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august-005The more familiar I become with the planets, I begin to see how the energy of the cosmos plays out in my daily life and how others act from various planets or signs. I am years from being well versed in any of this however and am steady on the path of learning more each week.

For those that are interested in learning more themselves and also have an Android phone, I invite you to check out the “AstroTab Pro” app. This shows you the aspects for each day. It does not include asteroids but it will show aspects to the mid-heaven and ascendant which is pretty cool.


This week is looking up and begins with a sign change for the Sun. The week will end with a dream inspiring Full Moon. Couple this with a week of temperatures mostly in the mid 80’s and I am a happy camper as long as the humidity is below 65%.

The Sun’s move to Virgo bring quite a different energy that Leo brought us. Are you beginning to feel a need to re-evaluate your exercise routine or diet? Do you need or want to make changes in these areas or in the way you organize things? Are you feeling more drawn to the details of life or improving communications in some way? If you have been feeling the need to help out someplace, to volunteer somewhere, there is no time like the present. Especially when the Sun is present in Virgo.virgobg

I recently signed up for a new volunteer position. It is just short term but it ties in with these energies. We will hit on this energy again come the end of November when the Sun moves to Sagittarius. Please don’t let the sun signs or the energies dictate your helping others. Please make this a year round thing and incorporate helping others in your daily lives.

The Sun is also at its yearly conjunction with Jupiter. Jupiter wants to bring you good fortune. He can also expand negative energies too if we focus on the negative. Use this week to manifest what you want in your life. Thursday being the peak day to work on this. Don’t let Neptune’s opposition to this conjunction cause your focus to be fuzzy. It can certainly do this if you are not clear.

Mercury moves into Libra on Thursday. Hopefully this energy will lend some improvement to our communication skills and this could aid our manifestation if we use this energy to that advantage. It could also mess things up a bit if we use these energies negatively.

Mercury will be touring Libra for nearly three months. This long tour means a retrograde is near. Mercury stations to turn backward on September 17 and station direct on October 9, 2015. Future post will have more on this. It is sure to be a dynamic period. For now we need to discuss how Mercury in Libra will influence us in general. If you have some sort of negotiations brewing, get busy because Mercury enters its storm period or begins to slow down on September 9, 2015. Between now and then and after October 13, 2015, this will be an especially good time for both parties getting what they want in a legal settlement.

mercury in libraLibra will bring some balance, politeness, and good manners to our communications. She will even help the retrograde Mercury be fair. Mom would be proud. Libra has lots of charm and the ability to see both sides of things. Mercury is smart and calculating. This makes this transit a good time for negotiations, that is a long as Mercury is direct. If you have started proceedings before 9/9/2015, you have nothing to fear.

Venus is still in Leo. We have another six weeks or so of this bigger than life love energy. Be careful not to get too upset if others don’t give you the adoration and attention you feel you deserve. Be aware that they are probably seeking the same attention you are. This is definitely one of those times when giving is receiving. Take care not to become too extravagant or do things simply to see a reaction. You might not like what you get in return.

Mars in Leo will be conjunct Venus by weeks end. This add action to Venus. Some of us will be actively seeking our Venus spotlight more than others. Boundaries have come up in many of my conversations in recent weeks. The end of this week might be one of those times I might want to be sure I have good boundaries with those around me. Particularly those whose Venus and Mars are being triggered by this aspect.

Saturn is direct and in the last degrees of Scorpio. This is a powerful placement for this planet. Saturn is asking us to tidy things up and clean out our closets. You may have noticed some closets being cleaned out in the news stories of late. Who knows what will come to the light before this energy is past us. We are sure to feel the effects of this well into the next year.

downloadSaturn in Scorpio can cause some of us to feel quite depressed too. It is after all somewhat of a gloom and doom energy. But take heart and keep your eye on the prize. It is not all about you. It is about the evolution of humanity and you are but one part of that. So get your head out of the dark place and into the light so you to can transform, awaken and evolve. It is all about learning to love what is. Easier said than done I know. Consult a life coach or intuitive energy worker for help. How this transit affects you, all depends on how it hits your chart.

Our old buddy Uranus, the planet of quick change is urging us to start anew. Sometimes starting over is not exactly what we had in mind. I bet Josh Duggar is wishing he didn’t have to. Seems there is a deep pile of rubble he is digging out of. I certainly don’t mean to pick on him. He is not alone in the trenches of deep change. There are many others. Let us not pick on any of them. I just wanted to point out this energy so you can begin to notice how it plays out in the news for yourself.

Change is The entire world seems to be in the midst of change. The fact we have some many presidential candidates is a stellar indication of a strong desire for change to me. There are rumblings of much change here and there around the globe and in every aspect of our lives. I am reading more and more about changes in global currency, talk of war here and there, and that is just two of many rumblings.

There is really more going on than any one person can think about. So don’t get bogged down in it all. You will go nuts if you do. If the 6 o’clock or 10 O’clock news leaves you empty maybe it is time to find something else; hopefully something that lifts you up. I ditched network TV about 5 yrs ago and have not looked back. Now I choose what I watch and choose the news I listen to. I have found this, along with astrology,
helps me stay in a place of joy and peace. We can’t evlove if we are in a place of fear.

Change is going to happen whether we like it or not. Finding ways to accept and embrace is can be difficult. Those of us that realize humanity is evolving, raising its vibrations, and waking up to long hidden truths, are perhaps more open to embracing the changes. None of it is easy especially when it comes to long held belief systems. Scriptures talk about weeping and gnashing of teeth. I think we are at the edge of great change and change was what this phrase may have been referring to. Change is just that hard.

This week ends with a Full Moon in Pisces. Take us to dream land Pisces so we can dream big dreams. The Full Moon also denotes endings and bringing the projects we started two weeks earlier to a close. Jupiter conjunct the Sun on this one is expanding this energy and increasing our luck and abundance. Don’t let this one pass you by. This is a moon and a week where dreams just might come true.

I wish you all a wonderful week. Public school begins tomorrow here. Colleges began classes this past week. Plan ahead and give yourself extra time for the additional pedestrians and school buses in the road. I wish everyone a happy first week of school here and be safe no matter where you live.