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RIP my friend.

Happy New Moon weekend! The last Moon cycle was a dilly. It began with good friends, old friends and new friends and ended with the transition of three people from my past. Rough spots for relationships have been numerous from what I am reading in social media. However, I am happy to say that after an emotional week of sad news, my week ended with a new beginning befitting the New Moon. I was honored to officiate a beautiful wedding yesterday. Love shines in the eyes of these two people like the brightest star in the sky. And when they kissed, well, I have never witnessed such tender, loving kisses in my life! Congratulations to Seth and Amy and the beautiful blended family you have created.

We all know Venus is the planet of love and values. And the past few weeks I have been talking about Venus retrograde. Planets never really go backwards. It just seems that way from our perspective here on earth. This appearance is due to the difference in the speed the earth rotates around the Sun and the speed of the other planets.

Most of us are very familiar with Mercury’s retrograde period and that it happens about three times a year. When Mercury is retrograde it is a time to slow down and reflect and review things. Since Mercury rules communication and travel this is also a time known for computer break-downs and travel hick-ups.

Venus does not orbit the Sun as fast as Mercury and there fore retrogrades less frequently or about once every 18 months. This year she is retrograde from July 25 – September 6, 2015. You can learn a lot by knowing where this retrograde Venus falls in your natal chart. Where was Venus in your chart when she stationed to retrograde? What does this mean to you?

For me, Venus was stationary retrograde at 0 degrees 46 seconds Virgo. This is almost directly on the cusp of Leo in my tenth house. The tenth house is work, reputation, the public’s view of you and your place in society. Venus retrograde in the 10th house often leads us to re-evaluate your reputation and its value, as well as what you want from life or don’t want. This is exactly where I have been in the past few weeks but did not associate this with Venus until today when I was researching for this blog. This past week I chalked it all up to the deaths of three different people, I knew a long time ago. And while that may have contributed to this review, I actually began my re-evaluation a few weeks before this.

If you are like me and often don’t know where to begin, try looking at what you don’t want. Be clear about it and this will help you build a clear vision of what you do want. This is often easier said than done but if you don’t begin someplace you stay in the same place. If you are happy in the same place, fine. If not, then you have to take action and this is what Venus is trying to help us do. You might discover that what you thought you wanted wasn’t really what you wanted after all. Here is short video that illustrates Venus retrograde. I think you will like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=49&v=aunrJ5CXVMw

It is also important to remember that Venus retrograde is also a time when past relationships seem to pop up more often. Some relationships come to an end also. This is not the best time to redecorate or make any big changes in your home or your appearance either. Use this time to review your wants and goals. There will be plenty of time to update the house or the wardrobe after the first week of September and that will be here before you know it. You will want to keep an eye on your finances until then too.

Speaking of changes, are you noticing how things are changing around us? Your own attitudes and beliefs might be changing too. Thank the Uranus/Pluto square and Saturn in Scorpio for initiating this shift over the past few years. I also find it interesting that the Republican party has so many candidates running for President. While many will disagree with me, I feel like this is a mirror of how fragmented the GOP has become. With all the planetary energy of restructuring, tearing down, and rebuilding, I wonder if this is not the beginning of the end of the GOP as we know it or perhaps the beginning of a third party. Time will tell won’t it?

Moving on, this week should have less bumps than last week. That is until the end of the week when the Sun in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio. Work could come to a dead stop. Saturn is known to cause delays. These delays are not a cosmic “no”, they are educational and meant to teach us something we need to know. So next Friday, stop and notice what the delays are trying to teach you. The Universe is always trying to help us grow, evolve and transform.

Jupiter is opposing Neptune all week. This could cause some hick-ups in our creativity but since we are dealing with a Jupiter opposition, they probably won’t be too difficult. We might also see something happening in the area of spirituality too. Manifesting could come to a halt or at least slow down. As always, how a planet’s energy affects you has more to do with it’s transit through your chart than anything you might read here.

change_your_life_todayChange. Don’t you love that word or love to hate it?  Regardless of how you feel about it, change seems to always be part of the conversation no matter what the topic is. This will be the last week of the Sun in Leo and change is in the air. This week you will probably begin noticing a shift in your attitude as we move from the dramatic spotlight to wanting to help others. You may also notice you are becoming more aware of your health, diet, pets, and gain a more logical approach to work. I am feeling this energy already, partly due to the Virgo Moon in my natal chart.

One last point about the coming week, occurs on Wednesday, when Venus trines Uranus. Our fear of risk taking wains as we reach out toward romantic and financial involvement that is out of the norm and possibly exceptional. Commitment is not part of this equation however. Remember, Uranus loves his freedom and spontaneity. With the energy of Venus combined with his, mid week will be a time for socializing. Temps in my area are expected to be nice although there is rain in the forecast at present. So get outside if you can or at least get together with friends.

If you happen to come across a financial project in the area of the arts or group activities, philosophy, metaphysics, technology, or the internet, these things could be worth a second look. What ever you do, enjoy yourself!

Until next week my friends……………