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Happy New Year!

How many times have you written 2014 instead of 2015 so far? Change is difficult and also seems to be the theme for this coming year.

Most people want to know what the New Year holds for them. Of course, no one knows for sure but the prognosticators follow trends in their given area and are able to give us an idea. I am particularly fascinated with the predictions of psychics, numerologist and astrologers. However, nothing is written in stone. All things can change if there is a will to change it.  Predictions are meant to give us a idea of what could happen. Good or bad, it is up to us to either create the future or change it.  This could be there year we see a real shift in consciousness.

I spent this past Friday afternoon with a psychic friend I have known for over 17 years. She reads a regular deck of playing cards. She seemed unusually fascinated by the reading she gave me that day.  So much so, that she wants to follow up with me in a month. Can you guess the theme of my reading? Cha-Cha-change!  Figures huh?  Change, after is the only thing in life we can count on. This year we both feel like change takes on a different meaning or take us to a different level. Time will tell.

My gut has been telling me for a couple of months now that 2015 will be year of changes. Lots and lots of change. While changes can be good, they often stimulate our fear mechanism. Fear is our worst enemy.

My gut tells me the changes will be greater than usual. In many more areas of the world and our lives than we have in the past. This will also be the beginning of a three – four year period of change.

I urge you to relax and find every bit of joy you can. Do not allow yourself to be wrapped up in the fear that some will try to create. Think outside the box and please think for yourself. Remember events like the Bird Flu of 2009-210?  The media hyped it up and said it would kill thousands when in reality there were only a few hundred. The media succeeded in creating a pandemic of fear. This is what  I hope you avoid in the coming months and years.

Change, whether good or bad, positive or negative is largely up to us. However, we view change this year, whatever happens will be necessary for our human evolution, our awakening to who we really are and our ascension to the higher dimensions. This ascension is mentioned in the many religious texts including the Bible. At the risk of sounding all gloom and doom, I feel these next three years to be the real “tribulation years.”  I could also be very wrong.

When we do not dwell on the negative, or take it all personally, change can be a very exciting thing.  My gut intuition tells me many people will suffer and even die from earth changes, natural disasters, disease, war and other events. Nevertheless, if you keep in mind that we are all visitors here and that our natural state of being is spirit and not this human body, it makes this news a bit easier to swallow. I understand this is a concept we humans have difficulty with. Grasping this concept could make these trying times a bit easier.  That is my intention at least.

Now let’s move on to the Astro outlook for this year.

I followed the footsteps of my astrologer friend Shelley Overton and generated a natal chart for this year. We have a lot of energy in Capricorn right now, just like last year.

Last year began with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn. This year we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto. The emotional Moon is grounded in the earth sign of Taurus this year. Remember, Taurus is also one of the most stubborn signs in the Zodiac. The tradition of the old guard is going to dig in a hold on for all its worth.

Now, combine that with Mars transiting Aquarius, and I predict many quick tempers this year. Mars is the planet of action and self-defense, bravery and courage. His position in a chart describes how he reacts on our behalf. Aquarius is the sign of independence, freedom, the unexpected, and the unpredictable.  Aquarius also rules weather, science, and technology. With Mars and Aquarius influencing each other, there is sure to be some excitement, possible interesting weather events and maybe some unexpected news in the area of science or technology.

It is possible we could see even more public out cries about things that concern us than we have seen in the recent past. Loud voices will no doubt facilitate some changes.  Bets are on that the Fourth of July will not be the only time we see fireworks.

The Ascendant for this year is Libra and thankfully not different from last year. Libra lends her balancing, team playing energy to the year and gives us a desire for cooperation.  Hopefully this balance and co-operation characteristics will cool the hotheadedness that I also see this year.

Venus will influence the year in the areas of money, love, beauty and comfort, and partnerships of all kinds. I don’t think we have heard the last of the gay marriage debate. Money and news around money will also be a big deal this year.

When it comes to money there will be two specific times concerning Saturn to be cautious. Both will be around Saturn’s stationing. First period will be in mid March when Saturn stations or slows down to turn retrograde. During this retrograde Saturn will also go back in Scorpio to give you an opportunity to tie up any loose ends you may have from his Scorpio transit. If you need a refresher on this, I suggest a past blog or a Google search for Saturn in Scorpio.

I am not going to venture to guess what specific kinds of money issues we might face during these times but expect issues around financial structures. This could be the market or banks.

The second period I think we will want to take note of is when Saturn stations to turn direct in July. He hits 28 degrees and 57 minutes Scorpio on July 4th. The week after that he begins to really slow down. He turns direct again on August 2, 2015. He doesn’t end back at 28 degrees, 57 minutes Scorpio until the end of August. So this period will be quite a bit longer than the one in March.

