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Autumn is in full swing here in the, as of late, not so sunny south and daylight savings time has ended for four months. The fall leaves were at their peak here a few days ago. The colorful autumn photos posted today are courtesy of a Facebook friend named WX Eastern. Thanks WX!

Last week was indeed a bit calmer than the previous one in many regards. But in others it was far from it.
The Hawaiian volcano, Kilauea is spilling lava and taking whatever is in her path. Fortunately this is a slow event and people have plenty of time to get out of the way. Below is a link I found last week that gives you an idea of what it is like there on the big island.


A volcanoes’ energy is associated with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. Uranus is in Capricorn and rules change. Mars, having just entered Capricorn, is exerting his bully energy to the mix. He is also the zodiac’s athlete and loves to move. This energy gives a large boost toward getting everybody moving. Are you feeling it? Those of us with planets in the signs or Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer will probably feel it the most. You might want to check your chart. For me that includes four planets, Chiron and the North Node.

Besides Kilauea, there was a cyclone threatening to make landfall at Pakistan or India. The last thing I read, it had fizzled out in the North Arabian Sea and was not expected to make landfall. No doubt, western Pakistan and eastern India experienced a great deal of rain and possible flooding. I have included a link from 10/29 in case you are interested in reading about it.


The week ended with a cold front moving into the eastern U.S. Folks in the sunny south are not accustomed to getting snow in October except occasionally in the very highest part of the Appalachian Mountains. I hear some places got around eight inches of snow. Most got very little. My area got a good rain and falling temperatures. This made for an interesting Halloween from Chicago and eastward. Again, this weather is associated with Uranus, which is squaring Pluto with Mars close by.
Moving on, this week brings us a Full Moon in Taurus on Thursday, November 6. Full Moons are always full of emotions and signal the end of a cycle. Finish projects or deal with anything that has loose ends as best you can. This includes relationships. And boy howdy! Do I know a few relationship ties that need to be cut.

The Full Moon in Taurus is passive and stubborn. Throw in the energy of Venus in Scorpio and you add passion and deep feelings about those relationships, finances, and secrets. Oh my! Sounds like a soap opera.

Venus will remain in Scorpio through November 16. Besides her affect on relationships, she is known to influence our impulse spending. She can really give us a mixed bag depending on which sign she is transiting and what is going on in her other three corners. This is another reason it is nice to know how she affects your chart.

Monday, Venus trines Chiron. The focus is healing personal relationships. That is, the ones that are meant to be healed. The others? Well, we need to let them go and move on.

Wednesday the Sun sextiles Pluto. This aspect will shine light on something lost. The focus is planning and keeping the plans quiet for now.

The Sun will also trine Chiron on Wednesday. Our confidence gets a boost and our life’s purpose comes clearer. This aspect offers good problem solving energy and opportunity to learn from experience.

The last bit I want to cover today is Mercury moving into Scorpio on November 8. Communications goes deep! For the rest of November you can expect to see jealousy and manipulation.

Midterm elections will surely be interesting across the country. Here in NC I have read we now have the honor of the most expensive Senate campaign in history. I look forward to Wednesday so we can move forward, no matter what the outcomes are.

Stay warm, stay safe!