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Things are beginning to move now that Mercury is back to full speed ahead. Standard time is back for four months. There is still some color on the trees and life is good. At least I hope it is good for you. It is for me.

Last week, well let’s not talk too much about last week except to say it’s now behind us. Let’s move on.

The theme this week is commitment and letting go. Should we commit or should we not?  Should we commit now or wait. Things will be easing up as we move into December but that is still a few weeks away so let’s stick with the present and learn what we have to deal with now.

This week begins with the Mars/Pluto conjunction perfected on Monday November 10, 2014. Oh My. Oh MY! ! !

You may have already experienced issues around control and power struggles. Expect more. Those of us with Mars in Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, or Libra could feel this one the most. Those with planets at 11 degrees or up to three degrees on either side of the 11 mark could be strongly affected. This is a high-energy and there is no way to step around that part.

Mars is the god of war. Pluto is like his nemesis.  When they join up in Capricorn, the sign of structure and authority, ruled by Saturn, our most volatile feelings could take center stage.  Combine this energy with the square Uranus aspect and WOW! I doubt I will be surprised by much this week.




Mars doesn’t always play nice or follow the rules.  Right now, he is asking you to make solid decisions. The kind that you won’t or can’t go back on. The decision could be about anything but relationships will be the focus for most of us.  If you don’t want to make a lasting decision now, then don’t. Wait until we get a week or two into December. Better yet, wait until the New Year. Just remember that any decision made now will be one you will need to stick with. Make them carefully.

Be careful not to over work yourself either.  This energy can take a toll on us in the form of stress.  With that said, be sure to get lots of rest and eat well. Eat 5 servings of fresh veggies and fruits a day if possible. Citrus fruits, avocados, and persimmons are coming into season. The Japanese Fuyu persimmon is one my favorite things. I looked for them in the stores last week and found only the larger Hachiya persimmon. The Fuyu is not far off I am sure.

Monday we have a Grand Trine between the Moon, Mercury and Neptune. This is a favorable combination of communication, emotions and creativity. Venus is just out of perfect square with Jupiter but we still want our lives to be full of pleasure if not excessively so. Dear Venus can be a handful. Take caution when professing your affections however. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and that energy could cause us to  say too much and put unnecessary, impractical  expectations on our relationships. On the flip side, your partners could ask too much of you too. Keep things in perspective and don’t let your feelings color your view or your judgment. Be sure you can make good on whatever you say to others.

Also on Monday, Mercury is trine Neptune, sparking creative thoughts and good old intuition. This will be a big help with those decisions we need might be making. You might even be able to sense what those around you are thinking. Any week that begins with such creative energy can’t be all bad. Take the camera with you when you go out, do something creative, and find a cool place to do some thinking about things or meditate.

Tuesday sees a calming trine between the Scorpio Sun and Cancer Moon. This does not last long. We are talking about the moon here, but it will ease things a bit.

Wednesday, Mars squares Uranus. We might find ourselves taking a few risks, being impulsive or impatient. Mars is looking for a good fight. Uranus wants freedom. If we find ourselves faced with having to conform in some way, sparks could fly. Uranus is quite rebellious when it comes to such conforming. This energy is also a bit ADD. If you find you are having trouble focusing and staying on task around mid week, this could be the reason.

Wednesday, Venus moves to perfect a conjunction with Saturn. This lends an air of maturity to our affectionate feelings. Saturn gives Venus stability and a bit of reserve, even a bit of formality in contrast to the past few days when she was square Jupiter.pic_12089730189491

Saturn brings realism and duty to our relationships. This might be difficult for some of us while others will welcome this energy because it puts the brakes on the “all about me” energy for a while. Some of us could even find ourselves faced with an old lover or at least an old friend. Now that is an interesting possibility. The Scorpio part of this conjunction could bring out things that have been hidden.  If this happens, chances are, you will be ready to face them now.

Continuing with Venus, Thursday he will be semi-square Pluto. This could cause some difficulties. The green-eyed monster known as jealousy might pop up. Or we could find ourselves looking for anything that is not pleasing about our relationships.

By week’s end, Venus will be sesquiquadrate Uranus. This is another difficult aspect. This can make us feel some uncertainty about being close to someone. If we do decide to get close, our experience could be frustrating or not so fulfilling.
Make the most of what this week brings.  We are heading into the big holiday season and there is sure to be some stress along with it. Take care of yourself.