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We are just now experiencing a great deal of game changing, evolutionary energy. The New,  Super Moon, eclipse, Spring Equinox, Sun sign change, the end of the zodiac year,  and Saturn barely into retrograde motion is quite a lot to deal with. All this speaks to regeneration and re-growth. Everything you expect from Spring.

In 2004, I discovered the “Gratitude Experiment” on http://gogratitude.com/. They later came out with the Dream seed Humanifesto and Blooming Humans http://bloominghumans.com/. Each was a 42 day project of its own. The Gratitude Experiment was one of many powerful and life changing tools for me. I have participated in every project these folks have done over the past nine years and recommend.

Each of the above projects over the past nine years has dealt with awakening us to our true nature and becoming who we truly are. I am sure you have heard that said repeatedly and might wonder what it really means.  I have wondered the same thing.  I have been a skeptic about some things and before my time in understanding others.  I also firmly believe the phrase, “when the student is ready, the teacher will come.”

Understanding who we truly are deals with understanding our true origins a giving in to the fact that we have been lied to for centuries by those that wish to control us.  This does not just apply to us here in the UA but to the whole world, all cultures and belief systems. I respect this may not resonate with some and should it not then pardon me and move onto something you do resonate with.  I am not here to change anyone’s mind about anything. I only wish to share my perspective. There is no single path to enlightenment or to the Divine in my view. Otherwise, we all would have been created as carbon copies of each other.

The more sensitive among us have already felt the energy of all the current cosmic events.  Eclipses are often felt days or weeks before they occur and last as long as six months after. The energies we will be experiencing in the next day or so are going to help,  and even force our blooming into whatever new being we need to become.  Here is a link that covers this better than I can. http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/03/19/solar-eclipse-on-the-equinox-a-powerful-catalyst-for-new-beginnings/

Last Sunday I talked about finding joy. I cannot express clearly enough how important this is for all of us.  Everything around us seems to be creating fear. Marketing is noticing and subliminally fueling the fear. One example is the 20150314_160835prevalence of camouflage in clothing and even children’s toys.  I was shocked to see camouflage Easter eggs in the stores last week.  They days of primary and bright colors for our children is being replaced with survival colors of olive drab, desert brown and gray.

When we live in joy and gratitude we are able to transmute the fear and live a more healthy and loving life. We rise above the lower vibrations and are more able move closer to the Divine. Isn’t this after all the goal of every religious teaching worldwide? The cosmic energy we are currently experiencing is helping us get rid of what no longer works. This is difficult, often painful, complicated and destructive.

In my own life and the lives of many around me, I am witnessing traumatic changes. Relationships are falling apart, emotions and tempers are flaring. The ultimate outcome is yet to come. I have faith however, that no matter what happens, it will be in perfect for the highest good of all and in harmony with Divine order.

Should you find yourself in some sort of turmoil now, I urge you to first of all, relax and do nothing unless you just have to. While emotions are sure to be high in any conflict, it is best that you sit back and allow whatever is going on to go on without you for a moment, unless of course it is a matter of national security. I seriously doubt any of my readers fall into this category. Be an observer and allow the emotions to ease off. We know that acting from our emotions usually ends badly anyway. I doubt this time it’s any different.

There are so many components to this energy, as if the eclipse were not enough, it is sure to have an effect on the planet itself too. I feel like we will see some big weather events in the coming days, especially in the next 10-14 days. This could mean heightened volcanic activity, earthquakes, storms, or anything and in unexpected places possibly. I also expect to hear big news concerning political figures or more surprises like the museum attack in Tunisia. Events like this keep me from being too close to the news at times, like now. I am more sensitive than most of my friends and have to hold back from social media and the news in order to maintain my perspective about my life in general. I know some of you do the same.

I find if I spend more time in meditation, prayer, doing things I enjoy and being creative, I am able balance my emotions about things better. Find the JOY! Find YOUR joy! I have little doubt that all of us will feel some effects of these energies, directly or indirectly. Please keep in mind that this is all for the highest good of all and ultimately each of is as individuals. The actual experience will not be pleasant at all but these things are necessary for the evolution of our species.

Spend time with your heart charka.  Focus your mind on loving what is and sending love to all around you, your city, state, country, the whole planet and even the enemy and the enemy of your enemy. This is what all the great spiritual teachers of all time have taught us.  Allow this energy to wash away from you that which no longer serves.

In peace and with much love, I wish each of you a wonderful weekend.

Remember to change yourself first and be the change you want to see. If you want to see love, be love.

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