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If any of my readers live in the Buffalo NY are or have relatives there, bless you! I am sending good vibes for good outcomes with all the rain that is coming. This whacky weather is sure WHACKY! I think we can give some credit for this to the Uranus Pluto square. A weather man I follow is saying there will be snow for the lower eastern states this week. Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland could get a big Thanksgiving surprise. This storm could extend as far south as Georgia.

We are one day into the new Moon cycle and the Sun changing signs.  I hope you were successful in tying up loose ends and have new projects beginning. I always have things left over and I am sure you do too. It’s all good.

The Sun has just moved into Sagittarius where she will remain until the next New Moon on December 21st. Under this influence, our attentions turn from ourselves and toward others.  We want wish to reach out and connect to the world around us.  With the holidays and the cold, wet weather, there is probably no better time of year to for this charitable energy. The numbers of people experiencing hardship for many various reasons is high and there are many ways to help them. If we lack financial means to help, sometimes all it takes is a smile or a hug.

Sagittarius1Sagittarius is a fiery, mutable sign. Mutable means it is flexible and the fire aspect gives us lot of energy. This sign is also optimistic and always looking for the sunny side of things. Sagittarius is also good at seeing the big picture and loves travel and adventure. The shadow side is one of overdoing. Take time to nurture yourself, your faith and hope for the next month.

Tuesday we have a Mercury/ Saturn conjunction and they are in Scorpio no less. It is a good thing this conjunction does not last very long because it sure can take us to some dark places. If you feel like things are weighing on you early this week this could be why.

Mercury will be moving out of Scorpio on Thanksgiving Day and join the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius for a while. For now, we are interested in learning about a variety of topics. Just the kind of energy and info junkie like me enjoys.

The shadow side of this will be a tendency to talk. In my natal chart, Mercury is in Aquarius. But, the shadow side of Mercury in Sagittarius reminds me of me. He tends to talk too much and too loud. His talk may not be all that factual however because he is more focused on fun that the facts. A good party placement perhaps.

The more ordered Virgo types in your life could be annoyed by your excessive  chatter. They will surely appreciate your awareness of this for the next three weeks. Mercury in Sagittarius is very interested in what is just and unjust. Again…this only last three weeks.

Venus is in Sagittarius is through December 10, 2014. Our romantic outlook changes from deep and intense, to upbeat and light hearted. Venus is a bit out of her element when she is in this sign. Her focus shifts from one of singular, intimate focus to a collective focus.

Sagittarius loves adventure and this now extends to love. Mercury lends his bluntness to things and this can lead so some interesting adventures of the romantic type. Truth, optimism and a higher meaning are the main concern now.

Mars is on his way out of Capricorn next week. For now, he has a determined energy about him and resistant to irritation. When Mars in Capricorn becomes frustrated, he can be distant, even cold. He is rather rigid and tends to approach things with determination and with an eye to the future. Not exactly the most warm and fuzzy of placements is it?

Now for some of the aspects we will see this week. With the upcoming holiday and our relationships with people as their focus,  let’s look at Venus first.

On the 26th, Venus trines Uranus. This means we might lose our fear around taking risks. Mix this energy,  with Mercury’s placement in Sagittarius, and I would bet on some folks tasting shoe leather. At the same time, we are all about what is new and unusual when it comes to romance without commitment.

That same day Venus is square Chiron. This is also not a commitment-oriented transit. We might not be motivated to devote ourselves emotionally to someone or something. Don’t you just love it when there are difficult aspects during a holiday? Seems to me there is usually one big aspect during a holiday to add spice or fireworks to the event.

Monday the 24th, Mars will be inconjunct Jupiter. Be sure you don’t cave to this energy and take on too much. This energy is not in tune with our intuition. So encourage others to bring a dish to the holiday dinner and take some of the pressure off you.

Tuesday Mercury is semi-square Pluto. This is an interesting aspect. It can cause us to be suspicious and have some mistrust, mental anxiety and pressure. However, we might see our way clear to uncovering some truth about something.

Wednesday the Sun squares Neptune. A good day for being creativity and spirituality. If you find your will power lacking, this transit could be the reason.  Avoid starting a new project, important meeting and appointments. Things are just too fuzzy with this aspect and when you probably won’t be able to tell where you stand with people. Wait until after the holiday if possible.

As always, there is more but I am finished for now. If you are traveling this week, please be careful and leave enough time for any adjustments in travel that might need to make. Do your best to find joy in all you do and enjoy those you share your holiday with.


Until next week, take care!