aquarius 3

What was I thinking when I decided that Thursday was a good day to get a new phone? First thing I notices were missing contacts;  lots of them.  Friday morning a friend called about going out to lunch. She could hardly hear me so we hung up. Then another bad call, and another until last night I went back to the store to see if they could help. An associate exchanged the phone for a new one and a test call made.  All seemed well. When I got home, it was another story. There was horrible static and the call was fading in and out. This morning I called customer service and it seems that not updating the sim card was the problem.

I almost never notice any Mercury retrograde effects. Currently Mercury is transiting Aquarius and this is also my natal placement for Mercury so I figured I’m really good with this one. Oh well! Live and learn. Next time I think I will wait until Mercury is not at its most wobbly point to do things that relate to technology. Perhaps if I had waited until next week when Mercury is farther from this turning point, buying a new phone would have been smoother.

Some of the possibilities of Mercury retrograde in Aquarius could take place on the world stage and with any form of technology, electronics, or communication.  Aquarius deals with the planet as a whole and the collective consciousness.

Many people often feel a big foggy headed when Mercury goes retrograde. This trip might not be as foggy as usual thanks to the Aquarius influence on higher thinking. All in all this could be one of the better Mercury retrogrades of the year.

Monday Venus is semi-square Pluto. This difficult energy concerns social interactions. This aspect  can cause us to be extra suspicious or on guard for any hidden agenda. If you feel yourself becoming jealous or possessive, this aspect is probably the cause. Fear of loss of things near and dear can fuel these flames. It is a good idea to avoid any new relationships and power plays with anyone at this time.

This week the big news comes Tuesday when Venus moves into Pisces.  Things begin to get a bit blurry, especially things around love and we hold significant. Venus transits do not last very long. This one will be over in just 24 days. In the meantime, we might experience a stronger fascination with fantasy or spending more than usual on a good cause. Think before you impulsively spend too much.

Pisces energy is creative, spiritual and love to daydream. This is where your desire to take in strays pets of people comes from.  Just last night I was talking to one of my very Pisces friends and she is taking in someone she knows who has become homeless for a time. Previous Piscean generosities have caused her to become a victim. She expressed that she has learned her lesson and her limits when it comes to her space and vowed to draw clear boundaries this time. Let this be a word to the wise, should you relate to this energy.

Wednesday Mercury is sextile Uranus. This is great day for meetings either in person or online. New ideas can come from using technology, science or metaphysics.  Original ideas flourish. Strokes of genius strike and we might begin to see things in a whole new way.  Old projects can take on new life. I hope this idea is as exciting for you as it is for me. Let your creativity go wild, change up the usual routine, and see where it takes you.  This could lead to some great surprises for you.

Friday there is a conjunction with the Sun and Mercury. This whole week seems to be all about Mercury doesn’t it? On this day, there could be a hick-up when something you thought was finished turns out not to be so complete. Mercury retrograde is the time to re-do and re-visit is it not?

I learned something new today about this conjunction. I learned the term “inferior conjunction.” This astronomical term describes Mercury retrograde being closer to Earth than the Sun.  I also read that this will energy will have a effect on commerce, travel and all forms of communication. Typical Mercury retro huh?

The bright side of this conjunction is that we are in tune with our thoughts. This is good energy for finding solutions to problems. What we put on paper also has a great deal of power. Be careful with those words.

Friday also see Venus square Saturn. Another difficult aspect that brings challenges to getting what we want. We might feel like we need more than it is possible to get at this time. Social endeavors could tense, as the fear of rejection is higher than usual. Saturn also tends to stiffen our affections and put some distance between our emotions and our relationships.  Saturn can be so stogy.

Friday will also see Mars sextile Pluto. Focus here is on our plans, our goals and the actions to take. Try not to walk over anyone’s feet today. It could hurt you more than them.

I don’t usually talk about the next week but next Sunday Neptune will conjunct Venus. This combines love and idealism. If you are on the fence about decision involving a person or anything you love, use caution in coming to any conclusions. Be sure you are seeing the whole picture and not looking through the haze Neptune can cause.

Earlier today, I found an interesting article about astrology and medicine. I really like the folks at this site. They have a Blog Talk Radio show that I also enjoy sometimes. I thought you might like to read is as well. Here is the link:


Until next week…..make the most of this one. Squeeze all the fun and joy out of it you can and take good care or YOU!