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Everyone seems to be happy that Jupiter is now direct. He’s retrograde in my natal chart so this is not as exciting to me as it is for some, but it is going to switch things up for sure and be a good thing. Remember Jupiter loves to expand and grow.  You would do well to know which house of your chart he is currently transiting. This information will give you an idea of what you can expect for the next year. For me this is the ninth house of foreign or long distance travel, the big picture involving the subjects we love not to talk about; politics and religion, legal issues, philosophy, higher education, marketing and publishing.  All I can say is, I hope I don’t have any big legal problems and if I do, I certainly hope they will end well for me.  By the end of June, Jupiter will be firmly in my house of work and career. Can’t wait to see what that brings me.

Some people seem to be having a difficult time with Mars in Taurus. It is at an inconjunct aspect to a retrograde Saturn.  Mars in Taurus is about how people see us and value us in their lives.  I must be doing something right because last week I got a very appreciative message from my boss. Whatever I have done right, I hope I can keep it  up.

Mercury will join Mars in Taurus. On Tuesday April, 14. Expect business, communications and travel to slow down a bit with the grounded energy of Taurus. This transit will only last a bit over two weeks before Mercury moves into Gemini on May 2nd. In case you were wondering when the next Mercury retrograde is, it begins to slow down on May 8. He will station to go retrograde on 18-19 of May. So you can breathe easy for a bit longer yet.

Next up is Pluto who turns retrograde on Thursday of this week. You may recall, last we just had the last of seven exact squares between Pluto and Uranus. They are beginning to move away from each other and will not aspect each other in a major way for another 30 years. We are essentially done with them for now. Whatever changes they were supposed to make have been set into motion.

However, Pluto is one slow moving planet and he is only half way through his tour of Capricorn. The Capricorn energy is about structure, authority figures and discipline.  Pluto energy is about death and rebirth, tearing down so new things can come. When Pluto is retrograde you over the next five months, you will be given the gift of time to do some deep cleaning in your life. If you do your work well, when he turns directs in September, you will be ready for the next phase of your life. Be sure that the Universe will push you to where you need to be whether you are ready or not.

The Sun is close to the end of the Aries transit for this year. Enjoy the last week or so of spontaneous, impulsive exuberance. I hope any youthful desire to triumph has brought you great satisfaction and you have come back strong from any ill effects.
Mercury added his own brand of interesting spontaneity to the Aries energy the past couple of weeks. I hope any boldness of tongue has not gotten you in too much trouble. I found this to be beneficial as I dealt with a tricky issue about two weeks ago.

Venus has a few more weeks to go in Gemini. The duality of the twins is full of curiosity as well as idealistic and social inspiration. We seem to be driven toward variety. It is “the spice of life” after all. It all seems to scream “Spring” to me. I am also drawn to the more mental attributes that the Gemini energy offers. The shadow side however is indecisiveness. This can definitely throw a kink in the works if you really need to get things done.

Uranus is still in Aries also and is still pushing us to change. The good news is that he is moving away from the square aspect with Pluto. You will hear astrologers talk about this being over now but remember that some planets, especially these two, move slowly. It is going to take them a while yet to get far enough away from each other so that they don’t have such a combined affect. In the meantime, we will have lots more energy from other planets to deal with, guide and push us and to learn lessons from. I hope you are ready!

Monday Venus is semi-square Uranus. Uranus the planet of the unusual could have us eyeing things we would not normally be drawn to. Venus wants love but Uranus wants freedom. Impulse, rebellion and instability is likely to be stronger than usual. Watch your spending. Hold off on making big purchases

Tuesday the Sun will semi-square Neptune. Our willpower could be weaker than we might like or need for it to be. Buck up and be strong. Try not to lose your focus but if you do, this will be short lived. You could also feel unsure about where you stand with some folks. Try not to schedule important meetings, interviews or start new projects for a few days. But, if you must at least you will be aware of the drawbacks you could face.

Wednesday Venus will oppose Saturn, oh my. There might be the urge to keep folks some distance from you. Saturn is more interested in being serious than he is in growing a relationship. The shadow side is the you become your own worst enemy and give into the fear of getting too close. Also this aspect calls for keeping an eye on our finances.

Friday Mars is square Jupiter. Watch that you are not too confident about those new projects. Jupiter expands things and in this case can cause up to be a bit unrealistic and over estimate our true abilities. There is also a tendency to be hyper focused on our view of things and lose sight of the possibilities. The shadow side of this energy can have legal consequences. Don’t allow any difference of philosophy go too far and end up blowing up in your face.

We can be impatient if results of our efforts don’t materialize right away, and we can also be too focused on what we think should be and lose sight of what is possible. We are ready and willing to fight for our beliefs. We may be excitable and competitive. Jumping ahead without considering the consequences is the inclination, but can be costly. This energy is also associated with lawsuits or struggles involving differences in personal philosophies and principles. A feeling of urgency may make us come on stronger than we intend. The inclination towards taking risks is strong, and patience is short.