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The big news this week is the Pluto/Uranus square.  Since I began this blog two years ago, I have called this “the Pluto/ Uranus Square Dance.” It perfects today and tomorrow, meaning, these two planets are exactly 90 degree apart on the current chart. Please refer to the archives for past blogs that deal with just this topic.

We have all noticed how the world is changing around us.  Control has changed hands in many countries and in our own. Even the weather seems to be changing and secrets are coming out. This is all part of the Pluto/Uranus square. We won’t be away from its influence until 2018 but next year we will see our last exact Pluto/Uranus square for a while. No doubt, this energy is powerful and transformational.

This transformation is not only happening around us, it is also happening to us. Perhaps you have noticed changes in your way of thinking or in your beliefs. Change has a ripple effect. It’s seldom limited to small group, area or just a few people. Whatever is going on with you, trust that it is for the best.

Uranus rules weather is impulsive and takes us outside our comfort zones. He often brings thoughts or events at quickly,. Many of them are unwanted, but they are most often liberating and free us from what no longer serves. He asks us to see a bigger picture.

Pluto is intense and primal. He brings out what has been hidden. Often the most hidden things are those thoughts we have forgotten or locked way in some corner of our mind. Perhaps you’ve noticed some old thoughts coming to mind again. Memories you thought we long gone. I know I have. Often they surprise me too. Pluto wants us to look at the things we’ve hidden and now deal with them once and for all so we can close those chapters of our lives.

One of the biggest ways we see Pluto in action is through deaths. Some are sudden and shocking. The death of Robin Williams was one of those. As you know, the news is full of similar news. Another facet of Pluto’s energy is the death of relationships and old chapters in our lives.

This whole year has in fact been about death and endings. People have left jobs, changed careers because they no longer feel right or fit our purpose. People everywhere and family members are finding they no longer think and believe the same way they once did. This has causes rifts all over but is also part of letting go of what no longer serves.

I know we hate to see some of our relationships end, especially family and close friends. But we need to let them go and let each person live their own life and find our new purpose. There are new people you can align with, help, and learn from.  STOP! Stop trying to hold on to what was, what we think is “normal” and embrace the new. It is all for your best and highest good. Allow yourself to change and evolve. Embrace the adventure of it all, especially if you are seeking more truth and love. This is your awakening.

The combined energy of these two planets squared is pushing us to edge both personally and globally. It is challenging us to face what we’ve hidden inside, release it, and let it all go. It is only when we let go that we can raise our vibrations and transform. Fighting it can lead to frustration.

Frustration is a feeling I have become quite intimate with this past year. I have examined it closely. I don’t understand why hunger, war, and disharmony of all kinds exist.  I know in my heart that all things are as they should be, but every time I see an act of hatred or greed, I am deeply affected and sad. Equality, racial, and women’s should not exist in my mind. I thought we had dealt with this in the 1960’s and it was over. I was wrong. We are not finished with them and this Pluto/Uranus square is trying to bring us completion of things begun 50 years ago.

My frustration has led me to more peaceful place now. Recently I have embraced the idea that I am a visitor here and nothing more. None of this anything other than the experience my soul asked for or agreed to long ago. I am grateful.

Moving on with this week’s astrology, the days are growing longer and longer. The Holidays are upon us. Hanukkah begins Tuesday and ends Christmas Eve, which is just 10 days away. This is a tough time of year for many people for a variety of reasons. Less daylight often brings on dark moods. It is important to get out and get some sunshine this time of year. If you can’t take a walk, then make a cup of something hot and find a sunny spot on the porch or in the yard to sit for 10 minutes. This one thing will do wonders for your overall health.

Spending time in mediation and doing something creative like writing or doodling can be helpful too.

Tuesday, Mercury is moving into Capricorn. Our thinking goes from a wide variety of things to being more disciplined and practical. Conversations take on a more realistic, focused tone and are business like and practical.  We tend to be more logical, methodical, consistent,  and organized.  WOW! this is some energy I REALLY need about now. The shadow side of this is that we can become cold, harsh, and stiff in our thinking and in the way we deal with others. Pay attention to that narrow margin between what is real and what is pessimistic.

By the end of this week, we will have a stellium in Capricorn that will last through the end of the year.
The personal planets, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus,  will be affected along with the collective planet, Pluto. This is dynamic and casts a seriousness note to the holidays. The Venus/ Pluto conjunction can be transformative when it comes to love and money. The shadow side of this is possessiveness and jealousy. Just so you know.

Mars is now transiting Aquarius. This is adding some unpredictability to our energy levels. Getting things done now will be rather hit or miss. I’ve sure seen this around my house. So much so, I swear there are gremlins in my kitchen. But the good news is that I am able to take it all in stride and with a certain amount of Aquarian detachment. You may notice your detachment too while at the same time you are very much a team player.

I feel like I have given you a lot to ponder all ready. Plus I am coming up on my self imposed three page limit. There is just one thing. I can’t get the idea of the darkness and dark moods out of my head today. I feel for all those that are lonely this time of year. I know it sound cliché’ to say you are never alone. This is however, very, very true. We are all connected. So if you are one of those that are feeling lonely this time of year, try some of the creative things I mentioned earlier in this post.

Meditate and envision yourself with energy running through your body from head to toe. See the energy gather in a small ball in the center of your chest. Then run that energy down to your feet and  into the center of Mother Earth. Send it out from the top of your head to Source of all that is, the Master Artist, the Divine intelligence, God. See your connection to the Universe and allow this energy to fill your hear chakra in the center of your chest. Know that you are indeed connected and never alone. Feel the love of the Universe filling you up from head to toe. Relax in this feeling for a while. Write down your experience.


Till next week……… Be safe and do what you can to avoid the crazy this season can bring. Enjoy your week.