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Today is the Winter Solstice, actually at 6:03 pm EST and the shortest day and longest night of the year. The word “Solstice” comes from Latin sol (sun), and sister (to stands still). At both the winter and summer Solstice, the sun indeed stands still in declination before reversing direction and continuing its path toward Spring.

There are many Solstice traditions from around the world. They involve ritual baths as part of a purification process, as well as chanting and singing, beating drums and making loud noises to scare away the darkness, bonfires, torchlight, dancing and feasting. This time of year has a wealth of tradition that you may enjoy learning more about. One of my favorites is 12th Night.  When I was younger, the idea of extending the Christmas season into January appealed to me. I also liked the idea of it ending with a big feast and music. Whether you celebrate or not, enjoy whatever you do, even if it is being alone. Find the joy in the solitude. Today is a great day for self-care and meditation too.

Astrologically, the skies are sure interesting these days.  Change is upon us, inside and out. If you read my mid-week post about the Pluto/Uranus square perfection last Monday, you are aware of some of the connections here.

From the personal level, this square is causing us to shift our thinking and boost our awakening.  However, some of us are fighting hard against change and digging in to maintain or regain the old guard and old ways of thinking.  I could go into great areas of debate at this point but will refrain and stick to astrology for this coming week.

112014Besides today being the Winter Solstice, before this day is over we will have five planets the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is known as the coldest sign of the zodiac. With four signs residing here for the at least the next three weeks, expect cold weather until this stellium breaks up on January 11, 2015. If you read the Farmer’s Almanac, you know they are predicting a cold winter as well.

Today we also have a New Moon in the. This means new beginnings, and in my opinion, quite appropriate and representative of this atmosphere of change. This moon also gives us a great opportunity to create order in our lives. It is through setting goals that we are able to focus on what matters most in our lives.  Sensible, realistic limits and rules can provide us with freedom from concern and chaos.

Also happening today, Mercury is sesquiquadrate Jupiter. Details can go unnoticed by some and others could find themselves on information overload. Jupiter expands Mercury’s messages to the point of exaggeration today. Please be kind and take it all in stride.

Monday Venus is mi-square Saturn. Relating to others could be difficult and affections could be a bit chilly or distant. Many of us still have seasonal shopping to do but beware of how you spend your money today. New financial obligations could turn into a waste of time and regret. The shadow side is that romantic relationships could experience considerable upset, including broken engagements. However, this is a good time for reflection.

Tuesday, Saturn changes signs. This is big and will bring with it big changes in 2015. At least this is my guess. According to hometown friend and financial astrologer Tim Bost, we can expect Saturn to have some big affects on finances in March and again in July. Both of these times are when Saturn stations to go 9f45bf9196c646591cda16450981c090retrograde and again direct. During this time, he will also venture back in to Scorpio for a while to tie up loose ends left from his transit through that sign. Of course, Saturn’s transit will be something to watch in the coming months.

Wednesday, is Christmas Eve and the last day of Chanukah. The planets, Mercury and Uranus will square each other. Uranus is quick and impulsive. His energy could bring us flashes of new ideas and a fair amount of scatter-brainedness.  (My spell-check is trying to tell me that is not a word but I like it and am leaving it alone).

Everyday routines are more difficult to carry out while some things go altogether undone or get sidetracked. Misunderstandings are more common so try to put off sharing any important ideas. This kind of energy excites me because it leads us to think outside the box. This is due in part to my natal Mercury being in my home sign of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus.  The status quo finds this energy most upsetting because it goes against its grain. . If you thought last week’s news was shocking, I cannot wait to see what this week brings.

Mercury moves to a conjunct position with Pluto on Thursday. Who knows what interesting things will be discovered now. I expect a “ah ha moment” or two. The energy is definitely focused when it comes to thoughts and ideas. Inquiring minds want to know as they say. And with this transit those inquiring minds, usually uncover some deep truth.

While we tend to be quite persuasive, the shadow side of this transit is suspicion, manipulation, frustration and obsession. Be careful how you handle this transit. Leaning  into the intentional thought  and skills of observation this transit brings will be its best use.

Friday Venus is semi-square Neptune. Being happy is infectious. Being realistic is not in the cards today at all. If you are planning to take advantage of after Christmas sales today, be careful  not to get carried away with your spending. Also use caution with anything legal or contractual. Remember Neptune is a dreamy, illusionary influence.

I hope this week brings you lots of smiles and a great deal of joy. If you plan to travel, please be careful and watch out for the other person on the road with lots on his or her mind and trying to get the last minute shopping done. Don’t get your knickers in a twist over anything. It is simply not worth the upset. Thanks to all my regular readers, all the new readers and followers. Your “likes” bring me lots of smile and a great deal of joy!