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Mercury stations to turn direct this coming Thursday. I have heard so many tales of woe during this June transit. The only thing I have personally noticed is that I have been a bit more clumsy and have had to do a few things over. Nothing serious, and nothing about this transit is really hitting my chart. What is hitting my chart is the transiting Sun and Mars conjunct my natal Jupiter. This is a social, benevolent, and active conjunction. I certainly have been more motivated to be out working in the yard. The cooler temperatures last week helped with that too. How I wish it would stay below 85 all summer.download

I do want to warn you that just because Mercury will be turning direct, this does not mean we won’t till feel his retrograde energy. Quite the contrary. This transit has been a strong one because Mercury is in Gemini, a sign he is quite happy in. And as you probably know, he will be in his storm period for a little while longer. This transit is especially long and lasts all the way to June 20th. After that he will be back to full speed ahead until the next retrograde period in the fall.

In the mean time we have Neptune turning retrograde on Friday. Neptune’s retrograde usually only affects us internally. This is a good transit for those behind the scenes that do benevolent work for the collective population of the earth. This will also be a good time to work on completing some of those bucket list items if you have a list.

The Sun is about half way through his transit of Gemini. This is hopefully bringing a few social events into your life and you are getting out and enjoying yourself and the company of others. You might also notice that you are feeling a bit scatter minded. This is because Gemini is naturally curious and loves diversity. This is a good thing but can cause some of us to become unreliable and erratic. Mercury in Gemini adds to this energy of curiosity, sociability and knowledge seeking. 772-004-040C4F39

Mars is also transiting Gemini.  The planet of action is much more versatile and easy going. The shadow side is that Mars is far less focused the usual and less focused on his goals. The twins love diversity their energy can cause Mars bounce around and make a “normal” person feel like they have ADD. Speaking as one who is ADD, it is not so bad.

Mars will be sextile Uranus early in the week. This is a combo that is willing to take a risk in order to make a needed change. You could notice you are feeling more spontaneous and self-reliant. New ideas are forward thinking, and we have a strong desire to see things change.

Jupiter is coming close to the end of his year long transit of Leo. Jupiter represents hope, growth, unselfishness, joy and abundance. Leo is a fire sign. When we combine this fire with Jupiter we are often more interested in our own opinions and beliefs than those of others. Arguments can result. But we might also be more willing to stick our necks out and take a risk thanks to the confidence

factor that Leo adds. This confidence can also serve as an inspiration to others. We just have to be sure not to allow our egos to get in the way. Sometimes that is easier said than done. This is good energy for children, recreation, amusement or entertainment, and creativity.

Venus has just moved into Leo and is getting settled in there. This transit will last until July 18, 2015. This transit often makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, generous with our finances, and proud of the things or people we love. Leo is flashy and demands attention. This seems to be amplified when Venus is transiting Leo. If we don’t get our ego stroked enough though, there could be trouble. Be careful that you don’t express your feelings just to get a reaction. You might not get the response you hoped for. Be cautious when it comes to spending. This transit is known for its love of extravagance.

Tuesday and Wednesday Venus will be in positive sextile aspect to Mercury. This would be a good time to plan a date with the one love. Communication will likely be easy, open and positive. Romance is in the air (or the cosmos) for sure. If you don’t have a significant person in your life, this would be a good time to be social.

Thursday this social Venus energy does a 180 shift. This is when Chiron’s angle to Venus is not so relationship friendly. Many of us could feel rejected or unloved for no real reason. The good news is, this doesn’t last long. So have no fear but be aware of where these feelings might be coming from.

Saturday, Venus will be semi-square Mars. This is a challenging aspect in relationships. Don’t try to do it all when it comes to romance. There is a time and place for romance and for sex. Pick one or none and stick with it.

One last thing before I go. Next Sunday the Sun and Mars will have their two year meet-up or exact conjunction. This brings some powerful make energy to the cosmos. Since they are in Gemini this meeting will be more cerebral that is usual and that is a good thing. This is also the day that the retrograde Saturn backs out of Sagittarius and into Scorpio for one last time in this generation. More on this next week.download