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I sure hope all my mothers have had a great Mother’s Day.

Our planet, our Earth Mother, Pachamama, Gaia, of what ever you call her is showing off today. She is almost demanding our respect. The first tropical storm of the season landed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this morning while the Northern plains and Colorado got more than a foot of snow. 100 miles west of Fort Worth Texas, the small town of Cisco, was hit by a tornado. One person is reported dead and trees have been stripped to bare trunks. Earthquakes, volcanoes and now storms? Oh MY!

My local news paper had a story today about preliminary fracking exploration in a small rural town not far from where my mother was raised and my sister now lives. My state is really not ripe for fracking like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or North Dakota. None the less, the State is willing to do some exploration in hopes of bringing money and jobs. Most of us know this is really about padding the pockets of the 1%, more than creating jobs or energy independence.

Last week I had a bit of numerology I wanted to share with you as well as Astrology. I decided to save that for this week rather than over loading you with info. So lets begin there today. 731fd02f0a7ff0cb2d7a337b265f0165

May is the fifth month and holds the energy of the number five according to numerology. Of all the single-digit numbers, five is ever changing, full of energy and unpredictable. It is almost completed equal male and female energy, although somewhat more female, of the tom-boyish kind. Certainly not female of the Venus kind.

Five is found in the structure of plutonium which was the key component for the hydrogen bomb used in WWII. Certainly a lot of power there. May could be full of chaos and drama. Today certainly has been weather wise. This could be the five sided shape was chosen to house our nation’s military offices.

The dodecahedron is the form upon which the circle and sphere are born. It is the shape of expansion growth but remember that expansion and growth do not always come in pretty packages wrapped up in bows. They can come as destructive tornadoes and flooding waterways. We have certainly seen this in action today.

EightStellenboschLogoThis year is an eight year. Eight is often misunderstood and only known for representing abundance, balance, power and is not greedy. This number is focused, goal-oriented, fluctuation, and reaping what you sow. When I think of eight, I think of money. To me this means there could significant fluctuation in the state of our money this this year. While I don’t follow the stock market, I do understand that it had a rough first quarter this year.

The shadow side of Eight is discord, confrontation, and uncompromising.

Astrologically, I am seeing and hearing similar things about this year. But this week will be quiet compared to what has been going on lately. It will be a week of about communication, dialog, talking things over with ourselves and authority figures. Therefore, I have plenty to talk about.

The Sun is nearing the end of his transit through Taurus. If you have noticed an increasing need for security. The shadow side of the Taurus Sun is stubbornness and being possessive.

Mercury is in Gemini, a sign he rules and is comfortable in. Don’t forget Mercury is in his shadow and about to station to change direction on the 19th. This is going to be a long, 68 days transit through this sign. Gemini loves to joke and play tricks. The thing to remember is during this transit, look at both sides of things. Gemini is represented by the twins often mirror each other. You already know that communications will be largely affected by any Mercury retrograde. Things get confused, misunderstood, lost, whatever.

This retrograde will be one where we find we have to do lots of things over. You wash the dishes but have to do them over because you didn’t get them clean. Expect do-overs in the next few weeks. If you are like one of my friends and looking into big business contracts, be SURE you read all the fine print and read it over and over so you don’t miss anything. I cannot stress this enough for this retrograde period.

Venus is nurturing her way through Cancer. I hope you all pampered your mothers this Mother’s Day with something that will promote her self care. This is a good sign for self care, warmheartedness, commitment and protection. Take a deep breath now and feel the love. Don’t forget to breath the love back out to the world.

Mars moves into Gemini Monday. This planet is the action planet. He is all about the gemini5action we take to do what we want and get what we want. Since he is touring the sign of the Twins, this means………you guessed it! Doing things twice!

Now I have covered all the personal planets. Anne Ortelee says, with all these planets out of bounds or soon to be out of bounds, we should expect surprises and big shocks in the coming weeks. So, look twice at everything. Be sure you have remembered you keys, crossed your T’s and dotted all your I’s .And don’t forget that Gemini loves to play tricks.

Saturn opposes both Mercury and Mars this week. You could find you are a bit hard on yourself and rather self censoring, as strange air seems to take over and you are more concerned with what others think. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Saturn is our father. Dad’s usually want us to follow all the rules and often that tells us no. You may need to ask more than once to be heard or get what you want. Remember the Geminin factor and do as the label says: “Rinse and repeat.”

Over all this will be a good week to get rid of things. Clean house! I am hoping for a day of rain so I can stay indoors and do just that. Then again, that could be wishful thinking.

Next week we have a New Moon coming. We will be under that energy at the end of the week. Good time to go out and plant the garden.

One last thing, going back to numerology. August is the eight month. Given the info I gave you earlier on the number eight, can you imagine how rocky August could be? I hope to have more on that in the months to come. Stay tunes. I will be here as long as I have a computer to work on. I sure do miss working at my desk. One day I will rearrange things so I can do that again.images (2)

Hope your week is a good one!