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Hope you had a good week last week and possibly renewed an old friendship or two. I sure did. Made a few good new friends and heard some good music too! But the week ended on a sad note when I learned that late yesterday, an old friend made his transition from this life. He will be greatly missed.

This week in the Cosmos, begins with Saturn square a cluster of three planets at the cusp of Leo and Virgo. These three are Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Saturn is still in Scorpio and calling for us to bring to look deep and bring to a close the things that no longer works for us. Scorpio love to dig up what we’ve hidden away and bring it to the light for examination. Scorpio drives us to get at the truth, whatever that is, like it or not. Scorpio doesn’t care if we can deal with it either. He is out to expose our skeletons, strip us naked and lay us down in the cold, hard truth. You might notice how secrets are coming to the light for many celebrities and figure heads in the news.

Saturn energy is not any more warm and fuzzy either. The planet turned direct last week and is moving full steam ahead. Strap in, for he is sure to take you for a wild spin.

Saturn is rules and regulations, boundaries and resistance to change. He is our father saying “NO.” He pulls the breaks on to keep us from making a fool of ourselves and is our fear of failure. Saturn is disciplined, sure, patient, long-suffering, and responsible.

This difficult, square aspect is hitting testing us to see how much we have learned over the past couple of years when Saturn was transiting Scorpio. This final pass through is our last chance to tie up and loose ends, dig out the last of the bones and move on with a better life.
Squaring Jupiter, Mercury and Venus, is putting the spotlight on our soul worth, finances, love, partnerships, and all our structures of power. This is some really heavy stuff.

Monday the square aspect is beginning to wain between Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter. However it is still strong between Saturn and Venus. The Sun also moves into square aspect with Saturn. This really brings things home, to our very core self. Facing ourselves is never fun but it has to be done if we are to evolve. As much I try to do things on my own, I might need to reach out for help. We all need to realize the only way we will ever live the life we were meant to is by facing out Saturn to allow change, and working with out Scorpio to clear the past.

make-up-1k87l0xThe summer has been full of retrogrades. Venus is one of four currently retrograde planets. This is not the best time for a make-over, cosmetic surgery, new wardrobe, renovations, or anything along these lines. Social events are likely to take a few twists and turns too. Just breath and let it all go.

As I mentioned last week, Venus retrograde often brings past relationships and partnerships into our lives and cause conflict or complications in current relationships. This energy also ends some of them. I would not be surprised if the current Saturn energy is not aiding some of these past relationships to be ended once and for all.

Don’t forget the Lady Venus is in Leo and therefore demands attention. Not getting what she wants will cause problems. Be careful that you are not being too not to become overbearing with others. Many of us are having trouble expressing ourselves spontaneously and with natural ease. Watch your spending and you ego so neither of these get out of hand either.

Mercury has just moved into Virgo, one of his home signs. This balanced some of the other energy I will talk about in a bit. Mercury will transit Virgo through August 27. During this time our communications, thoughts, and conversations will be more precise, organized, and we feel more determined to think things through.

The shadow side is that we can loose perspective if we allow ourselves to become too focused on details. The tendency to criticize can cause problems. Being critical, dry, and uncreative can cause some folks to loose their appeal. Be aware of when you are being too factual and boring. I think most of my friends have seen these characteristics in me from time to time.

Mercury will be opposed to Neptune this week. This aspect will lend some difficulty to our concentration. Those of us that are already ADD might  notice this accentuated this week. Some of will want to stretch the truth a bit so watch out for this in yourself and others. The truth is always best. The up side is that our thoughts will be more intutive, creative and our imagination could soar.

Another caution is to not give up on anything  this week. Projects often leave us wondering if they are worth the effort. While you communication style may seem to take a usual course and seem dosjointed to some, don’t give up or give in to defeat. This energy will pass and you will more clear headed soon. Hopfully some of the other aspects this week will cancel out this energy altogether but opposition energy is some of the strongest. So don’t be surprised is you seem to be in a fog when it come to communications or any sort.

Mars is in Leo. The warrior is full of Leo pride and confidence. Going after what we 6a0133f538e9e4970b0192acc657e4970d-500wiwant is done directly and we most often expect dramatic results too. Details are not bothersome right now and taking that path of least resistance is optimal. Passion for life is strong as is our sex drive. Oooo la la!

Mars is proud, self-confident, and grand. We are spirited and have grand goals. We go after what we want in a direct, self-assured manner, desiring dramatic results. We prefer not to worry about details, and take the least complicated route to our goals. The sex drive is strong, and passion for life is high.

I mentioned in the past that while the Uranus/Pluto square is long past perfect, the energy is still very much with us. Both planets are also retrograde. This week Uranus is actually in a good aspect with a few planets. This won’t perfect until Friday the 14th but some might begin feeling it as early as today. Don’t forget that Uranus us retrograde so this cuts his energy somewhat.

Uranus trines the Sun, Moon and Venus this Friday. We might notice some of our thoughts and actions take on a more original and unique approach to love and life. Expect inventive changes and creative discoveries. Uranus is all about coming up with new ways of doing things and with this trine triggering the Sun, moon and Venus, it is getting right at the heart of who we are. This could be a pivotal week and weekend for those of us who’s charts are also triggered by this. Taking advantage of the unusual events or opportunities life brings our way may be also bring the greatest reward to our life. Open the door when it knocks.

The last thing I want to talk about is the New Moon coming on Friday. New Moon means a new cycle, new time to set new goals. This time it’s about all things Leo. The Cancer cycle has ended.

With this new Leo cycle, focus on romance, creativity, and the children in your life. Think about being proud, generous, caring, strong, authoritative, hospitable, active, and open. Our lives will benefit if we allow this Leo energy to make changes that need to be made.

I wish you all a good week ahead. May all your dreams come true! Till next week, keep looking up. And don’t forget the meteor shower that peaks early in the week.