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Good golly gosh where did January go? This is the 1st of February! This day is special here. It is the 55th anniversary of the sit-in at the W.F. Woolworth store downtown. Read about it here:


If you ever make it to Greensboro, NC plan to take in the Civil Rights Museum. It is a powerful experience!

I’ve got a few large projects right now and a busy week coming up, so this week’s post  is going to be short and sweet.

Jupiter will bring us a basket full of opportunity this week. The first one will be right along with the Full Moon that takes place at  6:10 PM EST. The Moon will be approaching a conjunction with Jupiter in the early hours of Wednesday morning. This conjunction will give a boost to the Full Moon energy and help us wind up our projects over the next two weeks and get ready for the next New Moon.

On Friday Jupiter retrogrades back into an opposing position with the Sun. Anytime a planet opposes the Sun it brings objectivity with it and a chance to be less attached to our lives and egotistic. Plan ahead and look toward the weekend so you can take advantage of this energy. This will be a good time to review your plans and dreams for the future. Revisions and refinement could be paramount to your triumph in the future.

Snow-Walker.mov.Still001 The Full Moon will take place in the sign of Leo and be opposing the Sun in Aquarius. This opposition represents a balancing act between the individual and the public, the personal and the impersonal, the proud and the independent. This will also further trigger the Uranus/Pluto square and help us break the ties that bind, step outside what is comfortable or traditional and become who we really are, independent, free, and full of possibility.

We are about midway through the current Mercury retrograde period. However, the storm period on the backside of this one will be last until Chinese New Year, which falls on February 19th.  The retrograde period extends Mercury’s transit through Aquarius quit a bit. Under this energy, we tend to have a strong desire for knowledge and can be more open to new and unusual ideas. This is what I call “info junkie” energy and it is part of my everyday life thanks to Mercury in Aquarius when I was born.

In preparation for Chinese New Year, this week would also be a good time to 4195aclear out the old energy from your home or office. By midweek this week the energy shift from the year of the wood horse, to the year of the wood sheep, should be complete.  I plan to smudge my home with Frankincense, Myrrh, Cedar, and Sage.  You can use something as simple as Nag Champa to sage too. A nice pot of orange peels, cloves and cinnamon on the stove will help the energy and clean the air, not to mention how it could lift your spirits.

The Venus is touring Pisces and her conjunction with Neptune is still influencing us early this week. By midweek this energy will be waning. We will begin to feel less idealistic when it comes to love.  The fog will lift and we will again see things clearly. Venus in Pisces is truly tolerant and forgiving. Real satisfaction is however elusive as the edges of things are blurred by Neptune’s dreamy qualities. The shadow side of this is being ambiguous and allowing ourselves to be mistreated, or deluded.

Mars is continuing his tour of Pisces as well. He will exit this sign on Feb. 19th, just one day before Venus leaves.  This placement adds even more idealism to our lives. Mars is less likely to be confrontational in this sign and less driven toward traditional endeavors.

Thursday Mercury is sextile Saturn. This is a good time to work on organizing and details. Any decisions we make will likely be well thought and quite sensible. Whatever we do will bear good fruit in the future.

That is this week in a nutshell. Now that you are armed with info…..make it a good one! I think many of us will be affected by some big weather events late in the week so please, please use caution in all your travels. It could be beneficial to put a small shovel, blanket, water, a flashlight and some snacks in your car. Jumper cables area not a bad idea either.