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The Moon in Cancer was full yesterday but you can bet we are still in Full Moon energy. The first Full Moon of January is also called the “wolf moon.” Legend says when January Full Moon appeared, wolves could be heard howling from hunger outside villages.

Resolutions or goal setting for a new year are usually finished by now but the Full Moon gives us more time to wind finish those plans.   But as I reminded you in yesterday’s post, “don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s all small stuff.”

Also, in yesterday’s post I forgot to mention something I would like for you to consider adding to your resolutions and goals this year.images

As I began to write yesterday’s post, I noticed a Facebook post I thought worthy of some attention. Becky, a friend from my home town, posted that she  was “trying really hard to just be an observer! “  I have no idea what she was applying this too, but this simple thought struck me as something more of us could aspire to. It is been taking larger spot in my mind this past year. I feel like I am taking baby steps but I am getting there and hope you do too.

I have no knowledge of what led to my friend posting this idea but I do know being an observer is something I have been working toward and something I need to keep in my forethought this year.

Last summer I found I was allowing myself to become deeply affected by things in the world that are counter to my beliefs. I am peace-loving person and really dislike an argument. In my heart, I know what all is in divine order and all things are happening just as they should be. At the same time we have the power to change things if we will it so. At the same time, when things don’t go as we wish, being the observer will actually help us adjust. Or as Byron Katie teaches, “loving what is.”

If you have never read anything by Byron Katie, check out this link. lovingwhatishttp://www.thework.com/downloads/Little%20Book.pdf

Now back to astrology. The Full Moon was opposing Pluto conjunct Sun and square Uranus. This triggered the Pluto Uranus square and set off protests against things that are broke such at the abuse of power. We saw this play out over the weekend at the second slain police officers funeral. When the mayor got up to speak the officers in the crowd turned their back to him in silent respectful protest.

The last of seven Pluto Uranus squares will be in mid March. However, please take note these two planets are rotating very close to each other now and are only about 2 degrees from perfection or being exactly square. So lets call a spade a spade and a square a square. This is an aspect of big change and we are being asked to make big changes in how we view our life. This applies both personally and globally.

Saturn’s move into Sagittarius further pushes us to change. While he was in Scorpio we dealt with our inner selves. Now he has moved to the fire sign of Sagittarius, Saturn is asking us to design a plan of where we are going with the rest of our life. Remember he moves in 28-30 year cycles so if you want an idea of where you are headed, look back to 1985-1988 which is the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius.

Last night I heard an interview with a 23-year-old man names Jake Ducey. He has written a book called “The Purpose Principles, How to Draw More Meaning Into Your Life.” His thinking is in line with so many others in the human development field, find what makes us happy.

Today, Monday this week we have Mercury sextile Saturn. Organization is the theme. Also do any work that requires detail. This aspect is also asking us to look at our life plan. The decisions we make under this energy will most likely be useful, well thought out, and bring solid results.

The Sun is conjunct Pluto. We are tearing down and letting go of our own broken pieces. While letting go can be hard, remember, we have to make room to build the new.

changes_ahead-300x300You may feel rebellious today too as the Sun in Square Uranus. Things can change quickly including our minds.

Tuesday the Sun is semi Square Saturn. If you feel blocked in some way you might look here. The blockage can apply to both people and situations. This would be a good time to practice that observer mode. Don’t waste energy allowing things to eat at you.

Also on Tuesday, there is a nice trine between Saturn and the Moon. This is a balancing aspect. Usually the sensitivity of the moon and the structure of Saturn are not a good match. The trine aspect softens things quite a bit and the result could be a nice blend of realism and intuition.

Wednesday, I see trine between Jupiter and Uranus perfecting. This will surely expand change in the world and in our lives. This aspect could prove to be more important than we might think at first glance. Don’t forget that change can be good and that is what this aspect tells me. Under this aspect, we have some big manifesting power. So, if you keep your eye on your dreams, they just may come true.

Thursday the Moon opposes Mars and Neptune. This is an interesting combo of aspects. The Moon is our emotions. When opposing Mars we can feel a need for emotional stimulation and tempers can be high. Neptune on the other hand, adds to the Moons emotions making us more sensitive than usual. Use caution not to over react or under react. Some of us could even have Kleenex moment or two.

Friday and Saturday Mars is semi square Uranus and then Pluto. This will further trigger the Pluto Uranus square and help us make the personal changes we need to make.

If you are hesitating to step out and do something new or take a risk, the Mars Uranus aspect can be quite helpful. Watch your impulse moves. Think about things before acting. You may also see some schedule changes with your work or travel. Just relax, take a few deep breaths and go with the flow.

The Mars Pluto aspect is intense. If you know bullish, confrontational people, you might want to avoid them this week. Even if you do not, you may see some people turn into bullies when they normally are not. This one aspect could halt change as power struggles rise up. Again….that word “observer” comes to mind. The best way to deal with this aspect is not to dig your heels in. Try to be as flexible as you can and again…go with the flow.

Please remember that these characteristics are impacted by our natal charts too. Some of us will feel none of this energy and some will feel quite well.

number-8One final thing about this year. yesterday I spoke a bit about it being an “8” year. 2015, 2+0+1+5=8.

The energy of eight is powerful! This number teaches about balance in power. No power can last without balance. I believe this year we will see those areas dissolved or crumble where power has become irreparably unbalanced.

This power extends to our personal power, inner strength, and self confidence.The eight represents manifesting, prosperity,  finances, wealth, abundance and investments. It is spiritual consciousness and connects spirit to matter.  It is humanity, real justice, truth, love, and transformation.

Numerologist, Glennis McCants, says it is good to put a #8 in our wallets or purses to draw money. She warns not to go over board and think the 8’s  more the better. This is not the case. They will cancel each other out so one should be enough.


Til Next week….BE HAPPY! ! !