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This week begins a bit of calm. It won’t last too long however because by mid-week we are in the thick of it again. I want you to keep in mind one thing for this entire year.  That one thing is: Even with difficult aspects and difficult changes ahead of us, there will also be great opportunity. The Universe is working to help us to evolve, awaken, find our purpose, and live a fabulous life.

This does not mean we are all going to be wealthy but it does mean we can live a happy, full life. That is quite a different picture from the wealthy one. Say you want a new car because yours in on it’s last leg. You might want a new Lexus but the Universe brings you a clunker for you. Relax! It is a new car, new to you, it runs, and the Universe always knows better than we do. Be happy.

You have what you need even if it isn’t what you want. If the bills get paid, there is food on the table, enjoy! Dinner might be a bowl of soup or leftovers instead of a filet mignon. That is fine by me because I never like a filet anyway. It is the full belly and being happy with whatever comes that is important.

Love-change-SmallTake Uranus and Pluto for instance. They are really battling with each other….asking us to make real changes in our lives.  Pluto loves to tear down the old, broken things and Uranus loves freedom. Both of them are pushing us to know ourselves and find our true purpose. Sometimes it takes losing our safety net to get this. If you know people who are struggling right now, there is probably a Universal, life lesson they need to learn before they move on. Or it might not yet be their time. Change is on the way.

One of my friends does horticultural work for a living. He is always planning. This year he had some plans for work and income over the winter and they have not panned out as he was hoping. Add in a couple of extra glitches, rising costs of supplies and rent, and the past couple of months have been a challenge. Life really is like a box of chocolates.

All I can do is coach him to keep his chin up so he doesn’t attract more challenges. Things will soon turn around. My friend, like most of us is doing the best he can and hoping for the best.

Besides Uranus and Pluto pushing us, Saturn in Sagittarius wants us to aim high, shoot for the stars and visualize what we want our lives to look like. Use the first half of the year to make notes, doodle ideas, draft a plan and get busy. Dream those big dreams. Good ole Sagittarius is very optimistic and wants only the best for us.

Mid- June Saturn will be back in Scorpio.

You’ve got until he goes back into Scorpio in July to work on the life plan. After that we spend the next two months  finishing all the things we left unfinished from Saturn’s three year transit of Scorpio. All that deep, inner work we were supposed to have been doing. Some of us finished. So Saturn’s trip back will not be very messy. Some have some work to tidy up and others? Well some of us are a bit behind. Fear not! The Universe always has a way of helping us to what we have to do. When we miss an opportunity, we have deal with it and take advantage or the next opportunity or be forced to change while we kick and scream.

One area I don’t think I have ever talked about much is the “nodes of fate”. I bring this up now because they deal with our destiny. This is no doubt, one of the major themes this year.

Astrologer use the nodes  to determine your destiny. They are not physical places downloadbut points on a chart. They are also known as the “head and tail of the dragon”. You will usually only see the north node or “head of the dragon” indicated on your chart. It looks like a 60’s flip hair do outline, often with “T” inside.  Look for it and when you find it the South Node will be opposite it in the chart.

To read more about the nodes go to:    http://www.astro.com/mtp/mtpt5_e.htm


The South Node or “tail of the dragon”, tells an astrologer what skills and talents from past lives, you bring into this one. Often our past lives do not differ a lot from our present life. For instance, if you are a teacher in this life, chances are you were before. A banker was probably a financial person of some sort. A Realtor could have been a manager, owner or had some position that dealt with real estate in their past lives.

The North Node gives astrologers an idea of what you destiny is for this life. It helps us know what lessons we have come to learn. The North Node often puts us outside our comfort zone. You would do well to learn what this means for you by consulting an astrologer or researching this for yourself.

Knowing where your North Node is, is vital to finding your true purpose in this life. For me this all has to do with family, nurturing and tradition. Anyone who knows me knows these are the issues have been facing lately. Given that the Universe is leading us to resolve things so we can move on makes this placement even more interesting. It is time to get busy. As some of my friends are fond of saying, “Go BIG or go home”. You can’t go “BIG” if you have baggage weighting you down. So get busy!

Presently the North Node is at 13 degrees Libra. This position is approaching a square aspect to my natal North Node, and very close to squaring my natal Uranus. It is also opposite the current position of Uranus. This aspect is triggering the Uranus/Pluto square for all of us and pushing us to change, let go, transform, grow up, awaken, be who we really are, find out true path etc. Are you getting this message? Are you seeing this play out in your own life? I sure am. The Nodes are really triggering my natal Uranus and Chiron.

The South Node is conjunct the current Uranus in Aries. This further brings our past into the whole Uranus/ Pluto square and adds to the energy that is leading us to change.

Other aspects this week are Mars square Saturn on Wednesday. This energy will be building early in the week and waning at the end of the week. This placement can cause a feeling of frustration if we resist what is. Isn’t that usually the case? So go with the flow to reduce conflicts with others.

Resistance slows things down or brings them to a halt. This can be an opportunity a7a31883cb717d27e09b246cfc3c2740 if we allow it to be.  Use this slowdown to think about life. Become aware of what makes you happy, what drives you forward, what you love to spend your energy doing. It will be time well spent.

Remaining square this week are Saturn and Neptune. This is a difficult and multifaceted aspect. This is the status quo butting heads with transformation, resisting and deceiving. Neptune is in his home sign and feeling all his power of creativity and spirituality. Funny, I am not seeing much of either in the news of late. In this is year of change I am hopeful this will also change.

Finally yet importantly this week, Mercury will begin slowing down Saturday the 16th  and be in the storm period before stationing to turn retrograde on January 21st.   This will happen again in Mid May and in mid September.

Although Mercury is the smallest planet, if sure packs a powerful punch and adds stress to our lives. Resistance makes it worse. This is one of those times we really need to “go with the flow”. If you are one that like control, this can be a difficult time for you.

When Mercury is retrograde, we need to slow down and use our brains. Think and plan carefully. Use extra caution if you need to work on electronics or anything electrical. Travelers can expect delays, cancellations and other problems. Mercury will be in Aquarius this time around. Expect the unexpected!  Not only will Mercury be in the home sign of Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, he will also be semi square Uranus in Aries. I’m eager to see what happens during the backward trip.

Many people view the Mercury retrograde as a negative and aggravating point on downloadthe calendar. While this can be true, I view is as a time opportunity and creativity. It is a time to go back over things, look at the details and see what you may have missed before. It is time to re-invent and re-create. You might have to re- do some things think of it as an opportunity to be better or do better.

The toughest part of retrograde is that actual stationing point. This is when the energy is the most unstable. Watch closely from the 20th –the 22nd for this instability. Use extra caution and remember to go with the flow when things don’t go the way we hope.  A dear friend of mine will be traveling to Colorado on the 21st. I look forward to hearing all about this trip!

Wishing you a great week ahead! If you notice any of the things I mention happening in your life, leave a comment. I’d like to read about them.