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Sorry for not posting the past few weeks. This was not an intentional break but was one driven by computers and connectivity issues. I seem to have gotten things to a good place and certainly have lots to talk about with you.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been telling you it would be a big one. This years seems to be pivotal according to most of the gurus I listen too. I am sure most of you are noticing the big events taking place all around the globe. There are conflicts across our country, Nepal has suffered a devastating earthquake, and seven volcanoes were erupting at once. There are many areas of our lives and our world are in flux. Have you noticed the stock markets around the world? China is at it’s lowest since 2009 and the US market is low too. This flux is likely to continue and I bet it won’t be better than it is now at end of the year.

Saturn seems to be one of the main driving forces. Some time back, I mentioned summer would bring us some interesting energy around our money. This energy is around Saturn retrograding back into Scorpio for a while.

Think back to when Saturn was transiting Scorpio. This was over the two+ years prior to his move to Sagittarius last December. We were being asked to make changes, to let go of what no longer serves us and to decide what we truly want in our lives. Just in case you or I didn’t make all the changes we needed to, we have one last shot at it this summer. This is our last chance to avoid karmic payback for not taking action. Who wants that? This energy affects all of us, both individually and collectively. It doesn’t feel like the chances are very good that the collective will make the necessary changes. We are a stubborn lot. Payback is likely in our near future.

The real question is: “What does this mean to us?” Astrology can show us what is probable and possible but it not absolute. Free and destiny are also in the mix. Our destiny will most likely7 win out even if it takes us kicking and screaming with it. Regardless of what happens, never forget that love is always the best choice. Be grateful for all things, even the unpleasant things in our world. Remember that all is as it should be and we are transforming. You, me and the planet as a whole.

This summer Saturn in Scorpio, will be targeting our money. This not only means the value of our money but our financial institutions and all our economic areas. This will be our last chance to use this Scorpio/Saturn energy for another 28-29 years. This will be our last chance to improve or repair what is breaking with regard to our money. These changes will come one way or another. Problem is, will they come easy or come hard. Since man is so greedy and stubborn, my guess is the changes will come hard. It’s not like we have not been warned for centuries. We just didn’t pay attention did we?

The first obstacle is, Mercury in Gemini turning retrograde on May 19th. Gemini is Mercury’s home sign and this will make the way this retrograde affect communications, even more powerful. We will also still be under the influence of the Aries New Moon in April until then. The energy of this moon was self-assertive and somewhat combative. Warning, warning, Will Robinson! Use caution in all your communications. This energy directly conflicts with the Mercury retrograde energy. Be aware of what you are saying to others. Some will lash out and get on your nerves no doubt. Focus on being kind and loving, instead of giving in to the conflicts around us.

One huge way you can focus on more love is by eliminating your exposure to conflict on TV. TV in general has a low vibration. If you have not read “Power vs. Force” by Dr. David Hawkins, you might want to check it out. Dr. Hawkins explains his scale of consciousness and tells how we can raise our vibrations. .l

Regardless of whether you stop watching the news or give up sports, remember that everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be. We might not like it but it is. All the hardships, heartache, and conflict that we are now and will in the future experience is exactly what is supposed to happen. And all this is base on our collective desire to shift our consciousness. Collectively we have been more greedy than anything and I feel like we will have to pay the piper now. No matter what comes, remember to be grateful and fine things that make you happy without expense to others in any way.

Remember too that you chose this time to be here. You have a purpose. Here is the first in series of videos by Patti Cota-Robles that you may find interesting. It is from a few years ago but full of good info.


This week begins with Mercury entering his shadow period and opposing a retrograde Saturn. You could feel like some folks are attacking you or being nit picky. Be gentle with yourself and don’t take these people or yourself too seriously. This will pass but not before the Full Moon.

The Moon will be in Scorpio when it is full on May 3rd. This will occur at 11:42 pm. We will of course strongly feel the Full Moon energy for another day or so after this.

There is also T-square energy this week involving the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. This energy will lead us right into Saturn’s return to Scorpio and the idea of looking into those what we want in the future.

There is a counter balance of positive energy when on Wednesday the Sun in Taurus moves into a functional earth trine with Pluto in Capricorn. This will help us get into things deeply and be make those decisions we’ve been putting off. We may feel more focused and able to concentrate. Make the most of your assets with this energy and use your past to accomplish your goals. This is a good aspect for beginning a business or anything that involves making money. It is also good energy for dismissing negative and undesirable facets in our lives.

Mid-week Venus leaves Gemini and enters nurturing Cancer. Our love is shifted more to home and family now and less on the frivolous and variety. Ah…it was fun while it lasted.

This is the perfect energy for the coming Mother’s Day next Sunday. This energetic influence will be with us for the next four weeks.

Saturday, Saturn semi-squares Uranus. This is structure and steadiness in conflict with our need to be impulsive and free. Limits and rules could be difficult to deal with. Many or us will find the need to make adjustments in order to find balance between conventions and invention. This is probably be just a temporary setback and will ultimately take us to new places and more creative problem solving. 

There can be tension experienced no, as our need for freedom and spontaneity seem to clash with our need for structure and stability. Rules and limitations may feel more difficult to deal with. Ideally, we can combine the two needs creatively, giving form to our ideals and quest for progress. Adjusting our plans is in order, and striking a balance between convention and innovation is the challenge. Setbacks tend to be temporary and often lead to new, more creative paths or solutions.

Have a great week and stay tuned to more soon.