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UntitledHappy Father’s Day

Happy First Day of Summer

Let’s start off with some Music! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5bUmx-hk-c

Many of you felt the last Mercury retrograde deeply. Once he went direct things still seemed to be stuck in the mud because he was opposing Saturn. I am happy to say that these two are no longer opposed. We should feel like we are coming out of the mud this weeks and things should begin to move better. At least for a little while. We’ve got some squares to Saturn coming up about mid July, as well as some new oppositions.

This week begins with the Sun changing signs and moving into Cancer. This is the sign of home and security. This is where our mother lives and nurtures us. This is where our focus will be over the next four weeks. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon represents our emotions. Do not be surprised if you or those around you, especially the Cancerians, experience emotional swings during this transit. This will be felt more when our security or home is in question.

Mercury remains in Gemini for a little over two more weeks. Expect to feel more curious, social, and talkative. Deep introspection is not the forte’ of this transit. Instead, we are more interested in the skinny version of things. I know after the last Mercury retrograde you might not feel this but Mercury energy can be a really good thing when it comes to arguing our point.

Venus in Leo is generous with money and love. If you have Venus in Leo in your natal chart, you are probably never want the romance stage of a relationship to end. This is a transit with a lot of ego. The shadow side is that we can overstate things just to get a rise out of others. Being excessive and letting our desires for extravagance get the best of us can be problematic.

Mars is in his last days of Gemini this week. He leaves for Cancer on Wednesday. Again, the Moon has a lot to do with Cancer energy so our emotions will be swinging. Sometimes they will be up and sometimes down. Mars in Cancer is a bit more defensive and will do what it needs to do to protect the home and family. But, our actions will depend on the mood dejour.

There is also a harmonious fire trine between Jupiter and Uranus all week. This energy is excited about change, the future, and encourages diversity. Even the most rigid among us may feel a bit more like doing something totally out of character and go against the grain for a change. This some energy I can really latch on to. Especially is you throw in the invention and technology factor. I would not be surprised if we hear of some new scientific breakthroughs in the coming weeks.

At the end of the week there is a Grand Trine Kite forming in water. Neptune is one of the planets in this trine so I would not be surprised to see more flooding and news relating to water or water events this week or next. This will be a brief Grand Trine, only lasting a few hours.

I say briefly, because this involves the fast moving Moon which changes signs every two days. A Grand Trine is like a private conversation between three planets. The Kite part adds a strong opposing influence and strength to the conversation by adding an opposing planet to the mix. This opposition acts like a stabilizer or back bone to the conversation.

Grand trines can be difficult for the extroverts among us. This tight conversation between these three planets pulls them in and they might not be feeling as social as they usually do. Although this Grand trine will be brief, we all need some down time, even the most outgoing among us.

This Grand Trine brings up a good opportunity to talk about the Moon. This is one cosmic member that I have talked little about. This body moves fast and its influence changes every two days or so. However, its influence is strong and needs to be considered more often.

The Moon, as noted by its influence in Cancer, rules the collective, the masses, family structures and tribal instinct, leadership, politicians, and our leaders. The Moon has a strong magnetic pull as illustrated by the ocean’s tides. This same magnetic pull affects our emotions too. Don’t forget the human body is 67% water. Females typically have more water in their body’s than men,thus attributing the Moon with more female qualities.

The Moon holds a great deal of meaning in our charts. She is sensitive, spontaneous, imaginative, and shows us how we deal unconsciously with our emotions. She is all about our moods on a daily basis and often outside our control. What more could you expect from such a fast moving planet?

The Moon’s placement in our natal chart tells us almost as much about our personality as our Sun sign does. However its meaning changes as we age. When we are young, the Moon represents our relationship to our Mothers and our families. As we get older this changes to how we relate to those around us, and later to our female descendants, friends, or the public in general. In the male chart, the Moon represents the type of woman a man is attracted to. This does not however usually point to the “ideal” woman.

Learning about your Moon sign can be eye opening. If you don’t know where your Moon lies, I urge you to go to Astro.com and enter your info to get your chart. It only takes a couple of minutes. Then you can see where your moon is and Google that info to get more details.

For me, the Moon is in Virgo. I am very grateful for the balance and organization this placement offers my Aquarian Sun and my Scorpio Ascendant. I can cause me to be stand-offish around new people but once I get to know folks I am more open with my affections.

Lunar Virgos can lack self confidence and this has certainly been one of my issues throughout my life. If my parents had been astrologically informed perhaps they would have known my propensity to this and found good ways to better build my confidence. It might be beneficial to know your child’s chart or at least where the Moon and Ascendant lie.

I hope this information helps you navigate your week better and avoid problems or at least understand what might be causing a problem for you.

As always there is more to cover than I have time for. This is going to be a busy week for me and I am looking forward to all that I am able to accomplish. I hope your week is a full of accomplishments or what ever you desire it to be. Be safe!