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Good or bad, the holidays are nearly over for another year.  I have become fond of saying “Happy Everything” this year. It is the lazy way I know, sort of “one size fits all” greeting. But I think I like it because it is not offensive to those that don’t celebrate or those that are perhaps tired of the cliché greetings or “Festivus for the rest of us.” Either way, I hope you are having fun whenever possible!

Personally, I have been blessed with the best friends anyone could ask for. The holiday has been full of laughter, good food, good drinks, good memories and lots of love. There was one sad note; the news of a death on Christmas morning. The timing was not ideal but the death was not unexpected. That is just the way it goes sometimes.


The year 2014 has seen many interesting changes, trials, tribulations, achievements, successes, and some very interesting weather.  Now it is time to think ahead to 2015. What are your plans? From what I see coming in the skies, 2015 is going to be interesting. This is a year we will see more shifts toward welcoming the divine feminine energy as our guide and a lessening of the patriarchal as ruler. This shift will no doubt bring struggle and conflict as the old guard fights to hold fast to what it believes it owns and has control over.

Even some spiritual folks that know this to be true in their hearts will have trouble giving in to the divine feminine. Pay close attention to your male spiritual leaders. Many will be caught up in less than the truth.

I have a gut feeling we are in for lots of changes this year. As we begin the year, Uranus has just turned direct on December 20th and will be back at full power until mid July. At this point, he will turn retrograde and his power will soften again for a while.

We have the last of seven perfect Uranus/Pluto square coming up this year. This will take place on March 15, 2015. I expect this one to pack a good punch if only because Pluto takes its time building up to things.

I also think there will be big changes in finances this year. This could be the year that sees the collapse of the dollar. Time will tell. There are a few key times to watch our finances however.

The three Mercury retrograde periods will surely be times to pay close attention to our money. As will mid March and the end of July and beginning of August when Saturn stations to change directions. You might want to find out where Venus and Jupiter are in your natal chart so you can pay attention to how this could affect you. However, I think we all will be wise to use caution when it comes to our finances this coming year.


Saturn as you probably know has recently completed his trip through the dark depths of Scorpio and has moved into Sagittarius. He will revisit Scoripio for short time after he turns retrograde in March.  This is when he will tie up any loose ends he left with Scorpio. You could be wise to do the same thing.

Saturn will no longer focus on uncovering secrets to solve problems. For the next three years, while he transits Sagittarius, he will direct our focus to a more collective and universal way of solving our problems.

9f45bf9196c646591cda16450981c090Saturn in Sagittarius will help us open our minds and evolve our thinking. Saturn being as disciplined as he is, I think it will be good thing this transit is three years long instead of Saturn’s usual 2-2 ½ years. If we are ever to evolve to our potential, we are going to need to make big changes and begin looking more at the big picture.

Staying in the moment, we still have this coming week to look at.

This week begins with four planets in Capricorn. Saturn comes back into the story here because he rules Capricorn and that energy influences the transiting planets. Capricorn energy is about structures, building and creating careers. It is also about authority, elders, respect, discipline and caution.

When the Sun in Capricorn we often feel more responsibility, ambition and have a greater respect of boundaries and the law. Capricorn really wants us to feel comfortable in a framework of boundaries and limits. This is perhaps the origins of why we set New Year’s Resolutions. They provide us with a framework of margins and limits for working on long and short term goals.  Good luck with all of yours!

Mercury is in his last week of Capricorn this week. Perhaps you noticed your thoughts were more logical than usual in the past two weeks. You conversations also were more logical and organized. These can be good characteristics this time of year. Often it’s in not allowing that we lose out. Allowing cane most difficult after all because it causes us to let go of something we are comfortable with.

Venus in Capricorn no doubt helped us control our holiday spending. I am going to give her the credit for helping me at least. Relationships with co- workers may have been more pleasant where there might have been difficulty before. Creativity was enhanced the past few weeks. But Venus will be leaving Capricorn on January 4th so if you need to take advantage of her Capricorn energy, you better do it now! Make the most of the ability to form lasting relationships with like-minded folks or at least those that will support our ideas and goals. Our level heads right now are a big plus.

The last planet in Capricorn is Pluto. This guy has a long transit through this sign, from 2008-2023. Pluto is in charge of death, dying, decay, and rebirth and rebuilding. He has been looking for all the dead bodies since 2008 and will continue to do so for eight more years. This has been and will continue to bring big changes. Those of us that are willing to bend and embrace change will fare best. But the changes needs to be forward, not backward. It is the old guard that is trying to hold on or take us back because they fear change. Eventually all will have to move forward or give up.

Mars has progressed over to Aquarius. (My favorite sign.) Tempers can flare as is usual for Mars, but are sure to be less personal. Problems are most often met with detachment and intelligence, thanks to this Aquarian influence.

Early this coming week there is favorable aspect between Venus and Jupiter. This could lead us to lean toward fun things. It might be time to let our hair down a bit, relax and enjoy ourselves. Watch out for exaggerated expectations. This can cause distress in some relationships. Also look for the balance between what we are responsible for and our self indulgence.

Monday our thinking may a bit fuzzy as Mercury aspects Neptune in a semi-square. This will not be a good day for technical things, presentations, or making formal agreements. Instead, chill out, relax, day dream if you can. That’s what the energy is good for.

Thursday, New Day, Mars opposes Jupiter. Use caution that you don’t over estimate what you are able to do today. Mars is a big doer and Jupiter like to make things bigger or expand them. Also, be aware of any impulsiveness and pay extra attention to details. These could lead to mistakes in judgment.

The Sun has two big aspects on Saturday. First, she will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Our will is strong under this energy. Perhaps this will help stimulate some of those newly made New Year’s resolutions toward success. Keeping things to yourself and using strategy will not be a bad idea either.

Next the Sun square Uranus in Aries. Expect the unexpected! Disruptions will be the rule of the day or for a few days before and after. Everything will serve to assist us in our evolution. These delays and upsets will motivate  us to try new ways of doing things and become more open minded and flexible. Not such an easy thing for the old guard is it?

That wraps up the highlights for the coming week. If you plan to go out to celebrate the New Year, please arrange for a driver. My friends and I call this “amateur night”. I know this is an exciting time but there is no need to be unsafe and risk anyone’s life driving while impaired.

Looking forward to 2015!  Hope you are too!