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aquarius 4

As I think about astrology this week, the widely held belief that astrology is “nothing more than superstition” comes to mind. I understand. I get it completely.  After all, how can you  put faith in the affects of a few big rocks traveling around our sun and make sense of any of it. Not unless you are willing to look at energy as a whole does it make sense.

Understanding astrology is even more difficult because every component of astrology holds a variety of meanings. I think of it as different definitions, like words in the dictionary. Combining the various astrological energies is also what throws people off.  It can be complicated and confusing.

Speaking of complicated, this totally describes the Pluto/Uranus square dance we have been doing since 2012. This duo affects the individual level as well as the collective consciousness. This coming March we will have the seventh and last of the perfect squares for this transit.

You do not need me to tell you what trends we have seen in the news of the past few years. These issues are some of the same issues we dealt with in the mid 1960’s.  Global warming and other Earth issues, women, and civil rights issues, were a few back then. In the 1960’s Pluto and Uranus were in a favorable, conjunct aspect.  This time they are in a difficult square position to each other.

Even though the square is not perfect or at the height or its energy, Pluto and Uranus have been no more than about three degrees of each other since the third week of October. They will continue to be this close until late spring. The influence they have on the Earth and us will linger for years so the square between these two planets is a big deal.

Moving on, this is a busy week in the zodiac.

Monday, Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Because this energy is focused on the lower levels, the might be some problems. Those of us with low self-esteem and addictive personalities need to be aware and take steps to stay on top of things. Did you know that eating foods to boost the Mars energy can be a benefit? Try a salad or some spinach, liver, pumpkins seeds or anything rich in iron.

On the sunny side of this conjunction is creativity. Do good and enjoy the good benefits conjunction offers.  Allow yourself to be inspired by this energy.

Early Tuesday morning, at 4:24 am the Sun moves into my home sign, Aquarius. The Moon follows just four hours later, joining Mercury and Venus to create a four planet stellium involving.  That is a lot of calm, cool, rational, Aquarian, influence and all on personal planets.

new-moon2Later in the day on Tuesday we have a New Moon in Aquarius. This is the first New Moon of the New Year and since it also means  new beginnings, this will also provide us an additional opportunity to tweak our resolutions, goals and intentions for the year.

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius has the characteristics of awakening, shock, rebellion, freedom enlightenment, surprise and quick change. Sometimes Aquarian energy can lead us to speak without thinking and being a bit more rebellious than usual. Some of us (like me) might need to extra aware of this for the next month.  The good news is that this New Moon can stimulate innovation among groups we associate or work with.

Mercury is one of the planets in Aquarius stellium. Mercury is the planet we associate with communication. In mythology, Mercury relayed messages between the gods. A typical Mercury transit through Aquarius stimulates our desire for knowledge, spontaneous, inventive, and original out-of –the-box thinking. This combination is probably the most ADD like combination in the zodiac there is.

Last week I mentioned that Mercury was going into his storm period before turning retrograde. You may have already noticed some of the typical retrograde energy. By mid week, things will get more wonky as he actually stations on Wednesday, January 21, and begins his three-week track backwards.  After this things smooth out a bit until Mercury stations to turn direct again.

When Mercury is in Aquarius, he is in a sign associated with technology and technology deals with communication. When he is retrograde in Aquarius, Mercury tends to affect communications more deeply than in other signs. Double-check your messages. You might even consider following up on the most important ones to be sure, they were delivered.

I am not one that likes to focus on how difficult these three weeks can be. I prefer to roll with things and enjoy the good side of this aspect. I also believe things will go better if you are prepared. Back up the computer, make sure you allow extra time for your travels and plan in case of delays or breakdowns.  Having a book to read, water to drink, and fully charged phone are good ideas.

Another thing that some of you might experience is the return of long lost friends. They may be just what the ticket to helping you redefine your life.  As I have said in the past, Mercury retrograde is the time to do anything that begins with “re.” This is the New Year. There is nothing wrong with reviewing and reflecting on our lives and even our New Year’s resolutions, so use this time well. Yes, Mercury retrograde give you yet another opportunity to set your intention for this year.

Jupiter is opposing both Mercury and Venus this week. This is not the best of influences. The theme is loss and difficulty. Jupiter opposing Venus can mean loss. This can relate to travel, finances, or people with strong religious beliefs. Conflicts at home or with anyone associated with the law could become large.  Relationships that begin under this influence are also problematic.

Jupiter opposing Mercury can show you the reward for plans made in 2009. Miscalculations can also be a problem. Be sure to pay attention to details so things go smoothly.

Saturn and Neptune remain in square aspect. Squares are always difficult. This combination is about perfection. It is also about hard work but be careful not to take on too much or you could feel a huge weight on your shoulders. Personally, I prefer to allow retrograde Mercury to be my focus, especially the relaxing part of it.

I’m excited about this week and all the Aquarian energy. I know I am partial.  After all, this is my natal sign. Moreover, I am excited about this whole year. I know there is going to be lots of change and some tough times but overall, I feel like there is a great deal of potential too. I hope you set your sights on the potential and dream BIG!