My friend Tim Bost, who studies astrology in relation to market trends, says we should be money cautious all the way through September 8. I must defer to his wisdom here because this knowledge is out of my realm.

It might be a good idea for me to remind you that Saturn in the planet of change and our resistance to it. He represents our life’s work, our maturity. This is where our authority and discipline lies. Saturn just changed signs on Christmas Eve, moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Now he is in the last degree of the second house. This is the house of money and possessions, the house of ownership.

Think about the second house of ownership for a minute. Most of us have a limited mindset about this. We think only of material ownership; the tangible things. What about the intangible things?  Don’t we also own our abilities, desires, needs, emotions, and our selves? Sure we do.

While Saturn was been in Scorpio, we examined our relationship with money and ourselves. Now that he is in Sagittarius, we will begin to see things shift and change as we move on to the next lesson of our soul’s mission. If you want to get an idea of how this transit might affect you personally, think back to 1985-1988, if you are old enough to do that. This was the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius.

Maybe now, my insistence on this being a year of change will make more sense to you.

Saturn is not very comfortable in Sagittarius. He is all about structure, restriction, rules, regulations, and hard reality checks. Sagittarius on the other hand is expansive and optimistic. The good news is that these two are able to find some balance. This is a good thing since this transit will last a full three years give or take a few days. This will take us into almost 2018 when I except to see things begin to settle down. I am going to be bold and stick my neck out here to say the U.S. will be in quite a different place in the world pecking order by then.

Now I am near the end of page three in my text editor and I have not begun to talk about this week at all. I think I may have to write the astrology part tomorrow. With luck, I may get it written tonight. I hope you hang with me. For now, I want to continue with what some of the professional seers are seeing.

Looking into the year from the psychics view, many are seeing big earth and weather events. I know I already mentioned this but is from my gut and not as specific as these professionals.

If you remember last year, we saw devastating tornadoes very early in the season. The fall brought some huge early snowfalls.  The psychics are expecting similar events and perhaps in greater numbers this year. Not just in this county but worldwide. Among them could be another tsunami in Japan.

Early in the year, we will hear about labor issues. Not at all surprising since 28 states raised their minimum wages January 1, 2015. Global warming or climate change will be a large news topic this year. At the end of the year, there will be a gathering in Paris of world leaders. The hope is to develop a plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030, back to 2005 levels. Also not surprising will be health issues, perhaps flu or something else in first quarter of the year. Perhaps Ebola will again be headline news. Time will tell.

The psychics also see upsets involving money, economic sluggishness in the spring and again in mid-late summer and October. These events could be related to uncertain market activity, currency collapse or a combination of things according to the professionals. There will also be hot spots around the world politically. Naturally, these will include Korea and the Russia. Israel will hold an election on March 19, 2015 that could ultimately have some global impact.

From the numerologist standpoint, 2015 is an eight year. Besides being the infinity symbol, it also represents abundance and money. I know I have already spoken of some about money issues this year. Well, here was have money in the numbers. The way we get this is by taking 2015 and adding all the number together. 2015…2+0+1+5=8. Eight also represents authority and is interestingly, the number for the word “police.” Look for officers to continue to be in the news and some to be victims like the two in New York.

Glennis McCants, “The Numbers Lady” says the big news items this year will be the supreme courts taking on the Affordable Care Act. She believes this will not stand as it is now,  after June.

She also mentions possible upcoming presidential candidates. The “Bush” name holds certain apprehensions for many and Hillary could be a candidate if her health is good. She also speaks of Kim Jong Un and the internet issue continuing to be in the news.

I don’t want to end this post without mentioning the upcoming Pluto Uranus Square. This will take place on March 15th and be the last of seven since 2012. Now I am speaking astrologically again. I feel like this last perfection is going to be the strongest one yet.

I know this seems to post seems to have only a dark tone. Remember that we can change things. This could be great year for higher education, starting new businesses and creating new community relationships. These things are very positive. One of my favorite seers, John Hogue, says this is our last year to attempt to change the direction we are headed in before we reach the tipping point. The ball is really in our court. I say go for it, make the most of it.

Remember that we need changes to progress. The old needs to go away so new can be built. Difficult concept but true. Everything is for our awakening and evolution. Embrace this shift in consciousness.

Find joy and laugh at things instead of letting them upset you. Remember the phrase from a book in the 1990’s, “don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s all small stuff.” Relax at every opportunity, meditate, get out and take a walk now and then or go some gardening. Enjoy your friends. Regardless of the predictions, I hope that you will not focus on the negative and find a way to let go and allow good to come to you.  There is a great deal of opportunity this year if you look for it.

Ok….astrology for this week will have to wait. Look for that tomorrow. There will be more golden nuggets in it.