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Mars in Leo

The Sun moved into Leo last Wednesday and our mood takes on a sense of pride and individuality with this sign. Leo people are outgoing, fun and a friendly bunch. They love a good time, can be rather dramatic, very much the individual, and love to be seen; be in the spotlight. Sun in Leo is giving and grandiose. The shadow side of Leo is conceited and egotistic. Exercise caution so you don’t cause friction with those around you.

The Sun will also be square to Uranus this week. Oh my! Expect the unexpected. Expect plans and routines to not go as planned. Go with the flow and be flexible as much as possible. Don’t push things they way you think they should go because they will surely rebel. When things go aery, this allows for change or a new approach to things. Go with the flow folks. I know how we all love to resist change but it can be a good thing. Besides, going with the flow is part of what our human evolution and awakening is all about. At the same time, you won’t want to make any hasty decisions either. Especially when it comes to a major one. Take time to think things through as best you can.

Mercury is in his second of three weeks in Leo. We more absorb info on deeper pane with this transit. Our attraction to universal interests falls to the side as we take on more interest in what personally affects us and those around us. Being objective can be difficult and our emotions can get in the way of thinking clearly.

Venus turned retrograde yesterday, July25. Her short stay in earthy Virgo will end 20150629_211107-cropfor a bit ans she will return to fiery Leo for a couple of months. She will also be moving out of the evening sky where she recently put on a spectacular show with Jupiter.  By mid August, she will move into a conjunction with the Sun. The next couple of weeks, with the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter all in Leo, and Venus retrograding back into Leo, should be very interesting. We will be dealing with the ego, communications, self expression (Leo energy could make this really interesting and dramatic), growth, and abundance.

Mars is still transiting Cancer but is also square Uranus. This is a real frustrating and antsy aspect.
Cancer is puling us close to home but Uranus wants to be free. Home is comfy and where we want to be but Uranus and Mars want no part of being tied down. Mars is almost amplifying the individuality of Uranus with this transit. This can cause some of us to be more ill-natured and hard to please than we normally might. The good news is that Uranus us retrograde and this calms him down somewhat. For those of us who have Uranus retrograde in our charts, this might cause us to me even more rebellious, or not. The retrograde action in this case can serve to calm things down a bit and curb our impulsive actions and risk taking. As always, it all depends on how these aspects are triggering your natal chart.

The end of the week bring us two big cosmic events. The Full Moon and Saturn turning direct in Scorpio and headed back to Sagittarius by mid September.

The Full Moon is a time to begin to wind things up and finish what we started with the New Moon. This one is going to be in Aquarius opposing the Leo Sun. This will pull at our desires to be individuals and shine a light on the conflict between the individual and the team as well as what already exists in our lives. This will also be a good time for relationships and romance.

Saturn turning direct will be signal we need go ahead with those plans for the future that have been on hold since last March when Saturn turned retrograde. This intensely powerful energy combo is not yet finished with its work of creating change. But this will be last time Saturn will transit Scorpio for a generation. Lets not forget that the most powerful degrees of a sign are the end degree.

Expect the next six weeks or so to be full of amazing and probably some difficult changes. Many are expecting something big to happen about the time Saturn re-enters Sagittarius. If you have been following this blog all year, you know that many astrologers are expecting something big to take place with our economy and financial systems. It would seem are the days when we felt secure with the way things were, are quickly giving way to uncertainty.

Don’t forget to respect others are you would have them respect you.

Be kind  and spread good stuff everyday.