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Last week the ground hog said we would get six more weeks of winter as he bit his handler’s ear. That is such a quaint tradition but I have never put any stock in it. I do pay attention to the thickness of the squirrel’s tails, the abundance of nuts, and “The old Farmer’s Almanac.” When I read the almanac’s winter forecast last fall it called for cold temperatures and lots of rain, but little to no snow for the southeast.   I was hoping for snow last week and we didn’t get any. What we did get was a lot of cold air and high winds. Glad that is over for now. Today is lovely and 67 degrees outside.  I plan to take advantage of it, sit in the sun a bit and enjoy the outdoors.  Tomorrow the rains return and it will be getting colder again as this week goes by.

Mercury, is of course still in the news this week. He will be turning direct this coming Wednesday but not out of storm until Feb. 19th. Some folks have noticed little of the typical effects while others have been hammers with things going awry. Mercury is known for his affects on all sorts of communication and causing technological malfunctions.

Mercury retrograde is definitely a period when you want to make sure to look three or four times  before you leap. Mercury’s biggest lesson might be to teach us tolerance, and to accept and appreciate what is, to go with the flow and stop trying to control. Accept the delays, the computer and phone breakdowns the misunderstood or fouled emails.

Bottom line is, use this last week of Mercury retrograde a tool for you own awakening. Travel back in time just as Mercury is doing and find those places where you were not unsatisfied or unhappy about things. Review the events in your mind and notice ways you might have made things better or discover what you really learned from these events.  In a word, internalize. Internalize and become aware of how you do things (how you did things), how you speak (how you spoke then), and how not to be so Aquarian critical. About now, that difficult word, change, comes to mind again.

Earlier this week I was visiting my best friend and we found ourselves doing just that.  Our discoveries were illuminating. This mini awakening, along with the planetary influences have given us the incentive to let go of some things and move on, even if it means leaving some friends behind.  We want them to be well but they must find their own way. We can only hold a light to brighten their path.  We cannot walk it for them.


There is a lot of Pisces energy this week as four planets are transiting that sign. This is compassionate, dreamy, creative energy. Reach out to others, those less fortunate and the community at large. Chiron and Venus are favorably aspecting Pluto and all but two of the planets are on the collective side of the chart. Chiron is the healer and Venus represents love. This would be a great time to send love and healing energy to the world or the collective. Even the smallest action can have a huge effect.

What I have already discussed, Pluto and Uranus are playing a big role in our lives too. Although this has been going on since about 2008 and won’t end until 2018, the first exact squares between these planets began in didn’t happen until 2012. The last one will be in just over a month,  on March 15th. Besides wondering if everyone has gone mad, the next biggest question is why are there so many deaths? A brief look at at the astrological players and where they are currently located in the chart and in relationship to each other gives us some clues.

I just mentioned that most of the planets are in the second half or the collective side of the chart. This absolutely affects the whole planet. There are only two planets; Juptier in Cancer and Uranus in Aries that are on the personal side of the chart. Please note that this does not refer to your personal chart but to the chart of the day or the chart of present time. How this chart affects your own personal/natal chart is unique to you and your chart.

Uranus is affecting us personally. He is in the first house of ego and self, and the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.  He’s causing us to desire more personal freedom and to break loose from old restrictions and ways of doing things. But this is also affecting the collective because Uranus is in square aspect to Pluto in the sign of Capricorn and the eight house. Capricorn loves structure and the eight house is associated with death.


Now I am going to leave you with this bit t chew on for a while. I am getting out of here to go enjoy some sunshine.

More coming tomorrow.