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The more I look into the rest of the summer, the more I see that we are in the midst of great changes. I used to think about all the changes my grandmother saw in her lifetime. She was born in 1903 and died with her mind still in tack, in 1999. Now I look at what my mother has seen in her lifetime, or even me, and the changes are astonishing in comparison to generations prior to the 20th century. There is little doubt that the last half of June brought us historic changes and events.

Now, here we are in early July. I have heard astrologers talk about July being a big month and although I don’t totally understand them, have been looking into some of the coming aspects for myself. One does not need astrologers to feel like the world and most of it’s inhabitants have taken leave of their senses. My need to disconnect from the outside and spend more time away from the world, is becoming more frequent. At the same time, I remind myself that I chose to come here this time and life is an illusion. I am only visiting here. I am here to learn love and so my soul can learn what is needs to learn. My focus needs to be on love and joy, the real attributes we need to live by in order to move into the fifth dimension.

The Fourth of July is just past now, and many from the government to psychics were/are predicting something big happening in the country on or about that day. Astrologically, there are indeed some interesting aspects around that day and in fact, the rest of July. But as many who study astrology know, energy can take a while to be felt in some cases, and in others, leave a ripping affect.

I am looking at the chart for the country too. There are some interesting aspects and a fist full or outer planet retrogrades. The outer planets currently retrograde are Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto with Uranus joining them the last week of July. This means the only outer planet that is direct, is Jupiter.

I have mentioned Saturn as being a big player this summer but this is only one piece of the puzzle. Doubtless we could take much of this information from astrologers and others, and view it as apocalyptic gloom and doom, a warning to prepare for the worst. Whether or not this is indeed truth, I prefer to see this in terms of human species growth. Growth that will take place on both our personal and collective levels.

We have been moving toward this point for a long time. The Universe has been preparing us for these changes. Over the past five to six years there have been two categories most of us fall into. The monastic and the martyr. The monastics choose to worry more about family and assets. The martyrs are all about doing something for the cause of humanity. Either way, we have become addicted to fear and that is part of the game the cabal are playing with us.

Scientists have discovered that the same part of our brain that is stimulated by pornography, is stimulated in the same way by fear of chem-trails, Ebola, terrorist attacks, or the wrath of G*d. The stimulus or information that causes this reactions in the brain, is known as “fear porn”. This is why I stick with astrology. This is a science that to me, has proven the test of time.

However, I am not the only one pulling away. People seem to tiring of all the fear porn and the negative feelings it brings with it. More folks are giving up TV, network news, spending less time on social media, politics and religion. While I would love to make some comments about the current events and news, I will stick to astrology.

So here we are on July 5th, 2015. We began the month with Pluto opposing Mars and the Sun. This is a powerful aspect in any type of chart and this energy will continue through the 13th of July. So hang in there cause this is a difficult combo.

Pluto opposing Mars shows us extremes in both our actions and experiences. Folks with this aspect in their natal chart could have more crises in their lives than those that don’t. This is also an aspect that warns of of violence, abuse, and a great need for self control and avoiding compulsive behaviors.

This energy can bring about an attraction to intense opposition, provocation, and the natural warrior in us. This can be a volatile energy. Especially when there is a strong need or desire to be in control. A quick look at the news and we can see this scenario playing out in many places, with many people.

On the flip side, our desire to find answers is heightened and we find we are doing more research, analyzing things in our lives and in our world. this aspect is quite loyal and quick to the defend of those it holds near and dear to the heart. We are seeing this play out now in a multitude of ways. One of them is the passion with which people are expressing their feelings about the recent in and around the country. A precious few have set the bar high and shown real love to others. I wish for more examples of love over hate in the future.

Pluto opposing the Sun can lead us to put pressure on ourselves. You might feel like your accomplishments fell short of the mark or you didn’t meet your goals as well as you hoped I can tell you, this is one aspect I can relate to well. Let your perception of mistakes go. Enjoy and allow the creative process. Don’t hide your work talents or challenges. Let them out to explore. Don’t allow your perceived need to control yourself or your life, limit you. Remember you are being influenced by an energy force and this too will end, unless this is also an aspect of your natal chart. In that case you need to find ways to allow yourself to express your creativity.

You might also feel more sensitive to criticism under this aspect. You could feel inadequate o dissatisfied with yourself. Keep in mind, we are often our own worst critics. I know I am. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are here to learn so chill out and go with the flow. If you experienced a childhood trauma, this would be a good time to go deep and take a look into that to free yourself from its affects. You could fear being taken off guard. Trying to control your life is usually the way we deal with this and it seldom works. There is a lot to be said for allowing life to happen and not be so attached to the outcome.

This aspect between Pluto and the Sun can also cause us to feel the need to pull inward. My friends and I call this “turtling.” For us this is not so much a defense mechanism as it is a protective one. We also use this when we are not sure, or don’t like how we are presenting ourselves to others.
To make this an even more interesting month, Mercury will join in this opposition just as the Sun is leaving. There will an over lap of a few days next weekend and early into the following week. Mercury opposing Pluto is another deep aspect. You might feel a need to for answers and the only to way to find them are by going deep. Leave it to Pluto to take us to underworld, to the depths of our psyche. You can be sure that if there are things that need to burned away, Mercury will help Pluto clean house. This is not to be feared however. Rather embrace and enjoy the transformation. It is time for the ego to let go.
The shadow side of this aspect concerns how we deal with others as much as ourselves. You likely have more than one strong opinion. This aspect can lead us to attempt to impose our opinions on others with the hope of swaying them to our way of thinking. This is really being played out in our world now and I am sure as this opposition energy between Pluto and Mercury increases, we will be more and more folks resisting the changes that are inevitable.
So far all these aspects are taking place in earthy Capricorn and watery Cancer. What do you get when you mix earth and water? You get mud. Mercury and Mars both deal with forms of communication, action and defense. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and represents tradition, corporations, service, and rules the 10th house of work and social status. Expect issues around these areas to be highlighted in your life and in the world in the coming days and weeks.
I feel I need to remind you that although we are out of the exact aspect of Pluto Uranus squared, the influence is still with us for a long while to yet to come. The good news is that this week we have a nice trine between Uranus and Venus/Jupiter. This could add some spontaneity to our lives. Good ole Uranus loves to stir things up and does a good job of it as he expresses his love of freedom and individuality. Jupiter joins in to expand this influence. You might find some distinctive relationships develop with this aspect. The Jupiter Uranus trine will last almost all month long. The Venus Uranus trine will end this this Friday however.
One last big influence this week is Saturn squaring Venus and Jupiter. This is love and structure coming to blows. Can hardly wait to see what news this brings. I feel like there will be more about gay marriage rights and those that oppose it. Jupiter is sure to expand on this too.
Well, here I am nearly at the end of three pages and I still have not gotten through the summer yet. Neither have I finished the book on Saturn yet either. This is an example of how much I have wanted to turtle in. This past week was an amazing one for me however. I met two new dynamic people, learned about a new modality for helping people identify and clear blocks and had two friends come out as gay, sort of. One was a friends mother who “came out” as the proud mom of a gay man and the other was a young woman who came out to her mother. Unfortunately the latter experience was not as pleasant as one would hope, but she is greatly loved and fully supported by her wonderful father and many good friends both gay and straight. I am sure she will be fine once the sting wears off. If you are paying attention….you can see how some of these events echo the cosmic energies.
All the best to you and yours this week. If you are traveling, be safe. If you are on plan on visiting the beaches in my state, please be careful! Seven shark bites in two weeks is quite a lot. Some are saying the warmer water is bringing them here. They are also saying not to swim late in the day. Be safe what ever you do.