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I am back today with the rest. Sorry, for dropping things short yesterday but I wanted to enjoy some daylight.  So now let’s get back to astrology.

I was talking about how Uranus and Pluto are affecting things. When we break things down into components, maybe can get a better picture.

Lets begin with Uranus.

Uranus is the planet of change, originality, shock, revolution, he startles and awakens. He is that flash of genius and insight that creates new things in art and science. He is all about what is different, odd, colorful and unusual. He also affects the weather and the planet.

Uranus is in Aries. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. He is all about me, and associated with youth, new beginnings, courage and strength. He is restless by nature and loves action.  Action is also a characteristic of Mars, his ruling planet. Aries energy is stimulating, lively, and loquacious.

The next player in this is act is Pluto. To be such a small planet, Pluto sure brings a lot of energy and often compared with the phoenix because of his destruction and rebirth characteristics. Looking back into mythology, we learn that Pluto was the god of the underworld, Hades, and the spirits of the dead.  Pluto likes to go deep into dark, hidden realms and shine light on what is there. He gets down into our psyche and forces us to regenerate and transform. But in order to do this he must wipe the slate clean. Pluto tears things down completely and usually leaves nothing but dust in the wind. Then he can begin to transform and rebuild.

Pluto is transiting Capricorn; a sign that likes tradition and seeks love, success, money, status, and authority. Capricorn is a sign of leaders and business. This energy is diligent, responsible, appreciates regulations.

Aries and Capricorn are cardinal signs. This means they are accept change well, projects their character, tries to change their situation and environment, and projects their character and nature onto their surroundings.

To understand the impact these two planets are having on us now, we must consider all their aspects together. So what have we got?

We have structures, tradition, money, planet Earth, authority, rebellion, transformation, the psyche, destruction, and death are some of the main things. Pluto and Uranus are working on all these things, tearing down, changing, shaking up. These things are going to play out on the world stage as well as our own personal ones.

Change on any front is hard. No one likes it but it is inevitable. We only seem to welcome change when we are fed up with the way things are going for us. Otherwise we seem to require some stimulus to cause us to change. Sometimes it’s an accident or an illness. Whatever it is, it’s often catastrophic. Sometimes it is a crisis of faith.

The  Earth and the Universe are not much different. Mother Earth seems to be rebelling against the way we have treated her especially in the last half century. The Energy of Uranus in Aries is causing lots of motion in the Earth. And Pluto in Capricorn is working to tear down the traditional way we have done things. But take this idea and apply it to money, the financial institutions, municipalities, governments and the planet as a whole. None of us knows for sure what will take place. The best astrologers can predict but we do have free will and with that, nothing it written in stone.

A lot can happen around this last square aspect and over the next three years. The news is full of upset all across the globe. I hope you how Pluto and Uranus are lending their energy to these events. I believe it will all end as it should for the good of the whole. In the meantime it is my job to work with this energy to awaken, transform myself and alive my purpose, what ever that may be.

I hope that this information helps you to understand why folks seem to be a bit on the nutty side now more than ever. It is all good. It is all part of our destiny. It is not always easy of have a happy ending for the individual but for the collective, it is as it should be. I try to remember that I am just a visitor here and that my whole purpose here is to learn to love more. I used to think that meant not being selfish and giving in to the needs of others. Now I am seeing that the one I need to love and care for most is me. It is only when I truly love and care for me,  that I can love and care for others  they way I would want to be.

Back to what is going on this week……

Mercury is nearing the end of his trip backwards and still in Aquarius. We want to know things and we interested new and original ideas.  We might seem a bit disjointed, and spur-of-the-moment at times.  Liberal , out the box  thinking very Aquarian. Embrace the creativity this brings.

Venus is about half way through her transit of Pisces. We are understanding and quite willing to forgive others.  This transit is caring and kind, yet a bit hard to reach. Defining our desires can be difficult because Pisces puts a haze on things. The darker side can bring oppression and delusion.

Mars is also near the end of his transit of Pisces. This transit stimulates our spiritual side and drive our emotions more that it drives us to our usual routine and goals. Some things seem to become more complicated. If so, relax and know that it will be over soon.

Tuesday Venus will aspect Jupiter. Pleasure might be the word for the day. However, be cautious not to blown any relationship issues out of proportion.  Find balance between what you want and your responsibilities. This energy will carry into Wednesday.

Wednesday Mercury will be moving to station direct. This is a wobbly time for Mercury.

Thursday Mercury turns direct but remember that he won’t be out of storm until next week. This will be just in time for Chinese New Year!

Till next week, be your best self!