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Happy Halloween !

This is a week for all things scary and ghoulish. Get your costumes on and have some fun with the kids. Things in the sky are a bit calmer than last week when we had a New Moon, partial solar Eclipse, a couple of sign changes and direction change. What a busy week it was. Relax and revile in the


You might notice things beginning to move again this week. Delays are over. As of last Friday, Mercury turned direct.  Personally, I hope this means I will cease to lose, drop, spill and break things. Messes are commonplace with me but lately they have been larger and more frequent, especially in the kitchen. I want to get back to cleaning more and messing up less.  This week is also full of gentle trines and sextiles.  However the Mercury-Uranus opposition reminds with us as does the Mars-Uranus square and the Uranus-Pluto square that is just a couple of weeks from perfecting for the sixth time since June 2012.  So, while this week holds quite a bit of good energy for us personally, the energy on the collective continues to be strong and transformative.


I believe the New Moon energy of new beginnings could not come at a better time. I am beginning several new paths this week. Add the eclipse and Scorpio energy to that and you have some powerful energy.  You might be able to get an idea how powerful this is if you can think back nearly 20 years to 1995. Eclipses repeat about every 18 years and on October 24, 1995 we had a solar eclipse very close to the same degrees as the one last week.


There is no doubt all that energy last week happening in Scorpio was intense. You could keep in mind that eclipse energy can be felt or trigger things for six months following. I will be keeping an eye on aspects in the late or early degrees of the Zodiac during this time.


This week the Sun is conjunct Venus. This conjunction will be with us for the rest of October and all of November. This deals with our ego, money and romance.


The Sun in Scorpio is anything but superficial or mediocre. Going deep, emotional extremes, understanding, and intimacy are what the Scorpio Sun is about.  Scorpio wants to know things, how things work, what makes them tick. They love a good mystery, things that are unknown, secret, hidden, and things forbidden.


When the Sun was in Libra, we looked for equality and being fair. The Sun in Scorpio knows life is not fair. They use their strong will and intensity in more quiet ways than many signs to do what they feel they must. The shadow side of Scorpio in the green eyes monster called jealousy. Scorpios can also act out of spite, manipulate and are sometimes not willing to let things go.


Venus in Scorpio adds fuel to the passionate fire of Scorpio. With Scorpio being a water sign, this is sure to add steam to our deeply passionate relationships or create some if we do not have them. Oo lala! And, remember what I said about Scorpio not being superficial? Well, this goes for Venus flirting too. This type of flirting is not going to cut it with Venus as long as she is transiting Scorpio. She is driving us to want someone special right now, to have that really deep, body-mind-soul connection with another person. Venus wants the type of passion that breaks rules and is so powerful and so extreme it is unforgettable. This is such a strong feeling, we want it to  swallowed us up.


The down side or Venus in Scorpio is that Scorpio is tends to go for all or nothing. When this energy involves relationships, they are sure to have their ups and downs. Remember this is not a sign of mediocrity. If needed, Scorpio will create havoc to feel important and alive, albeit in a rather quiet sort of way.


Mars changes signs today, October 26, 2014, and moves into Capricorn. Capricorn is associated with work, family, tradition, and responsibility. During this transit, we will be more inclined to think before acting. The consequences of our actions on the future will be a concern.


Mars is going to be joining forces with Pluto in this sign throughout the month of November as well. If you are a Capricorn or know one, this will trigger a new 2 year cycle for them that could keep them very busy. Expressing power is easy now.  This is a combination has a lot of military energy. Could this mean we will see some new military action soon?


Tuesday, Venus and the Sun trine Neptune while Mars and the Moon are sextile to Neptune. All this means good creative energy is available for the taking. The arts, beauty, harmony, compassion, kindness and imagination are all characteristics of this aspect. We might possibly view romantic situations as if they were intended just for us. Thankfully, this energy will ease up some of the stronger Scorpio vibes.  With this aspect there is magic in the air and we are better able to see the best in those around us.  Enjoy the creativity and romance this transit offers for you and your partner.  This energy will last all week long.


Mercury will be semi-square Neptune on Friday, October 31, 2014. You might notice you are thinking a bit off on this day. Daydreaming will surely take over and the youngster’s dream of Trick-or-Treating and the older ones prepare for costume parties.  This is not a good aspect to sign contracts under nor is a good one for making presentations or asking for what you want.  Put off these things for a few day is at all possible.


Saturday, Mercury sextiles Jupiter. This will shift our cloudy thinking of the day before toward more positive thinking. Co-operation and short trips are favored. This is also a good day for submitting applications, a job, school, grant or whatever; this is a good day to do it. Your judgment is good and you will be open to new ideas and learning.


Since we are talking so much about Scorpio today I think I should not leave Saturn out of this. He has been in Scorpio since October 5, 2012. He is in the later degrees now and will remain in Scorpio for another eleven months. During this transit, we are learning and have learned there are many powers we cannot control.  Learning to be flexible is the lesson here for when we strain to keep control we usually crash and burn. Learn to be more of a team player, develop community with others.


Now let’s flip back to Neptune for a minute before I close. Remember, Neptune is in his home sign of Pisces. This is where he is most comfortable and has the most power. Be creative and use your imagination to help you dream big dreams, think big thoughts. Trust your intuition because your psychic powers are strongest here. Do not fight this because you think you are not disciplined if you do. Go with it. I feel sure you will find it liberating.


This brings up one last thought I want to throw out there, not for debate but for consideration only. That is…..imagination. Over the years, I have come to realize the imagination is simply a word we use and not really,  a thing we do. Instead, I see it more as our connection to the universe. Or perhaps more correctly, the way the Universe connects and communicates with us.  I have come to feel that our imaginations are reflections of reality. Perhaps not a reality we know but ones buried deep in our subconscious or cellular memory, or a reality in other dimension. I am also sure this thought is totally outside the beliefs of many. It’s all good. No worries!


 Don’t forget the Saturday is Dia de los Muertos.

Now go out and get all the goody this week has to offer you and be safe doing it too!