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Mercury retrograde is almost over. YAY! He turns direct on Friday October 24, 2014. However, he won’t be back to full speed and out of storm until October 29. As powerful as this retrograde has been, I would caution you to go slow as well. If you have something new you want to get started on, hang tight until after the 29th. New ideas will be feasible from that point on. Mercury remains in Libra until November 9th when he moves into Scorpio.

My friends in the Southwest have had really hot summer and fall. The past few days they have had cooler temperatures but high 90 and even triple digits last well into October. In contrast, our weather here in middle NC has been mixed. We’ve had rain and warm, sun and cool. Overall, it is quite lovely fall. If fall colors are your thing, get out the during the next 10-14 days to catch them at their peak.

We have a busy week in the sky this week. We have three sign changes, a direction change, New Moon and solar eclipse. Celestial change can cause us to change our minds. Don’t be surprised if you notice folks vacillating this week.

A Libra Sun moves into Scorpio on Thursday the 23rd. Both Venus and the Moon will also join her in the first degree of Scorpio this day. There will also be a solar eclipse at 5:56 EDT that same day. These three will bring a lot of emotional energy to the eclipse.


Scorpio is a feminine sign and loves to analysis things. She is resourceful, perceptive, full of intimacy and intensity, focused and loves to go deep into things. The shadow side of Scorpio is obsessive, jealous, fanatical, possessive and persistent. Scorpio is also a fixed water sign. This means she feels things intensely.

Add Venus to this triple Scorpio conjunction and no doubt you will see some shadow side aspects. Most of us are sure to notice the intensity, especially those of us with Scorpio prominent in our charts. By this, I mean those of us whose birth sign is Scorpio or have a rising sign or Moon in Scorpio.

I am one of those people. I have a Scorpio ascendant. Therefore, I will do my best to lay low this week so I don’t sting anyone close to me. Unfortunately, some of my planets don’t know when to be quiet and not leap before looking or speak before thinking, etc. I am often intense enough without this added planetary assistance. It could be an interesting week for sure.

As I look at the charts for the week, I notice a Sun-Venus conjunction forms a trine to Neptune. that begins on Tuesday and continues through the end of the month. However, at midweek the Moon will join in the trine for two days, adding more emotions to the mix of energy on the 23rd.

kaguya_lunareclipseThe 23rd is the day of the Solar Eclipse!

This eclipse will incorporate all the aspects of all the signs and planets that are involved. In addition, the eclipse energy can felt up to six months later. Now that is some, energetic staying power, is it not?

You probably already know the New Moon is the energy of new beginnings. Add the solar eclipse and this means change for all these aspects that influence it.

Venus brings in love, relationships, money, and things we value or think we value. If change is needed in these areas, you are likely to get a clue soon or at least in the next six months.

Scorpio wants us to come to terms with our past and go deep into things. Investigate, research, and examine things so we can move into the future with a new perspective and new vision. Let sleeping dogs lie. You’ve got better things to do. Your future waits!

The Moon asks us to check how we really feel about these things. The planets are helping us to awaken and transform. This is a great opportunity to allow some transformation to happen in your life.

Neptune represents creativity, fantasy, the dream world, reminiscence, romance, and magic.

The trend I see here is lots of emotions, thought, and letting go. Whether it is letting go of a relationship or changing the way we handle our finances. This eclipse holds some powerful mojo for all of us. Remember knowledge is power and this is why I write this blog. I want others to have a few more tools to help them through life.
Personally, I love with my Scorpio rising. Learning astrology has definitely helped me to learn to control the shadow side of this sign. Scorpio is one of the aspect in my birth chart that drives me learn and do this research. Scorpio can also turn on a dime when a limit is reached. This is where the sting can come in. Instead, I try to understand what motivates others and come to grips with my feelings and understand them as well.

Mars, the planet of action will also support this trine. He will be in between the conjunction and Neptune at the sextile point of 60 degrees. This could boost and give action to some of the other aspects.

Other things to consider this week are Mercury semi square Neptune today. If you are not thinking a clearly as you like, this could be why.

Tomorrow, October 20th, Mercury will sextile Jupiter. This aspect bring with it positive thinking, teamwork, and new perspectives. This is a good day for short trips, writing, and just observing things around you. Why not get out a look at some of the fall colors even if they are all brown and yellow.

And before I close I want to suggest that you examine where your relationships can use more balance. The same goes for your home or office. This is a fine time to complete a project you have been putting off or get a new one started. I have quite a long list. How about you?

Venus conjunct the Sun is offering some wonderful help in the areas of diplomacy and graciousness. If there is any conflict that needs its edges smoothed out, allow this conjunction to assist you.

Fall is always a time full of social events. This aspect is also conducive to enjoying them.

Go have some fun!