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The sixth of seven perfect squares between the planets Pluto and Uranus is just barely past and already the news is full of event that relate to this transit.

Here is a list of some of them:

1. From last week, there was secret info leaked about the CIA.

2. The Russian ruble is collapsing.

3. Hostages held in a cafe in Sydney, Autrailia, by a man with an “interesting,” some say “twisted,” past.

4. Ex-Marine goes on a shooting spree in Pennsylvania, resulting in six deaths and one person wounded.

5. Across the globe, in Pakistan, 132 school children were massacred by the Taliban.

6. And today, a big surprise announcement is all over the airwaves. The President of the United States has declared he will reopen connections with Cuba that were closed in 1961.

Another characteristic of this transit is death. I hope this finds all of you well and healthy. However, many are not. Two friends of mine have lost three of their friends this week in less than 12 hrs.

No one can be sure what will happen next Astrology is not a fortune teller but it can show us when and where there is a likelihood of events.

Also I doubt we have heard the last when it come to the CIA leaks.

In case you are interested in more on the subject of the CIA and have a very strong stomach,  you might want to search for a Youtube video where Professor Alfred McCoy is interviewed by the good folks at “Democracy Today” about his book “A Question of Torture”. In this book he he gives shocking information about the CIA’s development of psychological torture going back to the Cold War, up to Abu Ghraib. I won’t post because I don’t want to give energy to it but do feel free to search for it if you see fit. I could not get past the first minute or so.

Remember, we are just visitors here and playing a roll in each other’s soul growth. All is in divine order and it is ALL GOOD!