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Mercury is retrograde and at first I was thinking this was about the biggest thing going on this week. However, as I look at the chart for the week, I see Venus in powerful aspect to both Uranus and Pluto. But let’s get to all this in a bit.

The Sun moved into Gemini last Thursday. While summer is not actually here until June 21st, for me, this transit more or less means summer has arrived. It’s heralds in Memorial Day and pools open for the summer season. I think my area may have seen the last springtime temperatures this past week. This week looks to be more seasonal and certainly warmer.

When the Sun is in Gemini we are more curious, social, and intellectual. The twins love their jokes and tricks too. This is tempered with the duality of the twins which relates to our siblings, seeing and displaying two sides, variability or versatility, and being somewhat unreliable. In short, changing our minds. Notice how this is playing out in the news this past week and this coming week. Mercury is right at home in this sign and this makes this retrograde that much stronger.

When it comes to intellectual endeavor however, we are more likely to graze a topic rather than get into the meat and bones of it. We are prone to more defiantly make our point and are drawn toward word-plays, jokes, and puns. Quite a contrast to the earthy Taurus energy we just left, yet so fitting to the fun and frivolity that is summer. Just don’t get too distracted, especially when driving. People will be on the roads more in the month so remember to put the phone away and keep your eyes on the road. I just saw a new report about someone not paying attention and they ran head on into four motorcycles. At least two died in that crash.

This week we have some interesting Venus energy. The most feminine of the planets and like many girls, she can be emotionally all over the place. She is also nurturing, protective, and sensitive.

_121-67664Venus is currently touring Cancer. She feels pampers and loved in this sign. This lends a feeling of security to our lives and makes us cuddly and lovable. What’s not to love about being all warm and fuzzy?

However, Venus is still opposing Pluto this week and is also squaring Uranus. Oh my! This adds some thorns to the warm fuzzies. Pluto and Uranus are no longer in exact square aspect, however they are close enough to still be in the orb of influence. These two are currently just over 3 degrees from exact square to each other.

No two bodies need to be exactly in aspect to affect on each other. However, the orb of influence differs with different aspects and planets. The outer planets in major aspects are usually said to be in the orb of influence as long as they are no more than 6 degrees from exact aspect when in oppositions, trines, or squares. This changes with the personal or inner planets where the orb is considered within 2-3 degrees. However, this further changes if the Sun or the Moon is involved. Example, if either are in opposition to a planet, the orb of influence goes up to 10 degrees. All this is yet another example of the how complex this science really is.

Venus is currently in the orb of influence of both Pluto and Uranus. Venus opposing Pluto has a certain masculine energy to it . This energy combo is more aggressive and pushes to get things done. This can be a good thing if we need motivation. But it is also causing Venus to show her claws and release the occasional roar sometimes too.

Oppositions often cause us to feel rebellious, dissatisfied, and unsure of our self and others, and where we stand with others. Throw in Venus square Uranus and you really have some rebellious energy. Oh the drama of it all! I had my share already last week, thank you.

While we are on the subject of the square aspect, all three of the planets in Gemini are squaring Neptune this week. This includes, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Neptune is about dreams, the ones we have when we sleep and the dreams and hopes we have for our lives. The Sun is us, our ego, Mars is action, and Mercury is communication. Are you seeing the picture I see here?

These three planets; the Sun, Mercury and Mars are going to be asking us to look closely at our dreams and re-evaluate what we want. Doesn’t this sound like what Saturn is asking as he retrogrades? We have indeed been over and over to look at how we live our lives and to make changes before there is no turning back.

I recently purchased John Hogue’s book of predictions for 2105-2016. In this book he talks about how 2015 is the year of last chances. This is the year we must decide on what we want for the future. I am only a short way into the book so far and will surely be using what I learn from it in future posts. I have posted the link to his page below.



One theme of the Gemini Sun, and all the other Gemini energy is siblings. This is quit a prominent issue in my chart. Siblings are represented by the third house. My Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron and the North Node are all in the third house. This is interesting because I am not close to either of my siblings and never really have been.

Chiron in the third house points to things that need to be healed in our lives. To me and most anyone looking at my chart or who knows me, this would mean I need to heal my sibling relationships Recently, or over the past year or so, I have come to the conclusion that what I really need to heal is my belief that these relationships are “supposed to be” copacetic. After having taken some steps to that end, I must say that I feel like this is the real lesson for me and it is perfectly OK not to have a relationship with them in spite of what is socially or traditionally accepted. I feel a great sense of relief.

This all goes along with one of the themes of the Neptune square for the week. That is to weed out unrealistic expectations and dreams. This square may cause you to feel the need for more sleep than usual too. Pay attention to your dreams. They could hold clues or have subconscious messages that can prove to be valuable in problem solving your waking life.

Gemini is going to help us see things in two ways. You might notice things aren’t as black or as white as they seem. Use you instincts and the energy of Gemini to deal with the illusions that Neptune can bring our way.

On Thursday and Friday the three Gemini planets join up as Mercury back tracks to meet the Sun in this sign, and Mars is very close by. This will be a good day for problem solving. Our minds will be sharp and open. This will provide us with a great opportunity view our desires and our thoughts through a clear scope. This is also a good day to write if we want what we have to say to have impact. Just remember that this can be for the best or for worst. Think things through very well.

No doubt you have noticed there is a lot of earth activity in recent days and weeks. Many predictions say this will continue. In fact, many are predicting a large earthquake off the coast of California soon. There is a video that has gone viral on the internet that describes how that event could take place this week. I take the stance that no one knows for sure. I can see this person’s point of view but am not all sure I believe it and I am not giving it much attention. The Law of Attraction teaches that energy goes where attention flows. I am going to go about the business of life as if nothing is happening.

For your entertainment I have posted a site that shares the video and gives some other ideas about this topic.


I hope you enjoyed the  Memorial Day weekend and all is well in your world. Many are not so lucky so please send some love out to those who may need some extra good vibes. I’ve got a big week planned and have lots to do. Hope you week is happy and productive as well.

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