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wayne-dyerDr Wayne Dyer,  May 10, 1940 – August 29, 2015

The past couple of weeks I have seen one death after another. The world has seen one awe striking, head scratching, fear instilling event after another. Some say we pass on when we are finished with our lessons here. Some say it is disease that is the cause. I personally believe the soul can arrange for an exit whenever it chooses. For those of us that study the heavens, there seems to be an association with astrology and planetary influence.

I know the soul thing is perhaps quite strange for some of you but if you think outside the box it is not really not so strange. Even the horrifying tragedy of the on-air assassination of a young news anchor and her camera man could have been a soul decision and was contracted to play out this way long before these souls incarnated to this life. Most would say otherwise and that is fine. I am simply throwing out some other ideas for you to ponder if you so choose. After all, I have no idea of the belief systems of my audience. I would hope you are at least open minded, if not waking up or already awake. Should this idea grate against you, lets agree to accept each other and move on to this weeks forecast.

Saturn is showing his power these days. Some of the areas he shakes up are those of control. Donald Trump comes to mind here. He is all about controlling his world and he seems to want to control ours too. In the meantime, other candidates are fighting to gain control.

Saturn is also about fear, discipline and structure. No doubt this week struck fear in some hearts, not only with the shooting in Virginia but there was also a lot of fear around the financial affairs and the stock market this week. I truly believe this is only a preview of what is to come in the next few months and years ahead. Since I am not an expert and know little about such things I will leave this for those that do to pnder more deeply. I am sure my old friend Tim Bost of “Financial Cycles Weekly” would be able to help you if this is something that interests you or is an area you need consultation. Here is link to his page. http://www.timbost.com/

This week begins on the heels for a Full Moon in Pisces. The Moon was opposing Jupiter and conjunct Neptune Saturday night. Since Neptune is in his home sign, this amps up the influence quotient. Another bug in the salad is Saturn’s square to Jupiter. This could cause some water issues some where, not saying it will affect the US but we could see something big around water this next week.

This was also a Super Moon which is said to bring large shifts in our consciousness. Jupiter makes this combination expansive, or bigger and perhaps stronger. The Moon conjunct Neptune is idealistic and compassionate. Are you feeling the humanitarian call? I would not be surprised if some of you are feeling more intuitive or psychic as well. This Full Moon energy is triggering all things mystical, spiritual, and dealing with faith.

I attended a memorial service yesterday. I saw old friends and acquaintances I had not seen months, years, even decades. We took the winding path down memory lane, swapped stories, laughed, and cried over the past. I saw two friends I had not seen in over 40 years. Thanks to Facebook, one of them found me a while back and we have been in touch ever since. Seeing them in person was far better than any cyber chat. The weather was perfect and it was a beautiful day to be in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina. I wish I could have made it to the other two memorials this weekend.

Now that we have celebrated lives, old friends, yesterday’s Full Moon calls us to complete the things we began with the last New Moon. The energy this week will be a lot like last week as several aspects from last week are still in effect. One of them is the perfection of the Sun’s opposition to Neptune on Monday. Our senses are more sensitive and our intuition is more intuitive. But….there is always an “but” isn’t there. But…….the shadow side is confusion, misunderstandings, and prospects that don’t quite live up to what we expected. You could also have difficulty knowing what is real and what isn’t.

The good news is, this aspect is gone pretty much by mid week. Try to stay grounded, ( a challenge for me) and avoid making big decisions. I know this isn’t Mercury retrograde but it’s close. Being logical and direct could also be a challenge early in the week.

Venus and Mars meet up beginning today and perfect on Tuesday. This is the second time this year and this time Venus and Mars have met this year. They will meet one more time on November 3, 2015. This conjunction causes Venus to be less interested in romance and more interested in herself. If folks projection an “it’s all about me” attitude, there is probably a trigger for Venus in their natal chart. Take a deep breath and do your best not to get sucked into anything negative.

This trans it creates some sexy energy in the most passionate, expressive and spirited way. You may feel a strong pull toward some creative endeavor, while social dealings could be demanding or intense. These things are expressions of balancing our inner male and female energies. Can not expect other wise from these two planets when you consider how they each represent the Yin and Yang energies.

This combo can be rather competitive but can also lead teamwork to successful ends. Expressing our needs and desires will likely be quite productive. There is one big caution however. Spending and impulse buying can get out of hand quickly. It might be best to stop and think about a purchase or just to wait and while before buying. For some of us, this will be a real challenge.

This is good time for making connections. Especially those that lead to relationships that are personally beneficial. Look for Venus in the morning sky. She is assisting us toward our individual satisfaction and fulfillment. Don’t forget that when we speak of relationships, we are not just talking about our love life. Relationships include our parents, siblings, extended family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and the people we come in contact with while going about our lives, shopping, and traveling.

Relationships can be long term or as short as a few minutes. So, be sure you are not limiting your vision or understanding. Think about the little kid that catches your eye and warms your heart while you are in a check out line. Your relationship with that child was not what we think of as a relationship, but for those brief few moments, it was the only one in your life and it touched you deeply or perhaps it repelled you.

Relationships, no matter how long they last always involve some form of heart and soul connection, even if the connection is not always a positive one for us. Those relationships that prove to be negative, are probably only negative because of some past experience in our lives that causes us to react that way. We are responsible for how we react to people and things around us and relationships are no different.

I think I should talk more about Venus this week. Besides Saturn, Venus seems to be one of major influences for us at this point in time. As some readers may know, Venus is the oldest know deity in the world. She as worshiped as Ishtar, a fertility goddess in ancient Sumeria. She personifies all things Yin. Along with fertility, she is nature, beauty, love and or course, relationships. Venus is the magnet that draws to you all the elements you to evolve as a human.

Venus rules Taurus and in her inner way of expression, she shows us what we need to survive, what has meaning, and what has value. Venus is our central relationship. The one we have with ourselves. She is our self-worth. Do we love ourselves or not? What about ourselves do we love and what do we want to change. I have had several conversations along these lines in the past week so I know these are things on the minds of many more. The cosmos is trying to help you grow and change your views and understanding. Are you going with the flow? Or are you fighting the current? Keep in mind your struggles are part of your karmic needs. Venus is helping us bring in what we need to grow and evolve.

Venus’s outer expression is as the ruler of Libra. This expression project outward to our relationships with everyone else. This is where we see ourselves reflected in others. How scary is that? Certainly some of us are less able to see this and take advantage of it than others. Even when we can’t see and use the tools and lessons brought to us, the Universe is forever working to assist us in what ever way we need, even if we need a 2×4 over the head.

Venus will be stationing to turn direct on Thursday. If you have been feeling these last six weeks, things should be easing up for you soon. Hang in there, ride this last bit of wave and lean all it has to offer you.

Wednesday, Jupiter is semi-square Uranus. Agreeing with others might be difficult and we could feel a bit more restless than usual. Uranus wants us to change. As I have tried to express before, if we don’t change and evolve, we will be forced to change. Jupiter wants everything to grow and be bigger. Use caution and don’t take risks for the sake of freedom. This might well end in a foolish mistake.

Travel is not advised and neither is speculation of finances. This energy is best used to open ourselves to new ways of thinking. Just don’t avoid your responsibilities and the things that really matter.

One last thing…..if you feel tired, rest, nap or sleep a while. Some of this energy is taking a lot out of us. The Universe is sending us a new wave later this month and this can make folks feel tired. It is all good, just be sure to rest when you need to. I hear some folks are now needing as much as 11-12 hrs of sleep. Sounds crazy but it is true. Take care and I wish you are great week ahead!