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Change is so difficult and yet, the only thing we can count on. Lately I have been nearly consumed with this topic. I’ve been making changes or thinking about changes I could, can and will make  I guess this is why I feel compelled to share the following:

Last Friday I learned of the death of an influential man from my early adulthood. While many credit him with saving them from certain doom, either through drugs, alcohol of self-loathing, I credit him with teaching me, even teachers and gurus can fall from grace.

Even after this man’s fell from his pedestal, I still put people on them. This is a condition of being human I think. Looking back on the time in knew him; I realize what a pivotal point this was in my life. A real awakening point. Thank you Lyn Hay, for being such a beacon to so many. You lived your 88 years on earth well.

Now…..on with this week’s Astrology……….

Today we are still under the influence of yesterday’s Full Moon. You have to love the differences between Gemini and Sagittarius. At least, I do. It is like looking at two sides of a mental coin.

downloadGemini is a mental homebody. His home turf and neighborhood is where he is most comfortable. Gemini and all the signs in each person’s chart is influenced by the planets in that sign and by the house placement of the sign. For me the influence is expansive Jupiter retrograde. My house placement is divided between the eighth house of other people’s money and transformation, and the ninth house of higher education, long distance travel and legal matters.

Sagittarius takes us to thoughts outside the local arena. He pushes us to look beyond our immediate surroundings and travel both physically and mentally to faraway places. Of course, this will also be influenced by planets in the sign and the sign’s house placement. Some of us will be more interested in long distance travel and so on than others.

Over all this week will be calmer than some in the past, at least aspect wise. The week is full of gentle trines with only two big squares in sight. Uranus is soon to perfect its 6th square to Pluto for this round and Jupiter is still square Saturn. These two squares are adding energy to what we are seeing in the streets and in the news. I do not wish to go too far into this. I am personally having a emotional weekend and some difficulty writing today. I will therefore stick to the basics.

The Sun is now about half way through her transit of Sagittarius. This is a transit that makes us more aware of our world. Our understanding of the world is greater and we want to give more to it. A great time for charity.

Please choose a good local charity that helps those in need of the basics for living. Donate your time if you are financially unable to give. For those that have limited funds, check out one of your area’s dollar stores and shop for food donations there. Toothpaste, feminine hygiene products and wipes are things we sometimes over look. Here is a link to a blog that I found helpful.


Mercury is about half way through his current tour of Sagittarius. Instead of wanting to do deep into something we are more interested in learning a variety of things. Our optimism is increased along with our confidence and loyalty. Our stronger beliefs will be more persuasive. And at the same time we will be more concerned with what is fair or unfair.

Venus will be moving into Capricorn on December 10, 2014. This will add emphasis Professional-Relationship-1024x720to our relationships with business partners and co-workers, making them easier. Our creativity levels will also be higher. Our desire to create connections with those who support our dreams is amplified. Long lasting connections, loyalty and truthfulness are what we desire most. Let’s hear it for Venus in Capricorn!

Mars is now firmly in Aquarius. Our energy is higher than it has been but it is a bit unpredictable. We might find we are getting things done with unusual methods seasoned with the impersonal anger that is a characteristic of Mars transiting Aquarius. We approach life with a detached and intellect.

Monday will be a good day for communications and problem solving. Whatever we say or write will have enormous impact, be it good or bad. Chose your words carefully today and always.

Tuesday Mercury is semi square Mars. Don’t be surprised if you or others are more snarky. Arg! Thankfully this aspect is short lived. Don’t let any stress get you flustered.

Wednesday, things turn more tactful. The Moon is in Leo and our creativity, romantic and charitable feelings get a boost.

Thursday there is s brief grand trine between the Moon, Sun and Uranus. Unexpected emotions many arise. This could be an interesting day for some.

Friday, Mercury trines Jupiter. This can bring us good news or an offer of something good. This is a good time to send in forms, applications and precise observations. Our mind is on the big picture and short trips.

romania-cars-burie_1574361iWith the Uranus/Pluto square getting closer to perfection, I expect demonstrations to continue. I am sure there will be lots of info hidden from us too. Time will tell what actually happens. I also expect the unexpected when it comes to the weather this winter. No doubt, we have already seen some erratic weather events that have also been quite transformative.

Transformation is the word for this time, this year, this decade, this century. The world is transforming and change is happening at lighting speeds. Each of use needs to take extra care of ourselves, stay centered, and find joy where ever we can.

I wish you all a safe and grand week. Dream the big dream!