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It has been awhile since I posted. This week I greceived a message from a high school friend asking me if I had blocked him from my blog. I got caught up in all my research and became overwhelmed so I had to let it all go for a few weeks. I still want to finish what I started so here goes…………

Pull in more…sense something big is coming. “I sure feel it. Can you? Some say something big is coming in September. Some say it will take ten years for this to unfold fully. Tonight the image of a flower blooming in slow motion, then a baby being born in slow motion came to mind. I think what we are seeing now is just the beginning.
Geological changes…Jupiter in Virgo, and earth sign, ruled by Mercury. Think about Mercury for a minute. Mercury is a solid but it is also a liquid too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31CE2BYicyU
This energy could lead to geographical changes. If fact we have already seen some of these effects in recent months. There have been numerous earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and flooding. I would expect more in the coming months. Last week we were told to expect earthquakes in California or along the west coast to occur at anytime.
In the the last astrology post, I spoke about Pluto opposing the Sun.….Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and brought us a big shift in energy. Right after, the government bought America’s automotive and real estate industries. This was also the first time since the birth of United States that Pluto was in the same sign it was when we fist became a country. Pluto is currently retrograde and has been opposing both the natal Sun in the nation’s chart and the transiting sun of July, 2015. I don’t think I need to remind you that oppositions are very difficult aspects. They conflict and pull at each other.
Pluto, discovered in 1930 and is our outermost planet. Although he is a very small, and classified as a dwarf, he is quite powerful and can really come at us hard. Pluto energy is all about transformation; usually through destruction. But he loves to create, regenerate and rebuild too. Pluto brings changes that while unpleasant, usually make us better.
Would you be surprised if I told you Pluto rules the reproductive system? He also rules death, the under world, terrorism,atomic power, authoritarianism, compulsion, kidnapping, viruses, waste, and almost anything you can think of that is hidden, secret or undercover. This is very intense planet.
Pluto’s attention is mainly on the collective. But he also hits us personally and asks us to go into the deepest parts of ourselves, the closets of our mind and soul, and see what is there. Pluto could care less what you find but does want you to face it and get rid of the skeletons and other things you will never use. He is opening the door for some good clearing and cleaning, none of which is pretty or easy.
Every outer planet except Jupiter is retrograde in July……retrograde energy is typically one of reflection and looking back in BIG ways. I like to describe this as “do-over” energy……in the case of the outer planets, we are looking at institutions of governance, finance, spiritual, even scientific and educational institutions. .

Neptune in Pisces …religion but not the orthodox variety….mystical part…..where it the meaning to life

Pluto in Capricorn…..is representing our banking institutions and government. It is no secret that many of us question these institutions, how they operate on our behalf , and how they relate to each other. We sure are seeing this in many areas of our lives. Not to mention banking issues. Don’t think for a moment that what happened in Greece was an isolated incident.

This energy also deals with what the state is responsible for and what the government is responsible for. How many states have tried to over turn the marriage equality laws? In my state, one of our local representatives decided my city council needed some change. She proposed a law at the state level to cause this change without putting this to a vote before the people. Let’s not forget how the lines of separation between church and state seem to becoming thinner.

Uranus is rebellion, quick change, weather, freedom, individuality. Aries is action, athletics, war, and combat. People seem to looking for new ways to express themselves. Those that have been part of groups may be looking to become more solitary and those that have been loners may be feeling a push to find like minded folks to be involved with and be less of an individual.

Saturn in Scorpio is also about money. Scorpio is about other people’s money,debt, financial institutions and taxes. Student loans seem to be and a volatile issue and an area coming into focus even more so in the future. Saturn deals with structures. Sagittarius deals with higher education. We are hearing more and more about how student loan issues. Perhaps there will be more defaulting on their loans? Certainly many states, nearly half in fact, have taken some steps to force payback by making those who default ineligible for a drivers license.


Venus will also be going retrograde in Virgo toward the end of July. She will also be conjunct the royal star, Regulus. This could bring gay marriage back into the limelight. This conjunction deals with traditional marriage and all the ideas we have held for centuries. Venus retrograde in Leo is sure to turn up the drama level. I can hardly wait to see where this plays out. The 2016 presidential race for the nomination has so far been full of drama. What do you think will happen next?

Venus is about relationships, marriage, love, beauty, abundance and beauty. Venus will be at zero degree Virgo when she stations. A week later she is back into Leo. Remember that we redo and revisit things when planets are retrograde. Since we dealt with relationships in the recent Supreme Court ruling, my guess is that there could some sort of revision in this area or in relationships in general. Certainly those that oppose gay marriage have not had their full say as yet.

The flip side of this could be that people will become more interested in bettering their relationships in general and seeking new relationships with like minds. Can I get an Amen? More attention could be placed on who we are with and why rather than the idea of romance. It is time to be done with messy, unfulfilling relationships. Our fairytale notions around romance give way to more pratical thinking about why we are with a person.

Venus also speaks to our homes, the places we live. Lots of you might feel the need to spruce things up around the house, or clean and clear. Pluto’s influence can help us with change and when it comes to the home, that is often a good thing. Venus might also have some of us looking at the value of home. Do we want to sell or buy. Could a move be in your future, either by choice or force?

One place our relationships are also changing in the work force. I have watched as friend after friend has been let go, fired or asked to retire earlier than they ever thought they would. I have been unable to find full-time employment for over ten years. Technology has changed the landscape of the workforce without question and the middle class is vanishing at the same time. People who have never struggled, are finding themselves asking for help, are now working low paying jobs, and losing their homes.

Our youth are joining the armed forces because they see no other way to support themselves, get and education or job training. Latino immigrants are blamed for taking our jobs but ask a white or even a black guy in his 20’s if he will work a labor job such as landscaping or roofing for $8 an hour. Of course he won’t but the immigrant will and so he gets the job. There is more debt, depression and illness among this changing workforce and the downward spiral it creates seems to be growing faster than a new puppy. I have heard that we will lose about 6000 retail stores before the end of 2017.

Yes….the work landscape has changed and will change even more as technology changes.

The astrological counter parts of this change is Leo, the sign of royalty and Virgo, the sign of service industry. Venus retrograding back in Leo is going to place focus on our relevance, where we fit in the world now that our place in it and our roles are changing. This is going to have real impact on how we chose to spend our time and our money.

The long, hot summer of 2015 is not over yet. We have been through a water/fire dance for the past month. Now we are going deeper into the fire with the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Leo and Venus retrograding back into Leo. The 4th of July fireworks might not hold a candle to what we will see in the coming week with all this Leo fire and drama.

This post barely scratches the surface of what is going on. If you have read the last two posts on this blog, both reposts, you have gained some insight into the vibrational shift that is taking place. Add the astrological energy to it and can see how they seem to parallel, stimulate and compliment each other. Both are directing us toward big changes, inside and out. We are going to experince a personal evolution as we shift and ascend to a higher dimension and greater consciousness. Hang on for the wild ride ahead. But don’t hold on too tight. You will need lots of wiggle room to allow for adaptation.