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Recently, a friend, she asked me why people seem to be acting so crazy.  I find it difficult to explain how astrology affects the psyche but I do think that the current Pluto Uranus square is one contributing factor.  Perhaps our tolerance for some types of behavior becomes lower as we age.  The world is smaller and smaller.  Social media and the internet make learning about things much quicker and easier than we have ever experienced before.  The amount of information, much of if not pleasant, can cause us to feel overwhelmed. Society also seems to have become quite self-centered and selfish. Selfishness carries with it a level of excessiveness and exclusiveness.  This can lead to inflated egos, paranoia, separatism, dislike and anger towards others and lacking sound reason.

The Pluto Uranus square is taking us deep into our psyche. It is asking us to purge in every area of our lives., to get rid of physical, mental and emotional stuff that no longer serves.  This energy extends out to the whole world; every man, woman, child, school, office, business, bank, corporation, city, government, everything! Everything single thing on earth is feeling  this energy.  The these entities are being affected depends on how much change needs to take place and how much resistance there is to that change. When we are looking at an individual, the affects can vary as well.

idiom-crazy-manThere are lot of folks feeling threatened in all sorts of ways. The world they know is changing around them and their inability or unwillingness to adapt is causing then to be frightened by the changes. They are acting out in crazy and sometimes violent ways.

Perhaps in a few years I will better be able to describe this better, for now all I know is that the Pluto Uranus square is making some of us crazy and people are noticing their friends going off the deep end.   Some people are feeling things so intensely.  Some feel misfit and unsupported.  Young people are committing suicide and taking all sorts of drugs or drinking to numb the intensity of their feelings.  They are a new evolvement of humanity that the world is not ready for yet.  Few adults, teachers, doctors understand this and try to use traditional means to deal with the bad behaviors that result from the frustration these kids feel.

The last of seven perfect squares between Pluto and Uranus is about to take place in mid March. But we need to keep in mind that this energy is far from over. In fact, it is going to linger with us for another three years in a big way and ultimately until 2023 when Pluto finally moves into Aquarius.

Moving on to this week’s astrology, we have a New Moon in Aquarius, Chinese New Year and the Sun moving into Pisces, Venus and Mars move into Aries  this week.  This New Moon is an astrological Blue Moon, meaning it’s the second New Moons in Aquarius. It will also be a Super Moon.  When the Moon is close to the earth, like it is now, its gravitational force increases. This can cause higher tides and a greater risk of flooding.  Aquarius rules weather and we are expecting snow here this week.  We don’t get lots of snow in my area. This time the forecasters are saying we will get between 6 and 12 inches. My guess is, this will be a big one for us.  However, Chinese New Year is what  I really want to talk about.

484a2bd157f5ec94066888282212d5cbThis is the year of the Goat or Wood Sheep. I personally like the sheep idea better.  Sheep is  Yin energy or feminine and negative. It is associated with the number eight, luck and abundance. Wood element is stabilizing when added to Sheep energy, symbolized peace and prosperity. I hope that this year will see more compromise and healing that will ensure Peace continues in some areas.

The Sheep brings with it the nurturing, creative energy of the female. This is healing energy and you do not need me to tell you how much the world could use some healing.  There seems to be a rash of people that have little or no compassion or regard for others or life in general.  The year of the Wood Sheep is thought to be a year of good will and a coming together that will defeat any energy that does not to nurture and peaceful way of life.  Success and joy will be the reward for integrity and kindness.

As I am reading about the meaning of this year, I am noticing a lot of mention of “coming together.” There seems to be a tone of battling evil and good being victorious over it.  This not only goes for nations but for smaller communities and families too.  Wisdom will prevail; peace and harmony will move us past our passionate beliefs and grievances.

One source I read said that there will be two periods this year that could be particularly unsettling.  The First one is begins in about a month, just about the time of the last Pluto/Uranus square perfection.  The second period begins about the time of the Winter Solstice and last through January 20, 2016. Over all this year seems to be a good opportunity to use wisdom over power. I truly hope common sense rules!chinese_new_year_of_the_wooden_sheep_2015_postcard-rb3c65dbb1f95455592c657f92d1a7a84_vgbaq_8byvr_512

Happy New Year of the Wood Sheep!

Now a bit more about the New Moon in Aquarius. New Moons symbolize new beginnings and goal setting. January  is always a time when many or use make resolutions and set goals for the coming calendar year. Aquarius energy is humanitarian, altruistic, unique, deals with the collective and consciousness. This seems to echo the year of the Wood Sheep in some ways. Don’t forget that the collective includes you. When you think of what you want for yourself you are also thinking of what you want for others. When you are thinking ill towards others, you are also thinking ill of yourself. The collective is YOU! Keep this in mind as you set goals for this New Moon period. The shadow side of this energy is that we can become quite emotionally detached. Sometimes this is a good thing, especially for very sensitive people but can be a downfall for others.

Tuesday  is Jupiter quincunx or inconjunct (150 degrees) Chiron. We could find ourselves wondering about the certainly of our goals or beliefs. Some of us will be more likely to go ahead with impractical projects or ideas, especially those of us who are lacking in the self-awareness dept. No worries. This is one of those things we are here to learn. However if what you expect from others is unreasonable, you might need to pull back a bit and some of that go. The less you expect the less likely you will be to be disappointed.

Organization opportunities are good on Thursday as Mercury sextiles Saturn. Saturn also loves details. Mercury will lend a practical, well thought out edge any work we do about Thursday.

Also on Thursday and Friday are two sesquiquadrate aspects. Thursday Mars is sesquiquadrate Jupiter. Excitement around new projects and life in general is high. However, although we may have  a great deal of passion for life and new projects, some of us could over-estimate what we can actually do. Wise is the person who looks before leaping. Be wary of being overly competitive or zealous.

Friday Venus is sesquiquadrate Jupiter. Venus enjoys showing off and getting noticed. She can also be a very impulsive spender.  You will want to pay close attention to both these things at the end of this week and avoid making any quick decisions or promising more than you are actually able to deliver. The short take is: Don’t overdo anything!

Wishing you all the best! May your electricity stay on, you stay warm and safe,  and the world find peace.