hagee, author of the book : Four Blood Moons”, this is a real sign of “end times”. I don’t believe the Earth or humanity is going to end but as I have studied the planets over the past three years, it seem clear to me their energy is causing some big changes on the personal and collective levels.

There is a lot of talk about other big events coming our way this month.

This is New Moon also marks the end of a shemittah year. The shemittah is the seventh and last year of a cycle followed by the Jewish people since the second fall the Holy Temple. Shemittah means “to release”. In olden times, fields were not planted that year and debts were forgiven or released. Seven is also a number often in the Bible and usually holds some significance.

The number seven in Numerology has a very interesting correlation to the astrological energy of this month. Seven represents the collective consciousness. It is about faith and spirituality. This includes, Spiritual awareness, awakening, enlightenment, and development. The number seven also represents intuition, understanding others, all images (5)things esoteric, looking deep inside, healing religion, purpose, manifesting, intentions, good luck, strength through tough times, and thoughtfulness. Seven also shares some of the characteristics of Uranus such as non-conformist, freedom and independence. To me this fits right in with what I see going on is the cosmos.

Many today who study the signs, ancient texts of many cultures, or are intuitive, believe this could signal some sort of shift or balancing in the financial institutions. This seems to play out to be true if you go back seven years to the housing fall off 2008 and the financial slow-down seven years before that in 2001. I am not an expert in any of this, just passing on some thoughts and ideas to ponder.

I have also heard several folks talk about Planet Nibiru, thought to be the Suns dark twin, is coming into view this month. Another planet means more and different energy and magnetic waves. In addition to Nibiru, some say there is a second planet headed our way. Both orbit in an exceptionally large, elliptical orbit that nearly coincides with the procession of the Equinoxes. Some believe the approach of these “planets” are connected to increased UFO sightings in the past few years.

Peter Davenport of the “National UFO Reporting Center” gives a weekly radio report in sightings. Some reports tell of a really large object in the sky, larger than any thing we know of here on Earth. If you would like to read actual reports or if you wish ti report one yourself, go to

Some see indications of big earth quakes and volcanoes taking place this month. Talk of the big earthquake that drops California into the ocean is nothing new. I’ve literally heard about this for at least 3-4 decades. Time will tell if and when this happens but I hear over and over from “experts” that we are over due for a big one on the west coast.

Regardless, there do indeed seem to be more and more scientific data to to back up the idea of this happening soon. If not an earthquake on the west coast, there are several other hot spots on this continent and around the globe. The New Madras fault in the Midwest if one, or the fault in South Carolina. Also keep and eye on New Zealand and the Indonesia. Iran is another one not only for earthquakes but for war.

The coming winter is predicted to be cold and snowy in many parts of the U.S. The Current Sun cycle has not lived up to expectations that it was going to be active. While there have been active moments or short periods of big activity, over all it appears that the Sun is entering dormant period. This is expected to last 2-3 generations. What this means is the Sun cools down a bit, thus cooling us down.

And if this is not enough…….

imagesThen there is Wave X. This is a wave of energy that is coming toward us from deep space. Some are already feeling it. From what I read, it will arrive at planet Earth on or about September 28, 2015. This wave is said to assist us in our evolution and the awakening of the planet. It will raise our vibrations and help us come to a place of love and understanding. For more on this I would encourage you to check out or Google Dr. Simon Atkins.

I hope you are not taking this as gloom and doom. I focus on the energy aspects. I see this as a trigger or catalyst for change.  We are all energy after all and therefore all connected. The Sun and its energy are known to affect humans in a variety of ways and I probably don’t need to tell you how the Moon has an affect on us but change is afoot for sure.

Sidebar: Love him or hate him, I feel like this is Donald Trump’s purpose in running for president. He is a catalyst for change. Keep that mind open. (Step back from your personal emotions and look at all of this information with an open mind or from the observers perspective).

Cultures around the world tell stories of the present Earth changing, falling away, and of great cataclysms taking place. All indicators seem to be pointing to these events happening between now and the next 20 years. I am not concerned about living long enough to see it. I will be around 80 if I do. I am awake enough to know that my purpose is to teach others and help them wake up to the truth.

If don’t want to know anything about any of this sort of stuff, you are asleep.

If you are one of those that are just beginning to get curious about all this, then you are on the path to awakening and evolving.

If you are realizing there are things about you and the world that need to change, you are beginning to wake up.

If you are seeing your own crap then you are awake.

If you are helping other to deal with their crap, you are enlightened.

If you see that everything is perfection, congratulations. You are an Ascended Master.

Yes! I think this just could be a September for the books. Time will tell and I am excited!

Realizing this information is (perhaps a bit disorganized on my part) deep, intense, and lacks a great deal of scientific proof, I sincerely hope this is not too far out for my readers. If so, I understand. If it has sparked some desire to know more, I am delighted. If I have answered some questions I am ecstatic.

Anyone wishing to discuss this more, I invite you to leave a message and I will get back with you. Remember, I am not an expert. Otherwise, I encourage you to make good use of Google. That is what I do. That and more.

Remember there may not be a post next week. I may try to at least get one up Monday or Tuesday. It all where I am with my project and it’s deadline. I will be back however.

Remember the Sun is in Virgo. Time to take care of you.

Have a great week. Be safe and look for the happy place in every.