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Happy Spring! Happy Passover! Happy Easter! The calendar says spring is here but snow is forecast for the northeast and other places in the country are already seeing temperatures that are more like summertime than spring. Whatever the weather where you are, I hope you are having fun.

No doubt, you have heard about prophesy concerning four blood moons that coincide with Jewish holidays. Four lunar eclipses in a row are not uncommon. However, four that coincide with Jewish holidays are uncommon.  Modern day Biblical scholars such as John Hagee and Mark Blitz seem to think the current tetrad is the one mentioned in Joel 2:30-31 and Revelations 6:12. Only time will tell if these scholars have correctly interpreted the texts but the consensus around the world is that we are indeed in the latter days of the world, as we know it. If, when, and how it all comes to fruition remain to be seen. Speculation is abundant among scholars, scientist, the faithful, and the curious.

Tradition tells us eclipses precede big events of one form or another, most of them not very pleasant. The “blood moon eclipses” are said to be even more ominous. Nevertheless, from an astrological perspective, there is far more going on now in the cosmos lately than just the eclipse.

Here are some interesting numerical rather than astrological or astronomical facts about the last eclipse.

overcash1_medThis eclipse or “blood moon” coincided with the Hebrew holiday of Passover. Passover is a story from the book of Exodus where G*d sent 10 plagues to torment the Egyptians into freeing the Jews from slavery. The last plague was the death of first born in each household. Jewish homes were “passed over” if they had spread blood over their doors.  In Hebrew the word for blood is “dam” and is numerically represented by the number 4. The word for door is “dalet” and also associated numerically with the number 4. Almost unbelievably, this eclipse was the shortest on in a century. It lasted just 4 minutes and 44 seconds.

This eclipse is further connected to the number “4”, being the third of four blood moons and having occurred on the fourth day of the fourth month. In numerology four represents foundations both physical and mental, order, practicality, values and organization. The shadow side it stubborn, opinionated, aggressive, and confused.

The previous eclipse was opposing Libra. Libra is the sign of balance and relationships.  This can mean a personal, familial, social or work relationships.  Both the recent eclipses are getting a boost from Uranus, the planet of quick change in the sign of Aries, which is action. This is pushing us to let go of what isn’t working. With the Sun conjunct Uranus, this is hitting us where we live, very personally and very emotionally.

If it is true that eclipses are harbingers of doom what could all this mean for the balance or lack there of in our lives and our society? Things are going to have to correct and come to balance sooner or later. This is going to cause great upset of most of us. Learning to find out balance and joy is key to our experience. My guess is that we will be seeing significant upset in the foundations of values and belief systems.

Those who have planets in their chart that are in aspect to these eclipses may have been feeling more emotional in the past couple of weeks than those who do not.  Any planets in your chart that are at the 14 degrees eclipse point will be triggered. If you have generated a personal chart, you might want to look at that.

I don’t have anything near 14 degrees in my natal except Jupiter which is at 17 degrees.  It is a full three degrees away from squaring the eclipse point. However, I have noticed my thoughts being a bit more emotionally intense from time to time this past week.  I also know of one long-term relationship break-up and a few other things ending here and there. There have also been a lot of health issues and death among people I know. In some ways, this is to be expected and in another, it seems unusual. Death of course, brings changes in family structure, and health issues often bring on changes in routine and diet. Change is change,  and change is all around us in a very pronounced way right now.

Uranus-Pluto-Square-300x200Up in the cosmos, Pluto and Uranus are barely one degree from exactly square, Saturn has just turned retrograde, Pluto is soon to turn retrograde, and Jupiter will turn direct by the mid week. Regardless of what aspects are taking place above us, they are all leading to big changes for us below, inside and out.  My gut is telling me, our foundation, what we have believed to be true for centuries, is sooner or later will fall away. The eclipse energy only adds to the energy of all these planets and their aspects.

As a side bar: I have been thinking a lot about our personal relationships in the past couple of weeks.  I wonder more often than not, we most often allow a souring relationship to go on beyond the point of redemption.  We do not want to be alone, we want to belong, we are “in love”, we keep hoping things will change and they only get worse until we get to our breaking point.   Our desires  and our feeling for others keep us from doing what is best for us.  We keep relationships going until end up making ourselves sick or worse.  I have certainly done this more times than I would like to admit. My stubbornness has cost me thousands of dollars as well as physical and mental health. If you have ever experienced “ burn-out”  or become sick from stress, you know what I am talking about. I believe this is one area of our lives in which we are experiencing the awakening. Either that or I am just getting old and tired.

All this relationship change will lead us to a new ways of connecting with people. We may begin to see ourselves in new light. We may begin to realize we are in charge or our own lives and our happiness. While most of us already know this on some level, yet there are deep levels we haven’t chipped away at yet. Hang on because I think we are about to go deep.  If all this throws you into a tailspin, PLEASE reach out to someone who can help, someone who understands these struggles, emotions,  and evolutionary changes. I believe a lack of understanding and support for our evolution is one reason suicides among young and old alike are on the rise. However, all this is a story for another time.

This week in the skies above, Venus, is getting close to an energy shift at the very end of the week.  We should feel less of a need for security and more interested in variety. Maybe this is what the old phrase about spring being “the time when a young man’s heart turns to fancy” refers to. This will no doubt rev up the social lives of many and just in time for the spring festival season. Let the fun begin! This influence will last until May 8.  Enjoy the next four weeks.

Jupiter goes direct on Wednesday and this will be strongest felt by those with birthdays in mid Leo.  Aquarians will also feel it, along with Taurus and Scorpio people.  Self-assurance will rise as we head toward happiness and abundance. It is about time too. Things have been dragging for some since winter began. I hope we will see positive changes in the economy with Jupiter’s shift in direction. We could use some positive change in our finances and our political scene too. I hope for the best.

images (1)Monday the Sun is conjunct Uranus. Freedom, tolerance, change (there is that “C’ word again) are the rule of the day and this next Mercury/Sun cycle. We are more drawn to fresh, new, and unique  thought or expression. The main stream media could be in the news early this week as well as technology and metaphysical topics. Change is synonymous with Uranus and he will be pushing us along our path of change this week for sure.  We have no patience for being tied to the same of same old. Feeling awake and refreshed, we could really feel as if we are driven toward change of all sorts, especially in how we express ourselves. This is great time to foster new relationships that reflect our changes. This is a time when new relationships and other good things can happen very quickly.  Go for it! Let your uniqueness shine to the world. After all, this is why you are here.

Wednesday/Thursday, the Sun conjuncts Mercury for the second time this year. With both planets in Aries, this adds an extra boost of energy and power to our motivation. Gosh! How I need this!  The areas triggered by this conjunction will be all types of communications, business, and travel. If you are on traveling on spring break this week, I will you safe travels.

Aries is youthful, quick and spontaneous. He acts to get us out and moving again, shaking of the cabin fever of winter.  You might want to exercise caution with your words however. Aries influence over our words can cause us to speak before we think and be hurtful to others. On the flip side, this spontaneous speech could be the only way some of us can speak our truth. It’s all good.

There is one last word of caution. With the youthful exuberance of Aries this week, be careful not to overdo things.   Don’t push too hard or beyond your physical ability. Sore muscles are one thing but heart attacks are quite another. While some accidents are bound to happen, we can prevent many of them with good safety practices. I’d like all my readers to be happy and healthy for a long time to come.

Have a GREAT week!