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It’s COLD!

To me this has been an unusual autumn. The tree colors have been vivid and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlasted weeks and weeks. The Japanese maple is usually fiery red by this time of year too. However, it is only now beginning to turn. Perhaps after last night and tonight unseasonably cold temperatures, it will turn red next week. On the other hand, maybe it won’t turn at all this year.

The autumn this year has seemed longer than usual too. Here it is mid November and just two days ago I was driving around town noticing many tree still full of leaves and the most awesome shades of yellow, orange and red I have seen in a while. It was lovely! Today, the cold has me wearing wool socks and a scarf.

Coming up in the sky this week, we will be building up to a New Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday, November 22.

The Moon deals with our emotions and the New Moon represents new beginnings. We also take the sign of the Moon into consideration when viewing the whole picture. Sagittarius is independent, just ask my Mom. It is also a sign of optimism, travel, and honesty. This Moon can provide us with more courage, confidence and optimism. Just be cautious that you don’t let the details of everyday life de-rail you or swallow you up.

Fortunately, this Moon will also be trine Uranus. This will help us to detach a little so we can move ahead without trepidation. Sagittarius likes to consider things on a grand scale. This helps us feel more adventurous. Lean into that. Two weeks later will have a Full Moon and there we could see the value and benefit of our efforts this week.

Now let’s go back to the beginning of the week.
Today Mercury is sextile Pluto. This aspect can help us see things more clearly that we might normally. Many of us could feel drawn to take a deeper look at things. I feel this is usually a good thing.

Monday, Mercury’s aspect to Uranus today is making it difficult for express ourselves without getting on people’s nerves. Don’t make any decisions quickly today or you could be sorry later on. This is a real ADD kind of day full of disorganization and impulsiveness.

To balance the Mercury/Uranus trine, Mercury will also be trine Chiron. This is a good aspect for communications and helps others be more open to what we have to say. This energy enable us to use our words to heal is we allow it to. Don’t you just love how the Universe balances things?

Predicting-the-Future-150x150On Tuesday November 18, we have our annual Sun/Saturn conjunction. The energy of this brief union often has lasting effects. You will want to pay close attention to your commitments and your responsibilities. That word, responsibility, is such a grown up word, often stressful, and totally describes Saturn. This aspect holds discipline and certain good work ethic energy. It motivates us to create real solutions and concrete results. This “go getter” energy could cause us to feel physically tired because it is not balanced well with our emotions. Since we are likely feeling the need for more order or structure in our lives, this is not a good time to start new projects. Focus on the old ones for now and deal with current responsibilities.

Mid week the Sun will aspect both Uranus and Pluto. Do not forget these two planets are heading for the sixth of seven perfect squares in December. We are definitely feeling this energy now and have for a while. In addition, since most of the planets t of what we are below the horizon line things are going on in secret, just the way Pluto likes it.

Wednesday the Sun will be Sun semi-square Pluto. Manipulating control of our lives is the focus of this aspect. Any roadblocks in our way could force us to use all that we have to go on. In the process we just might discover some strengths we never knew we had.

Thursday is the day the Sun will aspect Uranus. Under this sesquiquadrate influence, we will be more action oriented. We might take the wrong path however if we are not clear on where we are going. Uranus is the planet of quick change and the unexpected. This aspect can cause unexpected changes in our plans. It can be frustrating and a real test of our patience. If this happens, simply take a deep breath and know there is likely another route we can take or a different way to approach things. Just don’t make give in the desire to make quick decisions. We usually regret it when we do.

There are two other square aspects I want to mention today. The first is Venus square Neptune and takes place on Thursday as well. Romantic illusions are the focus of this aspect. We are more likely to see what we want to than what is really there. Relationship begun under this aspect can be exciting! But like the roller coaster, the lows are sure to follow and are often energy zappers the leave us feeling quite drained.

Disappointment in both relationships and finances are possible under this aspect. With the holidays coming, my inbox contains more and more “black Friday” types of messages. I’m sure you might be getting the same things in your inbox. Warning! Warning Will Robinson! Those “great buys” might not be so great after all. Do not fall into the money pit or spend more than you should.

The second square of mention is Mercury square Jupiter on Saturday. Jupiter likes to expand things. Mercury is the talker. The square is a difficult aspect. Besides what I have already discussed about the New Moon on this day, you might feel like there it just too much information coming at you. It might be easy to miss crucial information or neglect some details. Like Monday’s Mercury sextile Pluto, this aspect also causes problems with our expressing our thoughts to other and lead to a lot of empty chatter. Concentration will help us with could seem to be a foggy brain day. Hold off on travel if you can.

Well! That does it for me for another week. A bit later I am headed over to a friend’s house (my Chinese mama) to celebrate her mother’s 90th birthday.


If you live in my town, you probably know who these women are. If not, my friend owned a restaurant close to one of our local Universities for nearly 30 years. The food was healthy, nutritious and made with lot so love. For those of us who were regulars, she always has a kind word and an open heart for us. If we were hurt or sick she had a remedy, food, or advice to make us feel better. If we were down on our luck and hungry, she always had a bowl of soup for us.

She raised her own three children in the restaurant and at the same time, became a “Mama” to many crossed its threshold. Knowing her has been a real blessing!