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Last week was a tough one for the eastern half of the country as a polar air swings in and lingers for a while.  This was making this the northeastern US the coldest region on earth.  If you celebrated Chinese New Year, I hope your celebrations were warm, full of joy, family, friends, and good times.


It has also been a week for endings and new beginnings. If you were one of the many I know who had a loved one transition in the past week, I am deeply sorry for your loss. This is part of the Uranus Pluto square and astrologers expect death during these aspects. With every death, there is the opportunity for rebirth and rebuilding. This is characteristic is often difficult to see when we are grief stricken and our world seems to be turned upside down.  It is up to us to make the most of this or not. We all deal with this in our own way and in our own time, even so, it never hurts to hear the message of new beginnings. Sometimes it takes a while for the message to sink in.

This week the square energy continues, as Uranus and Pluto are only seconds apart and moving closer to perfection in a few weeks.  There are other aspects we need to consider this week.

The Mars Venus conjunction in Pisces is motivating our desire for affection. These two planets are also connecting with Saturn this week in a positive trine. The energy of Mars is action, Venus is passion, and Saturn is structure and long range planning. This could bring us some positive activity. This is a great time to examine your long-term plans and goals. Refine them and use this opportunity to take positive action steps.

The Sun and Saturn are square this week and will restrict some of our access to opportunities the week has to offer. The Sun is also conjunct Neptune this week. This could cause some fuzzy thinking this week.

Saturn not only represents structure but also authority, rules and regulations. Neptune is spiritual and religious.  Pisces is dreamy, creative and all these are influencing things in the news now. Am I painting a picture here? Can you see how this is playing out in the world stage? Try stepping out of your own belief system and be objective. View this as information and without emotion.  You notice a change in your perspective and understand world events a bit more.

As we mentioned last week, several planets have all changed signs.  First to move was the Sun on Wednesday, the 18th.  Pisces, like Aquarius, is an altruistic sign. But instead of being rebellious and free spirited, Sun in Pisces takes on more of a “que sera, sera” outlook toward life.  Pisces rules understanding and is wise, unselfish and devoted to all he holds dear.

Pisces ruling planet is Neptune, which is currently transiting his home sign. Neptune lends an energy of mystery, illusion, dreaminess and spirituality to our lives.  He has a generational influence with his transits taking around 14 years per sign.  The shadow side is victimization, compliance, ambiguity, and decadent.

Currently Neptune is squaring Saturn. This is causing suspicion and  paranoia. This energy is that of religion battling and confronting power for wanting control. One look at the world news and it is clear to see this playing out across the globe.

The day after the Sun moved into Pisces last week we saw Mars move into Aries on Friday. He will remain there until the end of March. Now that he is in his home sign, his energy is also fortified.  He creates in us a level of spontaneity, courage, and competitiveness. Mars is active, positive and moves us forward with surety. Winning becomes our goal.  The shadow side of this transit is arrogance, impatience, selfishness, and impulsivity.

Following Mars, Venus moved into Aries yesterday or Saturday, February 21, 2015. Venus can be impulsive in her own right and this transit only amplifies that quality. Watch your spending for the next 4 weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the fresh boldness this transit brings to matters of the heart. Action loving Mars loves the chase an seldom looks back or feels sorry for any upset he may have cause or hearts he has broken. Venus in Aries is seldom sugar coats anything. She is straight forward and blunt. This can be upsetting to some of the more sensitive among us. Even so, Venus in Aries is seldom intentionally unkind or treat others as insignificant. She just calls a spade a spade. Love is impulsive, energized and direct. Venus and Mars will be close traveling companions through most of the coming week.

Monday the Sun squares Saturn serves up a healthy helping of realism. This can be a good thing when it comes to our perspective on how we take care of ourselves. This aspect will boost our confidence  in our self reliance to some degree.

Tuesday Venus trines Saturn. Good ole Saturn will help Venus be more mature in her behaviors, at least for this day. This aspect is also moderately positive for partnerships and business relationships. Older and more experienced people might offer their wise advice and trump the youthful energetic influence of Aries over Venus.

Wednesday Mars trines Saturn. Our projects begin to come together and our efforts begin to see results. Saturn’s Authority still rules and calms the energetic youthful exuberance that is Mars. You could feel a wave of organization sweep over you so be sure to take advantage of it. You will reap rewards for paying attention to traditional methods and combining them with new ways of doing things.

Also on Wednesday, the Sun conjuncts Neptune. This might be a delightful sight if Neptune was visible with the naked eye, but it is not. You may notice some increased sensitivity to the moods of those around us. Intuition could be heightened as well. The lines blur and it seems we lose our perspective on rhyme and reason.   We could experience some difficulty in important things, especially our goals. Spiritual awareness could be amplified along with our imagination. A good day for creativity.


Enjoy all the creativity that Pisces has to offer you in the next few weeks. Open your mind to new ideas and broader view of the world. Things are not as black and white or shades of gray like we often try to make them.