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I don’t know about you but I certainly felt cosmos easing up this week.  Even so the week was not without its difficulties.  My third house, the house of the neighborhood, everyday chores, childhood and siblings, is between Capricorn and my home sign of Aquarius. I also have several planets in the house besides the Sun. Mercury joins the Sun in Aquarius while the North Node, Chiron and Venus are in Capricorn side of my third house.

This is where my conflicts lie the past week, with siblings. This was such an internal conflict that I attempted to contact my favorite seers but could not reach her.  So, I consulted my friendly astrologer Shelley Overton for clarity on my problem. I also got some wise advice from Angela Moore. I was allowing guilt and fear to stand in my way.  Shelley and Angela gave me the courage to stand in my own power.  This area of my chart needs closer examination but for now, the personal crisis averted and no egos were shattered in the process.

If you would like to contact either Shelley or Angela, here are their web pages where you can find more info.



I am not sure what the big topics were in the news this week besides the airplane crash in the French Alps. My regular readers know,  I don’t have TV and only listen to NPR on the radio when I am traveling in my car. I did not leave home this week so I did not get much news. I prefer to focus on the positive and on astrology.

This week begins with Mercury entering Aries on Monday. This will electrify communications.  This will be quite a change from Mercury in Pisces. The Aries energy wants things to happen NOW! Make a decision NOW!! Mercury is like a kid in squirmy kid in class. Forget about being objective, forget about explanations, let’s get on with it so we can play!

The next day things slow a bit when Mars enters earthy, grounded Taurus. For the next six weeks, you could notice it is easier to get things done and get what you want. Mars  is also square to my third house and was part of why I was able to ease out of what I considered to be a bad situation with my sister last week.  Now if this energy will boost my motivation to get out and do the massive amounts of yard work that wait, I will be a happy camper.  If I could find a kind, honest, strong young person to work of $$ and help me with my chores, I would be ecstatic! (Wonder if I can find such a person in my chart?)

Venus is still transiting Taurus. This combo has us seeking lasting relationships and in the items, we purchase too.  Our enthusiasm for pleasure is sturdy, sensual, and domineering. This is a time when we tend to hold on to things tightly. We express with all five senses. The flip side is possessiveness. I am talking the kind where we treat our partners like possessions, things we own, rather than independent individuals. IF you tend to be the jealous sort anyway, you might want to examine this characteristic in your life more closely.

A lovely trine between Jupiter and the Sun, have us growing and expanding.  We are confident, optimistic, and want to learn. This is good energy any sort of relationship, imaginative projects, or marriage. Sounds interesting to me.

The Jupiter and Uranus trine love change and brings us luck unexpected, in unexpected places and in unexpected ways.  This is a great aspect for the inventor or creative mind to work under. If you have little kids, you might see them come up with some different or unusual ideas this week. This shadow side of this is being overly idealistic and being unable to allow for imperfection or failure in our vision of the perfect world.

As we move toward the weekend, we have a full plate of cosmic events. There is a Full Moon and a second eclipse on Saturday, April 4th. This one will be visible to far more around the world than the one two weeks ago. If you live on the West coast, East Asia, or anywhere in the pacific as far south as Australia and New Zealand, you will be able to see it.

This Moon will be in Libra but have a lot of fire energy to it as it opposes the Sun, Venus and Uranus all in Aries. Don’t forget that the energy of Uranus is about change, freedom, independence, and spontaneity. I fully expect to see this energy played out in news events in the coming few weeks. These same energies will be flowing on the personal level as well.

Although Spring has officially begun we are still in the energy of the death or end of the old year, and beginning or birth of the new year from an Astrological perspective. Easter and Passover both take place on April 5th this year. Both of the holidays represent life and death. Keep this in mind as the next few weeks unfold, up to six months from now.

Think about what you need to regenerate in your life.  There is no doubt we need to do as much as we can to change the world. There is much suffering, fear, greed and war. But where most of us can do our best work is with ourselves and our communities. Don’t forget the power of a smile or a hug. Talk the cashier at the store and speak to those you pass on the street. Break out of the bubble of silence disengagement and begin to engage with those around you more. You could be surprised you have more in common with that whacko neighbor than you thought you did. On the other hand, you could learn they are more whacked than you ever imagined. Either way, you learned something you did not know before. This knowledge could be beneficial later on.

I hope your week goes well and you find joy and laughter in all things. There a lot of transformation and awakening energy in the cosmos. Take advantage of it. Allow it to change and heal what needs to be healed. This will is awesome energy for some real personal transformation.

I will be doing some more pondering of my third house of siblings and hopefully accomplish many other tasks this weeks too. New beginnings here I come!

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring everyone!