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Yippee! You can breathe that sigh of relief now that Mercury is direct. I stationed and turned in the evening of this past Thursday. Unfortunately you may not notice as much relief as usual. Yes, there is sure to be a few things bloopers, blunders, bloopers, and blunders yet due to the continuing Mercury-Saturn opposition. But if your chart is ruled by Mercury or Mercury has a strong presence, you will feel the direct motion the most.

Mercury-Saturn opposition is still with us and won’t end until Monday, June 22, 2015. So if you have felt bogged down and like you were walking though mud during this last Mercury retrograde, and you aren’t feeling much better since he changed directions, you should notice change after June 22. Till then, relax, breathe and do your best to be present and in the moment and you will be just fine.

downloadSaturn has been retrograde in Sagittarius for a little while now. As of today, June 14, 2015, he is stepping back into Scorpio for one last time in this generation. This is a sort of last chance opportunity for change. I have not finished reading my new book on Saturn yet. I plan to work toward that end today and soon get back to you with a more in-dept report of what we can expect with this retrograde into Scorpio. We all resist change in large and small ways. Perhaps the knowledge I gain from this reading will be of some benefit. Many people are learning ways to allow change in their lives. I hope you are one of them. Change is good.

We have one or two more communication glitch coming this week. (There is always one isn’t there?)This will be late today, June 14, 2015, when the Moon and Mercury conjunct and again on Tuesday when the Moon conjuncts Mars. Monday look for more electronic or written glitches. Tuesday, watch out for pointed tongues. The good news is, the Moon moves fast and the first conjunction is near midnight.

The second one is in the afternoon EDT. You might want to watch what you say between 3 and 5 pm that day. Sticking to your plans should be a breeze, just don’t leap before you look. Those that will feel this energy the most are those with personal planets at 22-28 degrees of any of the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces.

The last bit of a glitch is Mercury square Neptune. This energy has been with us for the entire month of June so far and will continue till almost the very end of the month. This energy is mentally creative, intuitive, and imaginative. Art and creativity are like those shinny objects capturing our attention.

The shadow side is that we might sometimes stretch the truth under this influence. Planning ahead can be problematic too as we had rather roll with the day dream now, than be responsible and plan. Use the rest of the month to explore your creative side more if you haven’t already begun to. It really is like meditation.

Tuesday also brings us the New Moon in Gemini. Exact time is after 10AM EDT and ImageJ=1.43uof course varies according to where you are on the planet. For Greensboro, NC this will be at 10:24 am, or at least that it the calculation I get from my chart generator. Be sure to look out Monday or Tuesday night because the back side of the moon will be visible thanks to the Sun’s reflection on it.

Gemini will add double power to this New Moon and we just talked about how Mars will add his energy by way of a conjunction. This conjunction will indeed be easy and communications won’t suffer and prove to be rather copacetic in nature.

The New Moon is a time to begin anew, new ideas, new communications (just watch out for that time late in the afternoon), new projects. Now that Mercury is direct our new communications will be easier, especially after this week. Remember, the energy of the New Moon last for a while.

This next week will be the last the Sun’s transit through Gemini. I do hope you have enjoyed some of the wonderful social energy this has brought to the Earth. I know I have. It has been great fun to get reacquainted with old friends, make new ones and enjoy places I have not been before. In just one week we trade in all this social energy for a more nurturing energy. If you are planning to attend a Summer Solstice event, I hope you enjoy yourself. The weatherman is calling for high temps in the low 90’s. Be sure to stay hydrated and don’t get sunburned.

Speaking of being social,Venus loves to be out and about. She is currently touring Leo where her need to be admired is strong. She is also adding her creative style to the creativity in the cosmos. She may even be a on the wild, flirty side of things. This combo is all about kindness, color, fun, and good times.

All in all, this week should be a quieter ones than we have had lately. Of course as soon as I say that I am sure there will be something huge come forth and surprise us. I feel a bit like this is the calm before the storm. With Mars squaring Neptune, a big water event is not out of the question.

The Sun is nearly at the highest point north of the Equator. Solstice Father’s Day are nearly here. So is vacations time too. Whether you have plans or not, find some joy in your world. There are fun, free things to do, even if it is only a cool morning or late evening stroll in the yard. What ever you do….enjoy and be safe.